Rising temperatures will cut the number
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Rising temperatures will cut the number of days when conditions favor prescribed by 17% on average across the Western U.S., mostly in spring and summer. Winter, however, will see a net 4% increase in the number of favorable days

Endlich sowas wie Herbstwetter. Blo eben lauwarm.
Doesn't feel right...

Voor de 25ste dag op rij is de Utrechtsebaan bezet door klimaatdemonstranten. Ook deze dinsdag wandelden activisten rond 12.00 uur de snelweg op.

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Eek! Cases of dengue fever on the rise in Switzerland

"The UKs rollback of climate policies will cost its citizens and the world"

Pragmatism is now being applied to . The party likes to fall back on that when excusing a laissez faire attitude to protection. In the 1990s Conservative reign, I saw it when researching implementation deficits in the Environmental Protection Act (EPA90) eg oxides of carbon were prescribed substances under EPA90 but industrial energy waste was ignored by regulators.

I dont think we are getting anywhere. I say that your approach is not possible and you keep coming back saying that renewable technology is not environmentally sound while not explaining how we address the immediate problem of and .

A recent study by University of Helsinki researchers has found that communities inside and outside protected areas are beginning to resemble each other as a result of change. In both areas, southern species increase in abundance, while northern species decrease.

Less than 30% of the highly and are recycled. Most of the ewastes will be dumping to third world countries or end up in landfills polluting underground water, the ocean, and the entire food chain of all life forms. The most toxic and carcinogenic ingredients will NEVER be recycled. Stop being the most notorious in the world. will create ten if not hundred times the current amount of ewastes.

The insatiable search for oil and gas has become the latest threat to the countrys endangered aquifers, a critical national resource that is already being drained at alarming rates by industrial farming and cities in search of drinking water.

Experts fear an already active hurricane season could come to an eventful and exceptional end as unusually warm, storm-boosting ocean temperatures and a slow-to-emerge El Nio combine.

If this isn't a perfect example modern , I don't know what is. A company headed by a Saudi prince grabbing 20% of Zimbabwe and 10% of Liberia in order to sell carbon offsets that'll no doubt be used by firms to continue burning fossil fuels.

This isn't helping fight , it's doing exactly the opposite.

Good article:
Canada left battered by 'never before seen' wildfire season
"And in the boreal forest, due to the thickness of the humus on the ground, fires can continue to burn for months.

"When we explain to people that the fires will only really be extinguished with snow, everyone becomes eager for winter to arrive," Guy Lafreniere"

Canada Seasonal Fire Trend Charts:

Une invasion de punaises en France.

Cette anne dans le sud-ouest, on constate une proliferation anormale de punaises du genre Carpocoris. Je pense que ces punaises sont avantags par les tempratures galement anormalement levs pour la saison.

Finalmente online il talk di Hannah Ritchie del TED 2023.
Hannah una data scientist e porta i dati su come sta evolvendo l'emergenza climatica e fa un discorso molto bello sulla "comunicazione" dell'emergenza.
Da vedere.

brings cloudberry to Svalbard: After an exceptionally warm summer, ripe cloudberries are for the first time documented at 78 North.

I was surprised, I have never seen cloudberry here before. I hardly believed my own eyes, tells Stein Tore Pedersen.

Illustration photo: Thomas Nilsen

In this mountainous region known as the "Water Tower of Asia," are often described as a lifeline. This is certainly true for the residents of the northern Indian state of , who collect as much as 90% of their from . And is making the springs even more important.

As climate change saps Himalayan springs, locals are learning to recharge them : Goats and Soda : NPR

Experimenting with climate metrics - imbalance, speed, and unusualness.

Home insurers aiming for climate risk rating system to deal with extreme weather events
Homeowners in Canada may be forced to 'absorb' more of the cost of flooding and other catastrophic climate-fueled extreme weather events.

now for the for

Australia's emissions must decline more steeply to reach climate commitment: OECD

Home insurers aiming for climate risk rating system to deal with extreme weather events
Homeowners in Canada may be forced to 'absorb' more of the cost of flooding and other catastrophic climate-fueled extreme weather events.

Lends New Color to the Ocean

56 percent of the global sea surface has undergone a significant change in color in the past 20 years

This could result from different assemblages of plankton, more detrital particles, or other organisms such as zooplankton

Aqua Satellite

Enjoyed the latest Climate Diplomacy Podcast by Adelphi colleagues interviewing Peter Schwartzstein about the impact of on security around the world

Some glacial rivers are turning toxic. Heres why.
Rory Burford: "When you think of climate change and glaciers, you probably think of melting. But in the Peruvian Andes, that's only half the problem. My PhD project looks at why the rivers are turning acidic and filling up with toxic heavy metals."


The Jokers, who exhibit sceptical behaviour, making jokes concerning the possible effects of sea level rise and imagining a humorous future.

And the Ambiguous, who express ambiguous perceptions and beliefs, thereby making it difficult to classify their positions.

If you are interested, the full open access paper here:

My brother is a geomorphologist working and researching in central British Columbia, and just tried explaining to me how the various landslides and unstable ground crises being experienced in towns like Williams Lake are very much due to climate change. Essentially, these slumps and slides are picking up where they left off about 11,500 years ago. Rapid changes are being caused by "kettle" depressions left by the glacial retreat but buried, non-obvious, and somewhat stable... until now. Expect much more.

We just published the article "Do I have time to build the ark calmly Characterizing attitudes towards climate change via sentiment analysis of social media".

Starting thread...

They want us to freeze sooner than what they already laid out in Law All in the name of Climate Change cause their waste water infrastructure in NYC is ancient and mass criminal arson forest fires

Japan logged its hottest September since records began in 1898, hitting an all-time monthly high for the third straight month.

Today, an odd October day in which last night will have been warmer than today will be. 19 Celsius at night, now going to 18. I am outside for coffee on the 3rd of October. It is windy, (way too) warm and weird. We hardly had nights this warm this summer.

England bans single-use plastic: What is and isnt included in the new rules

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Antarctica heatwave linked to climate change - after temperatures soared 39C above normal

39C above normal 39!

Do you know when started When we started cutting flowers. Thats why bees sting us. Its science.

A tiny step for the environment. I made a pair of wooden clothes pegs using scrap timber and the springs from broken plastic pegs. Pretty rough, as I only have hand tools, but they are only prototypes.

Black Warrior Riverkeeper says it collected water samples showing chloride, aluminum, barium, manganese, iron, and sodium. Hurricane Creekkeeper observed sewage stations in disrepair, including metal corrosion from apparent hydrogen sulfide leaks.

First snow of the autumn was Monday in Fairbanks. This makes 5 out of the past 6 autumns when the first snow (with or without any accumulation) has not come until October. First snow used to be sometimes in late Aug or early Sept, but that has only happened once since 1990. The typical date of first autumn snow nowadays is about 10 days later than than it was a century ago.

First Element soon to open worlds largest hydrogen station for heavy trucks

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