Southern California today.
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Southern California today.

" is in most cases survivable it is our that will kill people. Human movement on a scale never before seen will dominate this century." From the Magazin

People, with all their differences, are inscribed in a mode of living and mode of production that constantly refers to an elsewhere: to cheap labour and nature. The products and the commodities that people are consuming dont indicate the conditions under which they were produced.

Historic Hurricane Hilary Crawls Up Mexico and Western US.

First ever recorded storm expected to weaken to tropical storm and dump up to a year's worth of rain in parts of California, Nevada and Western Arizona!

Some folk are energy blind! (they see it as it is, not how it has to be)

Context is important when discussing "solutions". The solid, liquid & gas fuel industries are fundamentally flawed. & must be replaced eventually to mitigate climate change.

The clue why fuel industries are fundamentally flawed is because they're fuel *industries*. Their business models of, e.g., transporting heavy fuel products, often over very long distances, is flawed.

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire!

Firefighters have kept wildfires at bay near the capital of Canadas Northwest Territories as well as a threatened city in British Columbia, though no one is claiming victory as forecasters warn that drier and windier weather is coming

I've browsed some articles but the view that a on the seabed is near is not a scientifically established fact at all.
Therefore this blog for me does not express a well written blog. It does not discuss the uncertainty. And also because replying is not possible it is very hard to understand how much truth is in it.


Canada: Thousands flee cities in British Columbia as wildlifes rage

Hundreds of separate fires raged in West Kelowna and the city of Yellowknife

Please stay tuned to local news reports if you are in affected areas!


Full coverage: Hilary heads for Southern California

San Diego County will be under a tropical storm warning for the first time in history this weekend due to Hilary, a breathtaking cyclone expected to produce potentially catastrophic flooding locally and in other parts of the southwestern U.S.

The San Diego Union-Tribune is making its storm coverage free to all readers. 

is real and has a interesting way of


Hurricane Hilary

Live radar map of hurricane Hilary as it stalks up the West coast of America

A graph on today's Nikkei Shimbun, showing that coal power consumption in China is way up this summer compared to the past 5 years.

Climate Change

15th October 2023

Broadcaster, conservationist and campaigner Chris Packham will talk about Earth his book written with Andrew Cohen, producer of the accompanying BBC series

"If Hurricane Hilary continues on the trajectory forecasters are currently predicting, it will be the first tropical storm to make landfall in California since 1939 ... For climate scientists, it doesnt feel good to be proved right.

Help! Please repost!
Looking for on where first half explains how we thought people would react: you were right, we will now better owpour ways

And second part shows how people actually react: being angry and blaming and so on.

I have searched and searched because it is so telling, but can't find it.
Here are some other attached

A new national record for hottest has been recorded in Turkey at 49.5C (121F). In Eskisehir, on August 15.

This exceeds the previous national heat record of 49.1C from 2021 in Cizre.

Drilling our way to Climate Doom: The US leads the World in Oil and Gas Production

>You can write this down, you can go to every NGO, and theyll tell me Im nuts, but I predict this, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at the Aspen Security Forum last month. There will be more crude oil consumed 30 years from now than there is today.

Time to experience my first hurricane/tropical storm

BBC Presenters Dilemma: To Present Nature Shows Or Protest And Risk A Prison Sentence

Ohne Worte

Here's a red admiral for

And here's a random fact to go with it - there has been a 400% increase in red admirals in the UK this year, probably as a consquence of

Yes, you read that right. That's 400%!


... On average, treelines moved upwards by 1.2 metres (4ft) a year, but the shift was greatest in tropical regions, with an average increase in elevation of 3.1 metres a year and in all regions they found the rate of change was accelerating.

In total, the researchers tracked almost 1m km (620,000 miles) of treeline across 243 mountain regions around the world.


On ignorant followers that mistake people's arrogance for intelligence.

According to 'The Crazy Town' podcast

criticised on ("X") about her evidence-based views that human population growth is a problem. I also heard that Musk said that agriculture wasn't a problem

Assuming this can be verified, Musk is yet another example of an arrogant, complete investment banker, that has many ignorant social followers.

Heres asking for federal money again when they need to quit investing in .

You raise an interesting point.

People are now facing weather events & other issues related to altering their lives, which they're not accustomed to.

I'm reminded of a scene in (the movie with ), where the "Kansas" family runs under a viaduct to stay safe from a .

As an gal who has lived her whole life in , I wanted to yell at the screen when I saw it.

For God's sake--NEVER run under a viaduct to avoid a tornado! That becomes a wind tunnel, and the winds are MORE powerful there than in the open. If you're on the open road & don't feel safe in your car, you're supposed to lay down in a nearby ditch.

reports for in areas which do not tend to experience that kind of event, should be instructing viewers how to stay safe. And we should be teaching children a wider variety of ideas.

I try to keep my feed focused to my own work/interests and to ... but this year's wildfire season in Canada has been apocalyptic. It's not just the residents fleeing the fires (already horrible), even the cities far away are unable to exercise or breathe outdoors. My 94yo bubby has been stuck inside much of the summer, my asthmatic mum has been suffering. There is no one unaffected.

We needed to respond 30 years ago.

For the MAGAs, Canada's not burning this summer for lack of a rake.


There are complex reasons for our dire wildfires, but scientists say climate change plays key role

Forest management practices contribute to record-breaking fires, but 'it's really all about the weather'

Interesting study on megafaunal extinctions in Southern California by O'Keefe et al., showing that extinctions coincided with an expansion of fire regimes, associated with a drying climate as well as with human activity.

Sound familiar


Packing for a week in England for work, and realising thisll only be the 3rd trip to the office this year. Im hoping to bring this down to 0 next year.

Here on Canada's wildfires...

reports first locally acquired malaria case in 40 years

>The latest case was reported in the Washington, D.C. area by a patient who had not traveled outside the United States.

Canada is burning, and Continental Europe is in the midst of august heatwave. This is not nice...

Now I'm curious, did they say something about

As world warms, Sweden sees opportunity to grow its young wine industry - ABC News

>Scandinavia isn't exactly what connoisseurs would define as prime wine country and commercial vineyards are still tiny compared to France, Italy or Spain. But with climate change making for warmer and longer growing seasons, and new varieties of grapes adapted to this landscape, the bouquet of Swedish wines is maturing nicely.

knnen wir jetzt aufhren den ganzen infantilen, unreifen, dummen idioten zuzuhren, ihre talking points zu wiederholen whrend wir ber sone scheisse diskutieren! die sind dumm, wir sollten nicht auf die hren geschweige denn so deppen ernst nehmen.

Another heat wave. Summer is way overestimated.

The frequency of climate disasters is alarming.

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