Well, Ill be
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Well, Ill be

Analysis: Canada may struggle to recoup $26 billion cost of Trans Mountain pipeline - Reuters

absolutely agreed. Trouble is that needs to recognise the self-harm it is causing as well as the global consequences of its deranged and politically motivated about-turn on mitigation.

Affected individuals and households have borne the main burden of adaptation to the consequences of change. A new survey of the literature reveals that systematic networking of various actor groups has generally been insufficient.

1/2 Preparing the texts for my exhibition of the feels so cringe! The texts are written in 2043, like this one (still uncorrected):
"The exhibit is probably a so-called supplication stick, as it was widely made at that time. People who did not want to despair of the indifference towards and the of species made the supplication sticks and passed them around in a circle in a .

The Rishified ship of fools steers a course directly at the iceberg despite experts warning that
could lead to -related civil unrest in within 50 years. Even that seems like an optimistic time frame the way things are going.

Toronto City Council approves motion on Zero Emissions Vehicles-for-Hire (EC6.6 - Transitioning the Vehicle-for-Hire Industry to Net Zero Emissions by 2030).

: risk warning for & up to 1.5 million homes as melting ice is set to trigger rising seas. Also the is expected to run amok with mild UK winters & turn them much colder in this poorly insulated & Rishified laggard of a country.

The Austrian science community is writing an assessment report () on from a national perspective, closely following procedures & ambition of the reports.

The scientific review of the First-Order-Draft is starting today!

change of weather
altering colours
autumn's magic

- alter

Weather-related disasters caused 43.1 million internal isplacements of children in 44 countries over a six-year period or approximately 20,000 child displacements a day, according to a report

These disasters, fueled by include floods, droughts, storms, and wildfires.

Climate change is a clear and present danger thats already having profound impacts on human lives and communities, particularly vulnerable ones.

Does truly affects everyone Yes, it does.

Take a deep dive into the economic, social, and environmental problems arising from climate change on a global level and reflect on the particular aspects that impact your and your close ones.

TL/DR: Climate change and habitat loss are the big reasons birds are disappearing from my neck of the woods. A solution lies in wetlands, if we can keep them.

deze ander geeft niets anders dan slechte intenties (maar zit niet op mastodon).

To date, global warming has proceeded faster than the direst predictions.

Scientists "uneasy" about Earth's sped-up warming

A new study has found that it's key tropical crops like , and , that support millions of farmers in the Global South, that are most at risk from loss of due to and land use read about it here:

That's going to be the tipping point, isn't it When insurance companies start saying " is too expensive".
Or will they just weasel on it, and screw over as many people as possible

Turbine graveyards sprawled across Texas

The courts have become a battleground for climate action as the number of climate lawsuits doubled globally since 2015. Climate cases require substantial funding, however, which could lead to cherry-picking cases for profit.

It's all happening, and it's happening three decades ahead of schedule.

Never really stopped to consider the energy impact of AI before.

Given the likely exponential rise in AI, is a Manhattan Project style investigation into how to optimise energy efficiency essential from a climate change perspective as well as economic efficiency

AI's Electricity Use Is Spiking So Fast It'll Soon Use as Much Power as an Entire Country:

So AI may destroy the planet, but not the way you were thinking.

Most people (outside the BoE) recognise that much of our problem is being imported (either due to prices, or ), so the Q. is what is the mechanism (outside the energy sector) that's driving it

One answer must be that upheavals in the world, due to conflict, & the shifts in how the economy is structured, have been adding (extra) costs into .

If exposure to global economic networks is driving inflation, is localism the answer

Antarctica has lost 7.5tn tonnes of ice since 1997, scientists find

Today, learn how is being explored to assist with and
as our climate changes.


Q: When does ending native forest logging not mean an end to native tree forest logging
A: When the Victorian government says it is ending native forest logging

Guatemala in Crisis as Hunger Rises and Migrants Flee

Therefore, my participation depends on whether $CONF will strive for drastically reducing its environmental footprint.

If this is rather low on your agenda, you might want to ask other members of the community first.
Otherwise, I'd be happy to be part of the team.


I just got asked to volunteer in organizing an academic conference.
This was part of my response:

I decided not to volunteer for due to the rather blatant disregard for the need to cut carbon emissions and act environmentally responsibly.
I believe that academics - who have the capabilities to understand and counteract the dangers of climate breakdown - have a moral obligation to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

likely plays a role here by increasing the likelihood of such events though they did happen before. More moisture in the atmosphere due to increased heat in the air and in the water plus messed up steering currents thanks to altered Arctic conditions.

XD - the last smile of the glaciers in the Alpes

wow, the environment wins over competition concerns simply because ministers put in the National Energy Objectives! Maybe they should do the same with coal and methane mines and wells.


This is on the Desert.

One day's power generation in Gansu reached 227 GWh.

We have so many solutions. Implement them.

( Ed: nuclear wind solar and lots of batteries for the win )

"Thrones Of Decay" is available for download and streaming now!

Go to:

Environmentalists have criticized Indonesias carbon trading mechanism, which had its first day of trading Sept. 26.

The government touts the mechanism as a way to curb emissions and attract climate funding, but critics call carbon trading a false solution to climate change and a greenwashing attempt.

From Hans Nicholas Jong

it seems that the fossil fuel industry is the biggest scourge in the world. Billionaires are destroying the world to maintain their own self importance but what else is new

Pacific Surfliner Rail Service Reduces Fleet's Environmental Impact With Sustainable Fuel Alternative

In summary:

-> -> ->

Green Our Planet

The post-human human is an interesting psychosocial subject.

* Being against , but prefers an SUV as main transport.

* Finds + movement is right, but gay may not kiss in public.

* Finds giving right, and yet, please not in my village.

And for sure, they , that's why they build the biggest prisons ever build.

omg and ... how much on-the-nose do we need to get

Will it take an army of people in lab coats with a clipboard to convince you that is not heretical In fact it's the opposite. "Boo skepticism" rings just like "Burn books!" in its thoughtfulness.

Edit: Ha! (1pw) ... it's even a thing! Boo the skeptic! Burn the ..

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