"Significantly more powerful than conventional sails,
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"Significantly more powerful than conventional sails, these wings allow Canope to maximize the use of wind power and reduce its average annual fuel consumption by around 30%."

Ariane's Canope ship is a significant step forward in sustainable maritime transport.



Western edge collapse unavoidable ( )

Under the East 300km river


Is it unfortunate timing that Emily Blunt has churned out a turkey shortly after being outed for fat-shaming a waitress years ago Probably, for her career at least, but there are much bigger and more important things going on.

Historic rapid intensification.

In 12 hours excessive ocean heat transformed from a Category 1 hurricane to a Category 5 beast that ravaged Acapulco.

Dezeen : Engaging with communities will "enrich" projects says Sumele Adelana in Climate Salon podcast

"Energy watchdog says countries risks fuelling climate crisis and damaging their economies by rowing back on green policies"

Green Our Planet

Seems contradictive however is both the world's biggest emitter and the largest producer of clean energy tech.

China sources a higher proportion of its energy supply from than the world's other two largest economies.

However, China is also the largest market in the world. It accounts for 30% of the world's total carbon

China's role in solution is crucial. The choices it makes may determine the future of the entire planet.

2023 state of the report: Entering uncharted territory

" on planet is under siege. We are now in an uncharted ... We are entering an unfamiliar domain regarding our , a situation no one has ever witnessed firsthand in the history of humanity."

Year 2100: fossilized remains of a carbon sequestering entity. C

Etude exploratoire pour dployer les low-tech dans les organisations franciliennes - La librairie ADEME

Enqutes de terrain pour aider dmocratiser les low-tech - La librairie ADEME

"That's the one thing we all share together - the same planet. And I come from the position of if you love something you protect it." - Bear Grylls

R to : &lt&gt

Tomorrow, the will happen for the first time in Japan at the on the theme of . Dont miss the chance to watch the discussion at the venue!


2023-10-27 08:03 UTC

Its the last day of the WCRP Open Science Conference in Kigali.

Our director Bjorn Stevens held a talk on "How climate change is transforming climate modeling". Missed it Here is a link to watch a recording of it:

Learn more about the vision for EVE (Earth Virtualization Engines), an international collaboration to tap our technical capacity so that everyone knows how and affects them.

V the Lancet:
Time to treat the and nature crisis as one indivisible global health emergency

Extinction Rebellion Women vs HSBC: Crown Court trial begins Monday

#extinction #rebellion #xr #rebelforlife #climate #climatechange

"Unavoidable future increase in West Antarctic ice-shelf melting over the twenty-first century"

El estado del medio ambiente afecta profundamente a nuestra salud. Britt Wray, ha demostrado que las consecuencias del cambio climtico sobre la salud mental son tan variadas como profundas.

Texto completo en ingls y en espaol en www.lasaluddelahumanidad.com

This is not needed, Aerlingus flies to Brussels. Also why can't technology be used to reduce travel Large companies do it.

At what threshold is Greenland ice caps melting irreversible Extreme weather The Guardian

Games Industry dot biz had a big chat with Hannah of about the climate report we produced, and I added a few comments on it as well.

I'm on a mission is to help decarbonise the games industry, so if you want to find out what your own game or studio's footprint is, and what you can do about it, get in touch.

Hurricane Otis survivors search for friends and necessities in devastated Acapulco

Climate injustice:
The rich emit, the poor get hit.

Acapulco is a painful illustration. A luxurious destination for people flying in from far away. And now its poorer inhabitants suffer from a climate-fueled extreme hurricane.

(It's not just a resort, NYTimes)

After without electricity, without water, with goods shortages. Many stores have been plundered.

Im thinking it would perhaps be a good idea to say global farting instead of global warming. That would:
focus the attention towards the actual problem. Who made those smelly farts
take away much of the seriousness and make the movement more fun.

Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth

Drawing on reporting from around the world, Hot is a call to action that injects hope and solutions into a debate characterized by doom and gloom and offers a blueprint for how all of us, parents, communities, countries, can navigate an unavoidable new era.

Its not easy wearing green.

We are currently recreating the conditions that led to the greatest mass in the history of our , exponentially more destructive than the one that ended the 160 million year reign of that came after.

While we're currently doing so on a much smaller scale, we are doing so at a much faster pace.

"The will be fine..."




Updating glacier boundaries to reflect smaller coverage is a bit sad. Was just working on some in the Washington Cascades.

On behalf of our client, the Environment Council of Central Queensland (ECoCeQ), weve just filed two appeals to the full bench of the Federal Court, challenging the Australian Environment Ministers refusal to scrutinise new coal and gas projects for their climate harm.

Meltdown of West Antarctic Ice Sheet unavoidable, study says

"But on the flip side, when readers are told explicitly about the primary causes of climate change, they are given something to do with their concern. At the very least, they can walk away from coverage of worsening disasters knowing confidently what the solution involves: rapid reduction of pollution and deforestation."

"He told the audience in downtown Calgary that he's aware of at least five small municipalities in the province that would have been facing bankruptcy in the near future if it weren't for the revenue infusion from wind and solar projects in their areas."

I've never understood the enthusiasm for EVs. Just the extra metric ton of battery weight easily cancels out any positive carbon impact. Much better to go with hybrids that make use of existing infrastructure. And best would be a reduction in the number of private vehicles in favor of public transport.

There is no Fairy that magically pays for the increasingly deadly/costly climate disasters our towns and cities now face. Should the taxpayer foot the entire bill for this or does some culpability fall on for their decades of deception, denial & delay

Paul Beckwith: Scientists Warning to Humanity: Life on Earth is under Siege

"I chat about the new paper by Scientists Warning to Humanity that just came out yesterday.

Its an excellent summary and review and cautionary warming to Earth denizens about the breaking planet."

hit the Mexican coast overnight Tuesday to Wednesday, with winds intensifying something like 80mph in a couple of hours right before making land.

The Mexican government is reporting only 27 deaths--which I can almost guarantee is lowballing it for PR sake.

Meanwhile, "upstanding" "Christian" USians are posting online saying how "it's an improvement", and to not "let the rest come up here" and so forth.

I hope they all go to hell everlasting.

Thanks to sea level rise and stronger storm surges, beach replenishment in just ONE North Carolina county is estimated at $40M. Instead, the NPS tried something new: buying out homes about to be washed away and turning them into public areas. This is the cost of .

Stop Climate Change
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