Sounds like a big loss for
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Sounds like a big loss for

BP chiefs surprise exit leaves questions over green strategy - The Japan Times

out. for prime minister.

Climate Change

Climate Change Committee chief executive : "... in June,what we said to the government was that it didnt look like we were on track for the governments targets in 2030. Remember, these are legal goals.

So I worry about what the government announced yesterday, because it looks like those goals will be even harder to hit with this softer package now around climate policy."

The abrupt resignation of BP chief Bernard Looney marks the loss of an executive who pushed for a transition to clean energy more aggressively than any of his industry peers, with mixed results.

"Doing things for the long term":
don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

Sunak's Political Dictionary

'Net-Zero Data Public Utility': CDP to provide core data to global climate data project BusinessGreen News

The UK is burning climate pledges to fuel a culture war.

The UK government has taken the unusual step of scaling back major climate commitments, despite widespread pushback from scientists, businesses, and lawmakers across the political divide.

Faced with an election he is likely to lose, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is taking the unusual step of scrapping key climate policies.

German police have long collaborated with energy giant RWE to enforce ecological catastrophe

Twitter ranks worst in climate change misinformation report

"Twitters low rank in the survey was because it failed to meet almost any of the organizations criteria for climate misinformation policies,"

Bronx zoo and Botanical Gardens: Somebody needs to do something about !!!

Also Bronx zoo and Botanical Gardens: Fighting tooth and nail against Fordham road improvements.

How long until this breach of 1.5C becomes the average Its not going to be long

*Letters from an American*


"Boris Johnson has waded into the row over Rishi Sunaks plans to U-turn on some of the governments net zero commitments, warning his successor that he cannot afford to falter now or lose our ambition for the country."

Inland Rail prepares for 3-day work blitz

Climate protests at UN Climate Week want to be too big and radical to ignore - Vox

On Today this morning, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak talked to Nick Robinson about his new committment to stop some of his government's planned measures on limiting climate change.

The interview is on the Best of Today podcast, on BBC Sounds.

Two things about this interview
1) is excellent at explaining his point of his program.
2) I am shocked at the complete inability for to comprehend coherent words in the right order.

Bloomberg: The UK plans to expand its definition of what counts as climate aid to meet its 11.6bn pledge without boosting funding

While doing some literature searching on Middle Pleistocene glaciations, I happened upon this crazy climate change denier paper recently published in the MDPI journal, Atmospheres. It really goes through all the climate denier memes, e.g. CO is just a trace in the atmosphere! Climate changed in the past! Just another reason to not trust anything from MDPI! Read it for a laugh.

Happy !

We asked our experts working on & to share how each country is adapting to .

Meet Mohamud Hassan Abdi! Our colleague in says extreme weather patterns are exacerbating the conflict:

ARTC lowers track in work blitz

Heat waves are increasingly frequent and deadly. Yet popular media, including the ABC in its "be prepared for an emergency" section (!), keep presenting them beside bikinis and the beach. When will the media take the threat of heat waves seriously

Net Zero always has had contradictions. But Rishi Sunaks lies, deception & bluster , also about & Meat tax, really make a mockery of the concept. He's clearly desperate to gain votes from the right & makes the UK a laughing stock globally in terms of international / climate commitments.

Well Sunak, the point activists have been making is NOT to impose these costs on ordinary people, you disingenuous PM.. ..but on the corporations responsible for the by forcing them to spend their profits to fix THEIR mistakes.

'In celebration of Climate Week, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) today launched a new interactive online map displaying the agencys decarbonization efforts. The Decarbonization Initiatives Map illustrates the sustainable and equitable practices, strategies, and initiatives DCR is implementing at its properties across the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.'

Chris Packham: Is It Time to Break the Law

Can't pour himself a proper guinness, completely spills it on the job.

So what you're saying is that you CAN'T afford to pay for averting climate change but you CAN afford to rebuild your house after it burns, out of pocket, without benefit of homeowners insurance. Gotcha.

I have blogged, for the first time in ages (if you've only been following me here and aren't one of my long-term followers who followed me from the birdsite, you probably didn't even know I had a blog, did you)

I've written about wet bulb temperatures and why they are important for human health.

And why we should be worried about them.

I know youll all be shocked by this - but it turns out Rishi Sunak is a lying cu*t - The only conclusion you can draw is the corrupt tories are protecting their rich friends and their shares

Call me a cynic (or my perception is wrong) bt I'm quite convinced by now that politicians in the rich countries let people in the poorer ones who're hit hard by die on purpose. Their inaction speaks volumes (to me). They're even too caught up in lobbying in their own countries to bring about significant change. Forbidding glyphosate in the EU What for. Modernizing public transportation + making it available for all Unimportant. Progress in renewables F... it. Frustrating


humans are judged by the worst deeds they do a thousand gifts can't make up for one murder

if adults didn't care that the emissions from their combustion-engined vehicles caused diseases in children, they'd behave as they do

if oil bosses & bought-off politicians didn't care that fossil fuels are causing , they'd behave as they do

if relatively rich folk didn't care that eating meat caused animal suffering, they'd choose to eat meat

Know thyself

We absolutely should eat less meat. No argument.

For those of us who feel the need to carry on eating some meat, what's better than Spanish Serrano ham Small quantities, priced such that you really can't afford to eat too much, and delicious.

UK migratory 'in freefall' over climate change

The UK has not signed up to a statement from a group of countries pushing for faster global action on .

The High Ambition Coalition was backed by 17 world leaders in its call for swifter cuts to carbon emissions.

Cartoon of the day by Ben Jennings on

For all new escapees who are finding themselves a bit lost, it may be comforting to know that there's a massive academic presence here on Mastodon, and you can find extremely interesting accounts to follow by perusing the local feeds of the instances below:

All things


Fix Sunak's climate change attack

- PM Rishi delays car ban in major shift on green policies

Court action necessary to establish climate stability as protected right to break climate change impasse, says professor

Stop Climate Change
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