"Klimaatrampen teisteren nu al decennia lang
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"Klimaatrampen teisteren nu al decennia lang de wereld. En steeds blijk tijdens dit soort rampen dat wij gehandicapte mense net als andere kwetsbare, en gemarginaliseerde groepen aan het kortste eind trekken. Noodhulp ist voor ons gehandicapte bijvoordbeeld niet toegankelijk en evacuatieplannen houden geen rekening met ons. Mensen met een beperking hebben niks aan betutteling. Wat wij nodig hebben is toegankelijkheid en een wereld die niet in de fik staat." disability

"The future is uncertain and scary for all of us, but especially for young people. The best reassurance families can give their kids is to show up with them and fight for the future."
Absolutely. And hey, fellow adults, join us climate parents.

"What was unusual was the fact that it surpassed the demand on Irelands electricity grid throughout the entire island for the first time."

"The right to demonstrate applies to everyone, but in recent weeks it has become apparent that the police do not respect this if people have a visible disability. They were the first to be picked out and put aside. Listen to the speech that Hans Artz gave on behalf of XR Disabled Rebels during Disabled Tuesday! ."

Speech & open captions in Dutch. Video description in Dutch has been "translated" here by Google Translate.

BBCNews BBC weather
"Hottest September..."

.. ..

twenty years ago water and/or water sewage treatment was more or less state of the art in Europe. Sure, there were major problemas with nitrates and nitrites among other things. But tech was adequate and apparently improving. These days, tech is old fashioned, stopped developping and, in some cases, regulations are taking a step back. Europe is leading the world once more

Rupert Murdoch has weaponised his global media network for the promotion of climate denialism and to attack renewable energy, which plays to his ideology and to the interests of some of the powerful petro-states, specifically Saudi Arabia. Prof Michael Mann, Penn State. cited by Damian Carrington , Guardian, 300923. 230923

The Mississippi is Mighty Parched

"Months of excessive and parched the River in the summer and early fall of 2023. In September, low water levels limited barge shipments downriver and threatened drinking water supplies in some communities"

Letztes Jahr begann die Heizperiode aufgrund extremer Zurckhaltung erst in den letzten Septembertagen, vor ein paar Jahren begann sie sptestens Mitte September.

Dieses Jahr beginnt bei mir die Heizperiode erst im Oktober.

I wish I could remember where I read it.. but someone said recently that we need to act like the cavalry aren't coming to fix problems around . No amount of conferences or lobbying or letters to MPs is going to make governments and businesses do what's needed fast enough so we need to just do things ourselves .. the is a great example.. he is planting fruit trees and growing trees from the acorns of ancient oaks. Do what you can where you are.

78% of all the largest offset schemes are useless, do nothing, according to the Guardian and Corporate Accountability.

These 'green' programmes (from wind farms to reforestation), that industries and businesses invest, thus 'buying' the right to emit carbon do not reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions at all.

If we're serious about cutting must be tied to new and permanent emissions-reducing activities.

Northern My Italian other half tells me the sea in this area was far too cold to swim in in October back in 1990. Not in late 2023! #

It's bears versus robot wolves in ageing Japan

An interesting WaPo piece on the complexities of phasing out

Here are a couple of photos from our holiday in Lochinver in the Scottish Highlands earlier in the summer.

They're taken from the holiday lodge we were staying in. Gorgeous, right We had a lovely time as a family, but here's the thing.

Despite being marketed as a "wildlife paradise", it reminded me of Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" with virtually none of the insects, songbirds or seabirds one would expect to see. A largely sterile environment...


What a great initiative. Id love to see this rolled out to all people in need.

Paul Gilding, former executive director Greenpeace International, a Fellow at Cambridge's Institute for Sustainability Leadership. There will be a global food crisis, or a series, starting in the next 0-2 years. The food system is where global sustainability risks come together climate change, water supply, inequality, conflict, soil degradation and biodiversity loss

the mathematics of projects 1/3 of the earth population will need to move or die before 2050.

the finer points of this statistical projection vary from from analyst to analyst, but the basics remain.

the real migration hasn't even actually begun yet.

