We must do more, she implored
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We must do more, she implored an audience of world leaders at the COP28 climate talks in Dubai.

Do more of what

Does she mean more O&G projects as the US is doing

Or does she mean more talking as she just did

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Ingv scopre giacimenti profondi di acqua in Sicilia - Protezione Civile, Il Giornale della

I call this particular kind of climate denying troll the snow watchers. Theyre inactive as such during most of the year but awake in winter to declare climate change science as invalid because they see snow outside their window. is full of them.

Australia commits to tripling of renewable energy capacity by end of decade
By Daniel Mercer

Australia joins more than 100 other countries across the globe in committing to a tripling of renewable energy capacity by the end of the decade in another coup for the organisers of this year's UN climate talks.

Whats wrong with our society right now
I thought the politcal shift to the right happened after 2015 but instead it keeps going and going... Please explain, I seriously wanna understand this!

Kings, queens and royal families the same as billionaires are not compatible with meeting climate targets or staying within planetary boundaries.

And the ecosysytems collapse is happening right now as well. . My blog describes how SAI can cool the earth in 2 years and keep temperature steady even if CO2 keeps rising.
Risks are many times smaller than impact and manageable

Please read the blog before you disagree
And sorry, its very long and thorough

From the channel:

Which home type(s) would you prefer to live in

Green Our Planet

: "Andreas Malm is a Swedish climate activist, associate professor of human ecology at Lund University, and author of the best-selling How to Blow Up a Pipeline: Learning to Fight in a World on Fire. Naomi Klein describes him as one of the most original thinkers on the subject" of climate change.

In this interview with his Verso editor, Sebastian Budgen, he discusses the origins of his climate activism, strategic failures of the climate movement, his pro-Palestinian politics, and eco-socialism."

EPA aims to slash the oil industry's climate-warming methane pollution

"The EPA estimates the new rule will reduce methane emissions nearly 80% below what they were projected to be, and that will "prevent an estimated 58 million tons of methane emissions from 2024 to 2038." The agency says that's the equivalent climate warming power "as all the carbon dioxide emitted by the power sector in 2021"

The Prime Minister of Pakistan was deeply insulted in a Muslim country itself, the public said PM...!

Belgian court orders 55% emissions cut from 1990 levels

Court of appeal ruling means government has only until 2030 to reach target.

The longer the delay in taking serious action, the greater the action has to be...

The plummeting use of coal for German electricity, with a bump during 2021 and 2022 (high gas price).
Mostly thanks to renewables, producing around 60% of German electricity so far this year.

Sure, still too much coal, should go to zero

PS 8% of 2023 still to go )

At what point do you think its feasible for countries to sanction the import of goods from countries that dont support a phase out of fossil fuels

Were not going to get phase out into the COP text this year, no way, too many powerful countries are against it. So well get phase down instead.

I doubt well get it in at next years COP, either. So when do the countries who do want to survive climate change band together

He didnt mention fossil fuels one single time in his speech.

What a decadent way to start a COP, inviting a king, symbol of decadence, excessive lifestyle, consumption, centralised power, colonialism, distance to common people, wealth, materialism, and so many other things our world doesnt need to give the opening speech.

COP28: 7 food and agriculture innovations needed to protect the climate and feed a rapidly growing world

The report emphasizes the importance of petrochemicals over the long term on the assumption that the transition will pick up the pace and demand for fuels will decline as a result.

Demand data, however, suggests that these forecasts are best taken with a pinch of salt.

King Charles, COP 28:

We are carrying out a vast, frightening experiment of changing every ecological condition, all at once, at a pace that far outstrips natures ability to cope Our choice is now a starker, and darker, one: how dangerous are we actually prepared to make our world

"ber der Antarktis erholt sich die Ozonschicht mglicherweise nicht so gut wie in den vergangenen Jahren prognostiziert, schreiben Forscher in einer aktuellen Studie im Fachmagazin Nature Communications"

RT by : Healthy forests are key to fighting , preserving and restoring , and bringing prosperity for many communities.

It was a honour to launch the partnership between the European Union and Honduras today at


2023-12-02 06:30 UTC

Im mit Stephan Dalgge hatte ich die tolle Gelegenheit, ber meine zu reden. In dem zweistndigen Gesprch beleuchteten wir die Auswirkungen des und anderer globaler auf die . Dabei errterten wir Strategien, wie man trotz solcher Ereignisse verhindern kann, und die Verbindung dieser Thematik zur Kollapsforschung.

A team of Met Office scientists has emphasized thatsurprisinglythere is currently no formally agreed way of defining the current level of global warming relevant to the Paris Agreement...

The king has spoken. He has brought his royal message to the negotiators as someone who has spent a large proportion of my life trying to warn of the existential threats facing us over global warming, climate change and biodiversity loss.

And he didnt mention one single time fossil fuels.

More than 20 countries, including Japan, called for the tripling of world nuclear energy capacity at U.N. climate talks on Saturday as part of efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Fusion with a handful of other registered parties created the Climate Rescue Accord.
Climate rescue highlights the ONLY path to avoid climate catastrophe, the 3Rs:
- Reduce (Fast down to net-zero)
- Remove (Drawdown excess greenhouse gases)
- Repair (Active cooling to replace global dimming as we go to zero and avert further warming)

Please take 3 minutes of your time to send an email to your MP about climate rescue using the pre-drafted pdf at LETITION (Link below).
Remember to select the DECEMBER option.

Noting that average warming for 2023 has been announced as 1.4C, up from 1.2C last year.



Most in my place (near , ) still have all their .

Nobody told them that

"NISAR will be the first radar satellite to use two frequencies to map the entirety of the Earth's surface in great detail, and measure changes that are as minute as a centimetre."

: (), proteggere il nostro clima la pi grande prova di leadership al mondo - AgenSIR

Talks at the U.N.
To change climate happen each year
Do they make a difference

Lower US CO2 Emissions Due In Part To Shifts In Power Generation Sources - CleanTechnica

Caption says it all.
This is a Mars wrapper from 1986 that almost looks brand new, this recently washed up on a beach in the UK. We must ban single use plastics and switch to biodearadable options.

COP28 host UAE to ramp up national oil production

The country hosting talks aimed at cutting is massively ramping up its own production, the BBC has learned.

The United Arab Emirates' state oil firm Adnoc may drill 42% more by 2030, according to analysts considered the international gold standard in oil market intelligence.

Between 2023 and 2050, only Saudi Arabia is expected to produce more.

Private sector funding at forefront of climate financing, asset managers urge reform Al Arabiya English

The WMO provisional State of the Global Climate report confirms that 2023 is set to be the warmest year on record. Data until the end of October shows that the year was about 1.40 degrees Celsius (with a margin of uncertainty of 0.12C )above the pre-industrial 1850-1900 baseline.

Two schools that left the Pac12 to fly back & forth across the country in more lucrative leagues in faraway places (along with 8 other Pac12 schools) met for a Pac12 football championship they seemingly can't wait to forget about. The undefeated team won.

The remaining 2 schools in the Pac12 will work to convince other schools to join them, but not these two. They'll get their reward in frequent flyer miles while teaching ecology.

In the context of discussing "where's the UK government now", Al Gore says,
"The government of the UK now is seemingly ... in the pocket of the fossil fuel companies."
and speaking more generally,
"The fossil fuel companies are way better at capturing politicians than they are at capturing emissions"
Al Gore is such a class act!

'End of century' extreme heat and drought conditions in Europe could occur much earlier than previously thought

Stop Climate Change
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