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Superbonus edilizio, tutti i pro e i contro

Many countries Russia, Saudi Arabia, the US and others will increase coal, oil and gas production. So much so that by 2030 humans worldwide will burn more fossil fuels (and load our atmosphere with more greenhouse gas emissions) than at any time in our history.

Unless we turn things around, and soon, this could be our greatest failure.

"The power of the climate movement is the apolitical threat". WOT

is an existential political problem. What else do you think it is A natural disaster That's just climate denialism in sheep's clothing.

Sure, you can have reservations about advocating for Palestinian rights in a climate demonstration. But climate change is not a wishy washy "we're all in this together" problem.

We're trapped in a capitalist death cult. That's politics.

Humans think short-term on average and are lousy at risk management. Then theres propaganda and lies.

Little wonder that globally were behind on almost every policy goal needed to cut carbon emissions.

The challenge seems insurmountable.

Retire about 240 average-sized coal-fired power plants a year, every year between now and 2030.

Build equivalent of three NYC public transport systems each year this decade.

World behind on almost every policy required to cut carbon emissions, research finds

"Coal must be phased out seven times faster and deforestation reduced four times faster to avoid worst impacts of climate breakdown, says report..."

The US is warming faster than the global average and its people are suffering far-reaching and worsening consequences from the climate crisis, with worse to come, according to an authoritative report issued by the US government.

Poll finds British public largely supports strong climate policies

The US now experiences an extreme weather event in which damages and costs top $1 billion every three weeks compared with every 4 months in the 1980s

Heart Aerospace's electric plane

The second day of the 2nd Destiny Earth User Meeting in is as interesting as yesterday. Adaptation to Climate Change using Digital Twins is part of the agenda today.

From Los Angeles Times: Every bit matters: Six key takeaways from the latest U.S. climate report

New research about the impact of trees on climate change draws on input from more than 200 authors and leveraged vast troves of data collected by satellites and on the ground.

Japans haiku poets lost for words as climate crisis disrupts seasons Japan The Guardian

Climate Change

'The RECLAIM Network Plus provides a one-stop-shop for towns and cities looking to mitigate the impacts of climate change and improve their resilience. It has over 500 members worldwide, offering information and support to implement projects such as parks, green roofs, canals or wetlands. '

Restoring global forests could sequester 22 times as much carbon as the world emits in a year, according to a scientific study, making the case that trees are a key tool in confronting the climate crisis along with cutting fossil fuels.

The Endangered Species Act, which turns 50 this year is being tested by change

Look at these fucking climate criminals

World behind on almost every policy required to cut carbon emissions, research finds

I believe that we've already crossed the 'event horizon' and are on a one-way ticket to climate apocalypse.

These are The End Times.

Hey-ho, here we go. I remember papers from past decade or older that suggested that Southern Europe would turn to these kind of conditions in the near future. We are in that near future already.

Per Paull Young: Introducing IPCCGTP - a ChatGPT agent for climate science I built on the weekend using ipcc climate science reports as core reference material.

Please share it with climate peeps out there! Id love more feedback to improve it.

Countries are falling behind on almost every policy required to cut greenhouse gas emissions, despite progress on renewable energy and the uptake of electric vehicles.

Nature connects us to the crisis and our place in the 'family of things' - how a daily habit in nature can change our perspective on what is happening.

Quelqu'un a un avis sur toutes ces plantes et arbustes qui sont en pleine floraison en cette mi-novembre
Fruitiers, noisetiers, ...

Again a "great start" for the morning :(

Bad new for the climate...

know whats looming
Friday Nov 17th
Flagstaff Gardens, Naarm Melbourne
locate your nearest action

"Coal must be phased out seven times faster and deforestation reduced four times faster to avoid worst impacts of climate breakdown, says report"
Construct the equivalent of three New Yorks worth of public transport systems in cities around the world each year this decade.
Cut meat consumption from ruminants such as cows and sheep to about two servings a week in the US, Europe and other high-consuming countries by 2030.

- Use of radiometric data for peat mapping - Dr. Dave O'Leary, Teagasc, Ireland - 14. November 2023 - 16:00 to 17:30 - Online - Climate Talks WS 2023/2024 - Public online seminar of the master's programme Climate Change Management - University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

I have updated the Global Archive of Paleo Sea Level Indicators and Proxies (GAPSLIP) to version 2.1. This version includes a number of bugfixes, plus a number of proxy-based sea level records from deep sea foraminifera. This brings things up to date with my Greenland paper that came out today.

'We're still coming': Tourists continue to head to Fiji as severe Tropical Cyclone Mal approaches
By Lice Movono, Melissa Maykin, and Nick Sas

The developing system is the second cyclone of the South Pacific season which only began a fortnight ago.


so much for climate deniers and mitigation deniers, they cant use the what about China get out of jail card again.

Stenevi: Helldn r en jttestark kandidatStenevi: Helldn r en jttestark kandidat

Fossil Lobbyists Play Decisive Role in UN Climate Talks, News Analysis Shows

Forests could absorb much more carbon, but does it matter

Move over, fancy machines and complicated ocean methods! Who knew that the solution to climate change was hiding in plain sight Introducing the Lego-Like CO2 Storage System - now you can play with your carbon emissions and bury them too! It's like playing Jenga with the planet's future.

7-year old decided that the is her favorite animal cuz its sooo cute.

And, its going extinct.

Doesnt know why.

What kids dont know wont hurt them, right

Great initiative in Kenya:

Small states lose out on climate adaptation funds - POLITICO

Stop Climate Change
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