While people lose their homes and
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While people lose their homes and lives through wildfires in Maui, Algeria, Canada and countless other places, Airshow, promotes the aviation industry. Last weekend, scientists & activists of and came to say: the dystopia has to stop.

"Artistic expression has the potential to touch people in a different way. Art does not necessarily aim to entertain: we need provocative ways of representing the world in the fight for a liveable future." Tanya Montan Rydell, artist & performer in the Oil Slicks.

We can't stand by the contempt of Roskilde airport towards the life of billion of people losing their homes and their loved ones. The dystopia has to stop.

Join us in resistance:

Can cast shadows be used to infer changes in glacier elevations Yes, they can. Check out our new paper in The Cryosphere and this blog post:

The correct response when your base doesnt believe in science.

Wake-up call for young voters.

Where is Flash Ahh-ahhhhhh


Temperatures hit 45.6C in

: Thousands evacuated due to

Warm enough for ya

But "It's just a bit of warm weather!" etc.

Die Behrden auf Hawaii haben die Einwohner aufgefordert, DNA-Proben einzureichen, um bei der Identifizierung der menschlichen berreste zu helfen, die in der Asche eines sich schnell ausbreitenden Waldbrandes auf der Insel Maui gefunden wurden, bei dem Anfang des Monats mindestens 115 Menschen ums Leben kamen.

Nach Angaben der Behrden werden noch mindestens 1.100 Menschen vermisst.

"Climate change is real, by the way." --Tweet from President Joe Biden today. While I'm glad we don't have an anti-science president like the last one was, unless action is taken on it, how much help is his stance

Plant trees and save the planet.

Inland Rail holds workshops for First Nations businesses


...haben einen Realittsverlust erlitten.

Wie unlngst jemand von dort schrieb:
Man kann unterschiedlicher Meinung sein und darber streiten und dennoch zu Kompromisslsungen finden.
Streitet man jedoch bereits ber Fakten (z. B. Brachten in den USA nur 4% der Medien die Brnde auf Hawaii mit in Verbindung), dann kann man keine Lsungen mehr finden.

Staatsfeinden darf keine Plattform geboten werden, schin gar nicht auf R Medien. Eine...

"She is and I'm "

When it's getting too hot for plants to photosynthesize, you know we've got a problem

I used to run a site called extinction.fyi which documented the climate emergency. This definitely would have been an article I would have featured on there. As would the news that French nuclear power stations had to stop running when the water in the rivers next to where theyre situated became too hot to cool down the plants.

Leaves in the worlds tropical

According to MeteoSuisse and due to ongoing the highest absolute maximum record was beaten yesterday, 23/08/23 at the Mont Aigoual station (1567 m), an emblematic station which was opened in 1895. The provisional maximum temperature observed was 30.3C, beating 29.9 C on 06/28/2019.

This Space Station (ISS)
pass over shows just how the skies are filled with smoke across the entire region.

Aug 23, 2023 - 12:18 PM EEST

Source: ISSAboveYou

All models are wrong, some are useful. Climate models must be updated

Nr det kommer til og , kan jeg ikke la vre tenke p og .

When it comes to and , I cannot avoid thinking of and .

More than half of the worlds population lives in cities all the more reason to turn the spotlight on the 11th of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aims to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable by 2030. To improve the poor progress on this SDG, researchers should use a broad, systems-of-systems approach, argues a Nature editorial.

'The G20 poured more than $ 1 trillion of public money into fossil fuels last year despite having promised to reduce some of it.'

I think greed is like a drug addiction: people ignore the dire consequences as long as the kick of getting more is maintained.

Horrendous satellite picture showing dying Swiss glaciers: courtesy

A new record-breaking in and is lethal here:

The winter snow accumulation is gone, so most of the incoming solar radiation is abosrbed it's warm and there are clear skies which means lots of sunshine.

Not what a needs...

Southern Environmental Law Center is fighting to keep Virginia in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative -- a program proven to tackle the root cause of climate change.

It is critical that we continue our participation in RGGI, a proven climate solution, says SELC Senior Attorney Nate Benforado. Virginians know that we need this program and that we have no time to waste..."

Here's a crazy, out of the box question about : I'm not denying that it's real. You'd have to be a total moron to think it's not real, just look around you and think about the weather patterns where YOU live, and how they've evolved over the past 10 years.

But are we absolutely, 100% sure it's caused by what we think it's caused by Remembering that correlation doesn't equal causation and all that.

