How does it all work?
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1) You pay us some money to plant some trees for you.
It is important to note that you are not buying trees, you are paying us to plant them.
You cannot chop them down to build a new house - but you can come and visit them.
The cost of the trees will depend upon several factors - the cost of the land on which they are going to be planted, the age of the saplings, and the anticipated care required to ensure they grow successfully. Obviously this cost will vary from time to time.

2) We will notify you of the location of the trees and their unique serial numbers.
The serial number makes it easier for us to be audited, so that customers can be satisfied that we have planted what we said we had.

3) If we have not been able to plant your trees within 3 weeks we will give you the option of a refund.
There may be times when we simply cannot find enough suitable land to rejuvenate, it would be unfair to hang on to your money if we are not able to utilise it in a timely fashion. You can, of course, opt to give us another 3 weeks to get the job done.

4) Once the trees are well established we will try to turn the land into a reserve.
Obviously this will depend on the local laws. Ideally we would donate the land to the local community as a park or reserve with the caveat that the trees be preserved and protected … forever.

5) When eventually the tree dies it can still provide habitat for the local wildlife.

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