Saying it again:
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Saying it again:

Sophisticated fascism is still fascism. Scientific racism is still racism. Sophistry is a strategy often employed by pro-genocide folks, tech-giant neoliberals, oil industry capitalists, and the like.

"Look at you, all unhinged, emotional, and angry! Do you hate the technology Do you hate progress" as if to discredit us and poison the well.

Anger, sorrow, universal compassion, emotion these things make us human. To feel and express emotion does not contradict with the capacity for reasoning and critical thinking. A failure to grieve for our burning planet and the inability to cast aside greed for profit/control (or aspirations towards that) are worse.

You can dress up fascism in a suit and tie and place it upon a parliamentary/academic podium with eloquent words and scientific tone, and it is still fascism.

"Scientists revealed Tuesday that they had discovered a vast, hidden landscape of hills and valleys carved by ancient rivers that has been "frozen in time" under the Antarctic ice for millions of years."

Environmental activism is seen as posing a singular threat to authorities in Vietnam because it targets powerful economic interests, which are closely affiliated with state power in the country.

"It looks like we've lost control of melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet," lead author Kaitlin Naughten, a researcher at the British Antarctic Survey who specializes in ocean and ice modeling, said in a statement.

"If we wanted to preserve it in its historical state, we would have needed action on climate change decades ago."

Climate Change

The ecosysytems collapse is happening right now as well. . My blog describes how SAI can cool the earth in 2 years and keep temperature steady even if CO2 keeps rising.
Risks are many times smaller than impact and manageable

Please read the blog before you disagree
And sorry, its very long and thorough


An unusual temperature increase to 37C, however, caused the bacteria to pass into the bloodstream, where it caused septicaemia.

South Australia is going a long way to shifting steel making from a very carbon creating process to creating Green steel
Using excess renewable energy during the day to create hydrogen that will be used to power peaking plants when the renewable supply falls
Tom Koutsontonis, the energy minister is across the details in a refreshing way and continues his leadership for SA to have a modern renewable powered, manufacturing industry

we are going to see so much more of this

Was recommended The Big Switch audiobook free on Spotify. If you need some optimism this is a good listen.

If a country as tied to fossil fuels as Australia historically has been - can find a way to through electrification, theres no longer any excuses

Life-sustaining systems on brink of collapse, but solutions are available, says UN
By Michael Slezak

A United Nations report warns the world is "perilously close" to triggering tipping points that could have "irreversible, catastrophic impacts for people and the planet" but it's not too late to act.

I knew it!

"Apple is relying on carbon credits to claim Apple Watch is carbon neutral."

RT by : LNextfumigreen aligns with the International Day against - UN!

(Press release):

fumigol CTTecnova


2023-10-24 16:18 UTC

People are worried World War III is coming. But I'm afraid of something else.
I witnessed long ago, that the loud voices started to divide between capitalism boot lickers and the woke tankie factions.
It seems things are getting worse now. Climate deniers have been a serious threat for a long time, but now many climate realists are terror deniers. We are getting divided between terror deniers and climate deniers when both threats are real.

I don't think that the world is getting worse. I think it gets better and worse.

Pros and cons of current age, in comparison to decades ago:

Pros: Slowly poor people can live better, health, knowledge and information at your fingertips

Cons: climate change, surveillance, war crimes, monopoly, propaganda

I'd never thought of it in terms of 'shaming' but thinking about it, there was indeed a bit of social competition last year in who could tough out the winter longest before turning on heating!

The term 'shaming' is too derogatory, but I can see this having an effect on gas consumption at population level!

In the fight against , only one technology almost always gets an ever more bullish appraisal, while failing to progress: capture & storage -

Another strengthens in record time: went from tropical storm to Cat. 5 in just 12 hours and is now making landfall at . Friendly reminder: is warming the oceans and warm ocean water feeds hurricanes. Maybe this is a problem

De todas las grficas desorbitadas (en el artculo hay ms), me sorprende mucho (o no tanto) la de subsidios a la .
La invasin de Rusia tiene mucho que ver, pero me cuesta creer que no exista una estrategia mejor. Aqu ms detalles:

Across Europe, according to a seven-country survey, it seems young people are more willing than older generations to make big lifestyle changes that would help combat the climate crisis.

Cos non ci siamo. Il Piano Mattei parte zoppo. In manovra 600 milioni in 3 anni, sottratti dai fondi per il clima

Life on Earth under existential threat: climate scientists

1:00 a.m. EDT update from the NHC:
Maximum winds are estimated at 165 mph.
Eyewall of Category 5 Hurricane Otis moving ashore near Acapulco, Mexico.
Otis is forecast to remain a category 5 hurricane through landfall within the next few hours.


This year broke records in all the wrong ways. Thats the chilling conclusion of a special report on climate change published in the journal Bioscience.

Demand Automakers Stop Fueling the Climate Crisis Help Wildlife, Protect the Environment, Support Nature Conservation, Save the Planet

I'm sure this is all still all extremely 'normal'...

Stairway to hell

Budskapet frn Hassler varsgod, kr p! Dagens Arena

Rapid Melting of West Antarctic Ice Sheet May Be Unavoidable, Study Finds

"Scientists not involved with the study said that the findings are sobering. It is likely that we passed a tipping point to avoid the instability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, said U.K.-based National Oceanography Center senior research scientist Tiago Segabinazzi Dotto, who noted that the research is consistent with previous findings that predicted the imminent collapse of the West Antarctic ice shelves. However, the pace of this collapse is still uncertain it can happen in decades for some specific ice shelves or centuries.



GOES-16 satellite imagery of hurricane Otis shows a compact well-shaped storm with a distinct eye.

This is the 3rd major hurricane to strike the west coast of Mexico in the past 2 weeks.


CORRECTIV: Abschiebung mit dem -

11:00 p.m. EDT update from NHC shows hurricane Otis wind speeds at 160 mph

Grave concerns from NHC - "A nightmare scenario is unfolding for southern Mexico this evening.
This is an extremely serious situation for the Acapulco metropolitan area with the core of the destructive hurricane likely to come near or over that large city early on Wednesday. There are no hurricanes on record even close to this intensity for this part of Mexico."


Just 18 hours ago, the forecast from NHC based on various hurricane models was for max winds of 85 mph for hurricane Otis.

Do our hurricane model equations need some tweaking to work with the new set of extreme conditions


DER STANDARD: $Hchsttemperaturen wie 2023 gab es womglich erstmals seit 100.000 Jahren

A Hurricane Hunter AF307 aircraft recently measured wind speeds of 158 mph a few hundred meters above the surface in the NE eyewall of Hurricane Otis.


No longer a matter of "if" but "when and how much" sea level rise will happen.

Its the reason insurance companies are abandoning Florida state.

Note that impacts are concentrated where river deltas meet the ocean

Radium girls, climate change edition:

Who's gonna tell her

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