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Despite s forward public image, it acts as a safe haven for extractive industries and companies operating in , including regions of climatic significance

notable for its absence:
producers have become increasingly emboldened to push back on the narrative that will be phased out

I guess this means that 22% of Britons don't believe in :ablobsmile:

Plant trees and save the planet.

As the world swelters through record temperatures, scientists say an unusual culprit may be partly to blame: an underwater volcanic eruption off Tonga in the South Pacific last year.

Heavy rains causes floods in Metro Manila on Saturday.

"PwC: World needs to decarbonise 12 times faster to deliver Paris Agreement"

" Dumpster fire " is an informal term used to describe a catastrophically bad situation. The city of Palermo is literally a dumpster fire, and its dumpster in Bellolampo is on fire

Per capita per region and income.

Yesterday, we hit a new anomaly record in the average world air temperature (+1.12 C)

How caused

A safer, healthier future for all is within our grasp if politicians can be bold and brave enough to deliver it. Its up to us to demand that our political leaders listen, and deliver on what the country and our children deserve.

Here comes the future

increases greenhouse gas emissions by 0.2% during the first quarter of 2023, at the same time that the economy grows 1.3%, which means that the emission intensity is reduced 1.1%.

Ok but, shouldn't we be reducing emissions at 10% yearly, at least Why are we so unable to quit our fossil fuel addiction and our growth addiction

urged to stop attacking Committee

ask PM to cease politicising governments independent advisers after his remarks and letter to journalists

There is the (that on average refers to the evidence) & there are the people that for varying personal reasons, attack that on social media.

Sunaks family firm signed a billion-dollar deal with BP before PM opened new North Sea licences

Fossil Fuel Firms Flock to the Party Conference in

Influential right-wing groups are set to host several events featuring major polluters, days after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak watered down green targets!

The Tories have also received 3.2m in political donations from companies, which is purely coincidental

OR does it explain the u-turn The plot & the smog thickens

Since the 1970s, modellers have predicted that the use of could lead to global warming with dramatic environmental effects before the year 2050. Graph

However, despite their own scientific evidence, Exxon publicly dismissed the reality and urgency of and funded groups that spread misinformation & doubt about the issue. This is a clear example of how corporate interests can undermine scientific integrity and public trust.

Only 22% of Britons trust Sunak on finds Guardian poll

OK, so we need to educate the 21%. The remaining 1% are the very rich capitalist elite that don't actually believe that Sunak's priorities are to mitigate (on a scale that's going to make a big difference), but, won't say that in public (for personal business reasons).

If the keep "rolling back" on what they said they'd do, is that because they're backwards

Funny, how people claim the opposite of what they do: "The prime minister said he was putting 'the long-term interests of our country before the short-term political needs of the moment'."
I am sure that there is a psychological explanation for this...

Sunak's popularity at its lowest point since u-turn!

The PMs net favourability rating has slumped to -45, according to a YouGov survey days after his shift.

Environment & industry leaders accuse him of making false arguments. Green energy is cheaper for households & will boost jobs & investment.

So 7Bin's move to please the far right has landed him in deep dudu. Make that 8Bins!

A new way of life: the , post-capitalist, manifesto captivating

Buying eco bags & bottles without changing anything about the system - development goals mask the systemic problem & reduce everything to the responsibility of the individual, while obscuring the responsibility of corporations and politicians

It would be hubris to believe that capitalism was the end product of cultural evolution.

Nessun piano B (almeno per gli umani).

Marine Mammal Stocks in North Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Are Highly Vulnerable to Climate Change
September 20, 2023

A new study led by NOAA Fisheries outlines marine mammal populations estimated vulnerability to changing ocean conditions as part of ongoing Climate Vulnerability Assessments.

Trouble for as MPs in blue wall left vulnerable by PMs net zero U-turns

The Tories are predicted to hold just 29 out of 52 seats in the southeast, according to analysis of over 20k voters by Survation, where voters say climate policies are important to how they will vote.

Sunak was widely mocked for axing policies that didn't exist, such as the & compulsory car sharing.

After years of denial, finally acknowledged in 2006 that burning causes . But behind closed doors, Exxon took a very different strategy.

Documents reviewed by The show that its executives strategisedon how to downplay concerns about global warming and they tried to muddle scientific findings that might harm its oil and gas business.

Fossil fuel companies should be excluded from all current and future climate discussions.

If you havent had the chance to watch the excellent miniseries about what we might experience in the near future due to , youre in luck this weekend because its free to watch until Monday morning. Eight episodes of great TV with great actors about the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. No better excuse to binge 8 hrs of TV.

But theres more! had a conversation with the creator of Extrapolations, Scott Z. Burns, who got the blessing of the Writers Guild to talk about the series during the strike.

People invited to learn more about efforts to tackle climate change in Staffordshire at online public meeting

Im Michael Shaw and this is my journey to explore what it would mean if I accepted this threat is real. Its only in recent times that Ive been willing to look at the stark reality of ecosystem breakdown.

Rishi 7 Bins Sunak

We need to fight the companies who have fuelled climate change and who refuse to accept any responsibility.

An excellent podcast episode from the On the Media team on suing to save the planet and climate activism got a bad rap.

of air particles. It's not nothing! with for . !

License: Attribution 4.0 International) vrtxd, Sat 23 Sep 2023.

Humanity has opened the gates to hell - ANTNIO GUTERRES

: Will Rishi Sunak's changes to policies save money

No. Basically. But it will help trash the planet, lose the UK jobs, investment and success in industry as we move to a low carbon economy and continue to destroy people's health through .

Wildfires turn Canadas vast forests from carbon sink into super-emitter

Putting on the Fox board is a brazen attack on global efforts to tackle climate change. This proves what we all know about the Murdochs: they are right wing, wreckers.

True Tory values, Rape, Drug taking, corruption,porn watching, blackmail,infighting, rule breaking, wild parties, lies lies and more lies and thats just in parliament

Solar Success Stories (Clean Energy for ALL Series)

Put science to work. Renew your support.

"But when my car uses electricity, isn't the power company just burning fossil fuels & creating CO2 to create the electricity my car uses anyway"

Listen as Neil logically explains, in this episode of Star Talk, what electric cars mean to America & climate change.

"Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Electric Power"

"The UN secretary general said the world is decades behind in the transition to clean energy. We must make up time lost to foot-dragging, arm-twisting and the naked greed of entrenched interests raking in billions from fossil fuels, Guterres said, adding that some fossil fuel companies had embarked upon a shameful attempt to stymie the transition..."

Controversial technologies intended to offset the effects of atmospheric carbon should banned until properly assessed, a group of politicians and scientists have warned.

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