The difference between what some adults
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The difference between what some adults say about themselves & what they do (a language > < behaviour misalignment)

Many adults advocate burning wood whilst being aware that wood smoke contains toxic chemicals. Burning wood is causing

Environmental apathy & dishonesty because ecological degradation is being caused by the activities that they enjoy participating in

The difference between what some adults say about themselves & what they do (a language > < behaviour misalignment)

Many adults advocate eating meat whilst being aware that the meat industry is an industry of animal cruelty. Eating whilst being aware that farming animals is causing

Environmental apathy & dishonesty because ecological degradation is being caused by the activities that they *enjoy* participating in

"I don't just want to write about how a dust storm happens: I want to tell you how a dust storm tastes, how the electricity in the air sings on the fence wires and your shoulder blades stiffen as the dirt rolls in and the sky goes black."

Very, very good. On modernity, capitalism, complex systems, climate breakdown, sociology and more, all wrapped in an accomplished travelogue.

Updated . Hashtags of things I care about in no particular order:

How a 'new era of landscape' can help confront more frequent, predictable

Sikkim flash flood death toll rises to 27, search operations continue for 141 people missing

Twenty-seven people including eight Army men were killed in the flash flood, which was triggered by a cloudburst in the early hours of Wednesday.

"Climate activists are calling out Shell for partnering with popular video gamers and online youth influencers to promote fossil fuels to a younger generation."

I just googled olive oil price history. We're in the middle of an uptick.

The UK govt has misrepresented the Committee (CCC) by wrongly claiming it said we would need a quarter of our energy to come from by 2050, scientists have said

Drukwerk is gearriveerd!

Meer info:

Kim Hill interviewed Kim Stanley Robinson (author of ) on Imagining the future and finding hope. What does it mean to be facing a

Everybody is frightened. The climate signals from just this last year imply that worse is to come. Robinson predicts the next few decades will look messy, but it's still worth trying to rein in the worst impacts of .

I think the thing that saddens me most about is that it will cause the loss of thousands of years of human achievement. The art, stories, music, architecture and philosophy. All is being thrown in the bin for the sake of short term profit. I know that decoupling from oil, gas and coal will cause pain, but it is the only choice we have if we want to retain anything that we have built over the last 12,000 years.

On about a third of days in 2023, the average global temperature was at least 1.5C higher than pre-industrial levels

I encourage you to read the entire article. Theres lots of info.

(Edit - Oops! Forgot the hashtags)

'On about a third of days in 2023, average global temperature was at least 1.5C higher than pre-industrial levels.'

'Staying below that marker long-term is considered crucial.'

'2023 "on track" to be hottest year on record, 2024 could be hotter.'

'When political leaders gathered in Paris in December 2015, they signed an agreement to keep long-term rise in global temperatures this century "well below" 2C and make every effort to keep it under 1.5C.'

- World breaches key 1.5C mark for number of days

A disastrous flood in India shows the effects of climate change within the Himalayan region have snapped together like deadly clockwork and hundreds of ticking time bombs dot the landscape.

Climate Change

I always thought want to travel to unhostly but instead they make an unhostly place

How bad does it have to be before people get it I'm now predicting by 2040. Yes, I know, it makes me a doomer, but seriously, what else can any sane person possibly think

World breaches key 1.5C warming mark for record number of days

On about a third of days in 2023, the average global temperature was at least 1.5C higher than pre-industrial levels.

Staying below that marker long-term is widely considered crucial to avoid the most damaging impacts of .

But 2023 is "on track" to be the hottest year on record, and 2024 could be hotter.

It's the 21st century and we're back to doing what our ancient ancestors did in the face of & .

"Under a scorching sun, more than three hundred Bolivians on Friday marched to a dusty plain near the that overlooks the city of , gathering to pray for rain and an end to a severe drought that has threatened their water supply."

dwindling, Bolivians gather at dam to pray for rain Reuters

It's sad that climate scientists apparently still experience the need to prove that this year's extreme heat events would've been 'nearly impossible' without global warming, while it has already been so obvious what's going on for such a long time.

Is Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE) your utility company Do you know their negligence in maintaining their above-ground lines is the cause of many huge wildfires that resulted in loss of life, homes, and forests

Write the California Public Utilities Commission to get them to make PGE put their lines underground, as should have happened decades ago.

Climate change is not the problem but a symptom of a larger dynamic and dysfunction.
--Nate Hagens

Calor rcord de septiembre: "No es una simple cifra meteorolgica, es una sentencia de muerte para los ecosistemas"

"El que piense que las cero emisiones dentro de 30 aos es de alguna manera relevante para nuestra situacin actual est viviendo en las nubes"

told us in 2007 that is our greatest threat and no one understood or appreciated what he meant. As we continue to ignore the primary causes of climate change () in favor of greedy, unbridled capitalism, competition for scarce reaources is driving , inducing and adversely affecting those who contribute least to the problem.

Experimenting with pushing our nightly build outputs and example notebooks to Kaggle for folks to play with.

Still need to figure out how to publish metadata so that it's displayed automatically, and make sure that the notebooks get tested along with the data. Maybe we should compress the data too. pudl.sqlite can be compressed by more than 4x with bzip2.

From World breaches key 1.5C warming mark for record number of days


The past couple of years in Antarctica have been a rough and tumble affair of erratic climate change with record-high temperatures and totally unexpected ice shelf collapse. The continent is starting to reflect the impact of a warming planet thats just too hot for icy comfort. So, what surprises will this years summer season bring

UAE net-zero champion looks to reduce UK waste

Start-up founder living in Dubai has stopped 1 million kilograms of waste from going to landfills in one year


New Research Exposes Companies Gaming Their Reported Greenhouse Gas Emissions

"Back in 2007, Uruguay had a massive problem with no obvious fix. The economy of this country of 3.5 million people was growing, but there wasn't enough energy to power all that growth. There was energy rationing, and people's power bills kept going up.

"It was difficult for us to cope," Ramn Mndez Galain remembers. "It was difficult to get electricity. For some time, we were beginning to have blackouts."

Mndez Galain had trained as a particle physicist. "When you are trained as a scientist," he says, "you are trained to see an unsolved problem, and to try to find an explanation and a solution. So I used, if you wish, my scientific skills I had developed in order to face this difficulty with the same strategy."

He started researching different potential paths for Uruguay's energy future and reaching out to experts he knew around the world.

Thought-provoking article.

Why are we really spending billions on GPUs and data centers, fueling a spike in water consumption during a drought For products consumers may or may not want or need

Originally promised to only run during peak demand, some Ontario gas electricity plants, including the Portlands Plant in the heart of Toronto is running far more frequently than initially promised, up to 21 hours a day, making Ontario's "clean energy grid" far dirtier.

Exxon Mobil's $60 billion bid for Pioneer Natural Resources would expand the top U.S. oil producer's footprint in the country's biggest oilfield, raising questions for shareholders over its transition to low-carbon energy.


Climate-related disasters have displaced 9.7 million children in the Philippines from 2016 to 2021, making the Southeast Asian country the epicenter of the crisis, according to a new report released by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) on Friday.

Water source for 1.2m people in New Orleans is about to be unsafe because of

Worlds cartoonists on this weeks events #ArtificialIntelligence #Climatechange #U.S.politics #WarinUkraine #Inflation #Politics

My personal nightmare:

My friend is on a train from Birmingham to Leicester and shes just seen a bedbug, tweeted Londoner Tian-Demi Douglas on Monday. The whole carriage is screaming. Its game over, lads. Were fucked.

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