Ron Johnson: Clouds Will Stop Global
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Ron Johnson: Clouds Will Stop Global Climate Change

The spit take moment came when he said that the alarmists were "ignoring the impact of clouds to basically act as a heatsink." Then, just as you're wiping your drink off your chin and shirt, he adds the doozy that windmills are killing the whales

Good news, with lots of caveats. A low carbon steel plant is almost ready to produce. This is small, but a good step.

Except: green steel made using hydrogen would cost roughly one-third more than traditional steel, and would require a 20 percent increase in electricity production.

Climate Change

2023 on track to be world's hottest year on record, temperatures exceed 1.5C above pre-industrial levels for first time

> More opium is grown today than at any other time in human history, despite every major state trying to control this production. But has defied all of them.
> The saddest and most devastating consequence of is that it has shown us that these of , which were presented to us as the ultimate achievement of , are in fact completely hollow. They cannot do what they claim to do.

The dilemma for PM Rishi Sunak is how to find an offshore wind fix without spending too much money or pushing up household energy costs. Pitting short-term political cycle (election due by early 2025) against the longer-term need to tackle

"All ice could disappear: Europes heatwaves threaten to wipe out glaciers in the Alps"

The myth that is expensive while nuclear or fossil energy is cheap is constantly spread by various lobbyists.

The truth is a bit different, but see for yourself

taken from

Exploring the stark realities of virgin forest clearing in Sumatra by Carl J. Kleingrothe, c.1900 -1915 . The gritty captures of man versus nature, an encapsulation of eras past. How do you interpret its impact through modern lens

This Atlas Obscurathemed crossword comes from independent crossword constructor Brendan Emmett Quigley. He has been a professional puzzlemaker since 1996,...

Cet article tay sur les politiques alternatives sur le changement climatique me dprime.

En gros nos politiques parlent tellement dans le vide que le grand public a du mal adhrer aux politiques proposes et du coup bah... a n'a aucun effet.

"Long story short: None of it worked. The researchers found that different framings had no consistent or statistically significant effects on subjects willingness to support climate action."

From Carbon Sink to Source: The Stark Changes in Arctic Lakes - Yale E360

Since a few days I'm thinking the same (I live in the middle of Germany). It's beyond strange, this hot summer weather despite the late sunrise/early sundown. And yes, the lower sun position during the hot day, is a new, too...

.MartaShocket explores a study showing that, contrary to expectations, temperature fluctuations increased transmission, with implications for how will impact infectious disease. Primer: Paper:

Looks like introducing/increasing carbon taxes does not really lead to negative economic growth...

Great to see another legal route being tried, and by a government no less. A government fighting for climate action in the name of their people, what a revelation.

This is a perfect example of the mentality that drives denial of .

Fear of change, lack of awareness, misinformation, cost, and infrastructure. Resistance to accept scientific evidence that challenges their existing beliefs, values, or interests.

It's depressing. I am not sure how we can overcome all of these obstacles.

"Whats the difference between having a toxic chimney spewing across a border to carbon dioxide emissions"

In a landmark hearing, small island nations disproportionately affected by the climate crisis will take on high-emitting countries in a court in Hamburg, Germany, on 11 September, in what is being seen as the first climate justice case aimed at protecting the ocean.


The first demonstration of the Forest Rebellion is International Climate Strike.

This is the one that Greta Thunberg started in 2018, and has exploded into .

In , we gather at the Market Square at 10 am, and from there march to the Parliament. The demonstration ends at 2 pm.


If you thought this year was a bit of a weather suffer-fest, it probably wasn't your imagination, as the Northern Hemisphere has just experienced its hottest summer on record, driving the year to date into the second-hottest position.


Join - 's Forest Rebellion. Forest Rebellion starts 15.9., and continues to October and November.

From our webpage you'll find info about participation and trainings. Please join. You are needed!


The UN released Technical dialogue of the first global stocktake. Synthesis report by the co-facilitators on the technical dialogue.

Implementation must accelerate to increase ambition across all fronts, taking an all-of-society approach to make progress towards the Paris Agreement goals and respond to the finds technical report on first global stocktake

Report link:

leaders missing in action on the most critical aspect of limiting , advocacy groups said, after major economies failed to set a timeline for the end of use without capture

Do you think the load on the planet is sustainable It is best to the population now and save the suffering that will come, it would have been better to do something before but now we should make actual changes about . Of course no one has the spine to admit the course to minimize .

Map of the Week: Oil Power - find out more at

Anyone know a climate denier

misuses all our evolved traits to expand capitalism until we are too sick to fight back. drives the constant progression of technology.

Do you think your fingers were made for taping, sliding, and typing The vast majority can no longer adjust to the unnatural world we have made. The world is about to adjust the unnatural things we have become.

"The tiles are designed to look so similar to traditional terra-cotta that the difference isnt apparent, even if you hold one in your hands. The modules use a polymer compound that lets sunlight flow inside the production process involves placing a layer of photovoltaic cells in the middle by hand."

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Rachel Carson (19071964) contributed more than anyone to awakening modern environmental consciousness her 1962 book Silent Spring, published 18 months before her life was cut short, led to the creation of Earth Day, founding of the U.S. EPA, & the environmental movement as we know it today.

But here we are in 2023

In the 1800s, European settlers moved to California displacing most Native Americans. They used up the water of Tulare Lake, the second largest lake in the US, for irrigation. They also killed most of the trees and brought in a lot of grazing animals making the entire region extremely arid.

starting from last year, however, brought a lot of water from snow melting and rainfall, filling up part of the ghost lake and leading to major .

So, good news for the . Only super rich ppl. destroy environment. No need for change to prevent . The Left is on your side. No need to vote for Bolsonaro & Co. anymore.

It's fun to play pretends with extinction-profiteering friends

G20 Summit commits to tripling global renewable energy capacity
"Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, attended the G20 Leaders Summit in New Delhi, where world leaders gathered to discuss joint responses to the most pressing global economic challenges, including making major commitments to the energy transition. "

The future of tourism for Canada Ouch! Thanks to

Great, 2 Projects got cancelled due to recession. At some point engineers will be fired and finally it's good against .

Copernicus Methane forecasts
Sun 10 Sep 2023

Rare Subtropical Storm Daniel hits Libya, causing flooding and havoc

How is climate change impacting hurricane season Its complicated

Island states seek climate protection from Law of the Sea

Interesting & worrisome projections on wet-bulb temperatures globally

Stop Climate Change
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