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In the next few days, together with , we will look back at the major events of the past year related to

We kick off today starting with this image of Sharm El-Sheikh, the city where took place

Stay tuned


2023-11-26 11:31 UTC

As much of the world turns to renewable energy, Cambodia is betting on coal to meet its soaring energy needs. But projects are facing major issues amid uncertainty over foreign funding.

Uk Government: UK battery strategy
Odd its releasing on a Sunday, need to compare it to Eu and US initiatives.

Fossil fuel companies are controlling our governments, without a care for people and planet.

Via Climate Science Break with Prof Mark Maslin & Jo Brand

Maten frn labbet kan rdda mnskligheten frn att koka bort Dagens Arena

Plant trees and save the planet.


Hotter summers, warmer winters New climate report offers scalding outlooks

Larmrapporterna avlser varandra Dagens Arena

My 41st - while still wading through weightier tomes I wanted to read something quicker and easier which it may be in some ways, but not others. Inspiring, depressing, exhausting not as good as for example Rebirding but a grounding reminder of the need for action.

Global emissions of carbon dioxide are over 60% higher than when the first Conference of the Parties (COP) of the UNs framework convention on (UNFCCC) met. In 2009, phasing out fossil fuel subsidies was agreed but they have escalated to around 7 trillion dollars a year. Is going to be anything more than a trade fair, party, lobbying opportunity & networking event that may tweak the tiller on humanitys suicidal course so little that well still crash into the iceberg

Climate adaptation funds are not reaching frontline communities: what needs to be done about it

What we call progress and development may actually be a road to hell.

Whenever they want to sell us something new theyre talking about advancement, , development, and . It seems sometimes wed be much better off with no progress at all.

could have fallen by over 30% without trend, report says

Powering models takes a lot of . A new analysis demonstrates just how big the problem could become

And so on and so forth....

Your chocolate bar - my family's struggle

is fuelling and unstable weather conditions - the opposite of what cocoa plantations need.

Because of this, farmers in West Africa are moving - forced by depleted soils and unfavourable conditions to cultivate new areas. This is a driver of illegal in both Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

It is a vicious and unforgiving cycle as make way for new farms, which fuels further disruption.

wonderful people

There seems be a common set of trigger topics , , , , etc

or +

that help identify a right-wing obsessive - its time we slap a label on these nut jobs so we can see them coming.

People briefly interrupting access to artwork to protest inaction Great stuff.

People interrupting traffic to protest inaction Nice!

People disrupting annual general meetings to protest inaction Excellent.

People briefly halting sporting events to protest inaction Awesome.

People heckling politicians in parliaments and on the street to protest inaction Fucking awesome.

If you think any of these things are disruptive or too much of an inconvenience for you, wait until disruptions caused by climate change start really hitting you. Then youll find yourself reminiscing about that simpler time when Olivia and Randal glued themselves to a pedestrian crossing and delayed you getting to work by almost half an hour.

Just to add a bit more contexts: smaller are common in the and vegetation and wildlifecan and do recover from them. But due to more intense and wildfires are now much larger and more intense. 2020 was really bad- this years not quite so big but still extensive, and really impacting wildlife, including

A hurricane gutted a city of one million, leaving no food or water and the dead to rot.
I have said it before, and I will say it again: the US media is useless and incapable of reporting on today's challenges with the rapidity and fury of the climate emergency.

Protesters blockaded the worlds largest coal port for 30 hours over the failure of government to act on climate change, preventing more than half a million tonnes of coal from leaving the port of Newcastle.

Pancakes were being made, tea drunk, swam nearby and people watched the sunset and sunrise. Those involved say it was a magical experience.

- Rising Tide local organiser Alexa Stuart

Protesters spent the night on the water, rostered in two-hour shifts.

In this present special , we display a diverse set of vital signs of the planet and the potential drivers of and climate-related responses declaring a , now with more than 15,000 scientist signatories. The trends reveal new all-time climate-related records and deeply concerning patterns of climate-related disasters. At the same time, we report minimal progress by humanity in combating change.

Dozens of protesters continue 30-hour long blockade of Newcastle's port

The mass protest at the world's largest coal port is demanding the government stop allowing new coal projects and tax fossil fuel export profits at 75 per cent.

the people in charge of like ensuring a dependency on their fuel

Thanks To Climate Change, Your Favorite Wine Will Likely Never Taste The Same...

The worlds most-developed nations will be told to curb their excessive appetite for meat as part of the first comprehensive plan to bring the global agri-food industry into line with the Paris climate agreement.

World Climate Research Programme: Safe Landing Climates - 3. Cascading and Compound Shocks for Food Production
Shocks to food-production systems all over the world have become more prevalent in recent decades...

wonder if the iron contained within leads discernible algae growth offshore

We cannot possibly comprehend all that the world lost at the hands of our ancestors. But we know they lacked understanding of what they had done.

But far far more is being lost by our hands today. Our descendants may not comprehend the depth of their loss, But they will know that we understood the consequences, and we did it anyway.

Alberta's "Tell The Feds" Campaign DEBUNKED by Albertans.

Because it's the right thing to do.


CO2 readings from Mauna Loa show failure to combat climate change

... "At the time of writing it is 422.36 parts per million. That is 5.06ppm more than the same day last year. That rise in 12 months is probably the largest ever recorded more than double the last decades annual average."

This summer saw global tourism rebound to 84% of pre-pandemic levels, raising concerns due to extreme events. A proposal for carbon passports aims to curb environmental impact by 2040.

Z At the top of the hour it's Radio Ecoshock (repeat) Presented by Alex Smith. A weekly program about the Latest , authors, issues - from , oceans, forests, , solar storms, the , and .

97% of engineers

A catastrophic 2 degrees above pre-industrial temperatures

The significant consequences of climate change to pregnant individuals.


Key findings from 2 in:

Also, noted by (), a journalistic outline of issues linked to (e.g. water-borne assocaited with expanded niche of disease-carrying insects, such as human-animal contact and severe weather events, extreme heat smoke and air pollution the increasing psychological cost and food insecurity fragile people displaced)

I'm looking for examples of companion planting using for and . The Three Sisters method of growing corn, beans, and squash together is an example from North America. Are there other regional examples of native plants that can be grown together for mutual benefit What about sea vegetables in settings

Again from 1 (see also notes by e.g. ):

"Indeed, the lobbying investments and efforts of the industry are escalating in 2022, a record 636 lobbyists for fossil fuel companies attended .

Whether as a result of this lobbying, or of the pursuit of short-sighted interests, most governments have failed to act at the pace needed to protect their population's from the impacts of "

The commentary continues 1:

"As a result, the UN Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on Nov 30 to Dec 12, 2023, will be a about the survival of millions of people.

But the outlook is not encouraging. As pressure to tackle emissions grows, so does the incentive for companies to stall action to reduce ."

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