And also thinking of it from my Christian () perspective, which tells me that the Earth wasn't mean to last forever anyway... Although I'm not saying this is just the end times drawing near and we should just live with it, but... Know what I mean

Could it be that we've identified a problem here (the climate is changing at an alarming pace, causing polar ice caps to melt and all sorts of knock on effects), and it's disastrous and we need to do something about it, but we can't do anything about it unless we know what causes it, so let's find out what causes it Carbon emissions and deforestation and all that seem logical, and we don't have a better idea, so let's just say that's what causes it so that we can at least take comfort in the fact that we're DOING SOMETHING!

I'm just asking as an uneducated, uninformed outsider. I'm not a scientist, so perhaps we DO have solid scientific reasons for knowing what causes climate change. I'm just trying to approach it from a different perspective.

Rush et al propose, based on a high resolution sea level record from Scotland, that the 8.2 ka event was caused not by the catastrophic drainage of proglacial lake Agassiz-Ojibway, but rather from the collapse and disintegration of the ice saddle that covered Hudson Bay. The 8.2 ka event was a brief period of cooler temperatures during the relatively warm mid-Holocene period.

U.S. President Joe Biden has crisscrossed the nation visiting groundbreakings and factories to sell his agenda, dubbed Bidenomics, with the Inflation Reduction Act asthe centerpiece. But the effort faces a steep climb.

Yup, we really are just pathetic. All those dummies who still voted instead of deserve excoriation.

Super happy & excited to share our new volume Modernising European Legal Education - Innovative Strategies to Address Urgent Cross-Cutting Challenges!

This volume introduces venues towards and engages with complex and emerging topics such as , , , and the aftermath of the -19 pandemic.

Book Link:

Played a clip from young conservative, asking how running for president could assuage young peoples concerns about , candidates were questioned about the devastating in , recent that caused in Southern , rising temps Republican presidential candidates couldnt give a straight answer.

Zaretskaya et al present some preliminary results of dating last interglacial (MIS 5e, 130-115 ka) marine deposits from Zimnii Coast of the White Sea in northwestern Russia. They conclude these deposits represent a transgressive event, and some of the enviornmental indicators suggest that the peak sea level coincided with cold, Arctic climatic conditions. The ages they get are kind of young for MIS 5e, though.

How dare we host a UN climate summit while expanding fossil fuels

The hypocrisy of nauseates me (Australian citizen). I cant imagine the anger & frustration Pacific Island nations must feel.

collapse by

This flood of warm water caused a record-breaking marine heat wave that wiped out the endemic kelp forest for over 100 km along the Australian coast along with one-third (1,300 square kilometers) of the Shark Bay seagrass meadow, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Global shipping slows as ships back up at Panama, Turkey choke points - UPI.com

>Hundreds of ships are stuck queuing for the Canal, while the Bosporus and the Dardanelles have been closed to shipping because of ongoing in .

> conditions have made it harder for ships to transit the Panama Canal, making on their way to final destinations.

Global warming is causing massive 'leaf death' in tropical forests, according to a new research.

Researchers warn that some tree leaves may get too hot to conduct photosynthesis.

They suggest that people should vote for politicians who are serious about addressing climate change and transitioning to low-carbon economies.

Just took my dog on a walk cuz its the coolest its been in 15 hours.

The current temp is 97F with a index of 105F at 1:30 AM ET.

News alert says *presidential* candidates claim is a hoax at their **

My mother-effing elbows are hot ffs.

NASA ClimateChange vids:
July 2023 Record High Global Temperatures
Greenland Ice Mass Loss 2002-2023
Antarctic Ice Mass Loss 2002-2023

We artificially add odour to cooking gas so that we can smell leaks. What if we similarly added colour to fossil fuels CO2, so that we'd literally see CO2 as a pollutant it is, rather than it being an abstract concept to so many.

Scorched Europe battles deadly fires, Turkey shuts shipping lane

The only fact I have heard about the is that a candidate called a hoax. This image sums up the whole party:

Plug Power announces Analyst Day at its green hydrogen plant in Georgia

Plug Power will host today (August 23) an Analyst Day to showcase its accomplishments to date of its 15 tonne per day (TPD) liquid green hydrogen plant.

Good morning Masto, from Joburg near the southern tip of Africa, where our winter suddenly switched to a hot AF hairdryer August and theres no prospect of rain until October 12th at the earliest. is real and terrifying for this urban gardener.

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