How a think tank made basic errors in calculating the cost of the achieving emissions, ignored the consequential savings & jobs created, made various other errors & yet the media, hooked on denial, plugged it with a pathetic level of retraction when the truth came out.

Food prices worldwide, experts say, will be determined by the interplay of three factors: how El Nino plays out and how long it lasts, whether bad weather damages crops and prompts more export restrictions, and the future of Russias war in Ukraine.

The warring nations are both major global suppliers of wheat, barley, sunflower oil and other food, especially to developing nations where food prices have risen and people are going hungry.

More than 100 dolphins dead in Amazon as water hits 102 degrees Fahrenheit

The dead dolphins were all found in Lake Tef over the past seven days, according to the Mamirau Institute, a research facility funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Science.

Researchers and activists are trying to rescue surviving dolphins by transferring them from lagoons and ponds in the outskirts to the main body of the river where the water is cooler...

The hydrogen economy moves ahead

Watched a video of Brooklyn flood waters and my GenZ got up and slipped into his room to have a panic attack.

Total fire ban for 2nd October in the Mallee, after a weekend of fires everywhere, including some very serious shit going down in Gippsland this afternoon. This is not "normal" and it's not part of a standard cycle. No matter how much deniers sit in their corners and throw tantrums.

deutschlandfunk.de: Schweiz - Zehntausende gehen in Bern fr -Gerechtigkeit auf die Strae

Im a big fan of though Ive committed to *not* earning a pilots license as it would go to waste. But the results of this survey are just embarrassing.

Scotlands Week has just ended in ScotGovs Lets Do campaign which encouraged individuals, communities and businesses to come together to show support for tackling the climate emergency. It was also a great opportunity to share success stories which can inspire others to take action.
Climate Conversations are one way to create a ripple effect of positive actions. The Climate Conversations Pack is a great resource

does a (rollback)

Biden promised "no new drilling, period" as a presidential candidate, and the plan was announced six months after advocates were incensed by the administration's approval of the Willow oil drilling project in Alaska.

The new leases will be added to more than 9,000 drilling leases that have already been sold, and is "incompatible with reaching President Bidens goal of cutting emissions by 50-52% by 2030,"

I was just looking up a location. The highest point on their island is 389m. is making sea levels rise. People who live on islands are extremely vulnerable. Whole peoples will be refugees.

So when you're blaming climate activists for delaying you by blocking the freeway or a major thoroughfare Think about the difference in stakes.

Better yet, already be making plans to change your habits and do the kind of activism that will change governmental policy.

- ocean temps not dropping, staying alarmingly high!


DER SPIEGEL: Rekord- in Straburg: Jugend 1 Europa 0 - DER SPIEGEL

zdf.de: - Cash Cow

NYC is Under Water

Plant trees and save the planet.

More than just ice: What makes the best address for an emperor penguin colony
...a combination of physical & biological variables persistence of the landfast ice, its seasonal amplitude, how much it breaks and forms, when it forms, when it melts, the topography of the bottom of the ocean, & how closely they are located to Adlie penguins or other food competitors

Aftonbladet: Ja, # borde g till Hgsta domstolen


The group of environmental activists Extinction Rebellion denounced the new "ridiculous" offer of a private jet company that offers "ultra-rich" people to travel with their favorite pet.

*Cough, cough* Czechia

Hiding behind the referendum while still approving coal mines to 2073 is not a problem, it seems.
"Anthony Albanese to accelerate transition to low emissions after voice referendum
Exclusive: PM says the right decisions are needed to ensure Australia emerges a winner in the global race to renewable energy"

Doing Good and Doing Well Can Align Perfectly with Arthur Hu, CIO of Lenovo

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European Court of Human Rights opens trial on climate inactivity.

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