not this year sadly. I'm finishing up art for my newest Tara book so I'm stuck in my studio

hcnoel Maryland
@HeroesAndComics not this year sadly. I'm finishing up art for my newest Tara book so I'm stuck in my studio
alionheartt Ubatuba, Brasil
You think you broke my heart, ohhhhh girl for goodness sake, you think I'm crying on my own, well I ain't
Don't tell me your business if I didn't ask IDC lol
People not knowing the different between worst and worse is almost as bad as using the wrong your/ you're
@ChallengeLeeTo thanks so much, very glad you like it :) My new cd is out free download, is it ok to send it your way?
GhostRiderbot Unknown
That's it, vermin -- flee! Flee before the wrath of the Ghost Rider! It will make your capture so much more satisfying!
Tinyy_boo Orlando, FL
@blvnnt__ your vagina do stretch when u giving birth but it can go back to normal size after giving birth
oh that's your girl thought i recognized her
LewisClark16 Leeds, England
@BobBarnard17 @BBCNews your dad's a christmas tree?
living in Oklahoma is not knowing if the shaking of your car is caused by an earthquake or the strong ass wind🙄
I love you. For the first time in long in your life you realize where you are really in your love life
DStvNgCare Nigeria
@hanbasilich Apologies. We are currently investigating this issue and hope to resolve. We appreciate your patronage. ~CN
sarahcarroll_x Dublin
You sincerely want to explain your position to your coworkers ... More for Libra
CindyLuiLou NY, NC, CA ✈️
Keep a positive mindset daily & only positive things will come your way .. 😌
tali_arruda Toronto
If you are going to force me to wake up to your music please at least make it arctic monkeys
@mayur13joshi Hi! The cashback is processed by the bank as per the eligibility criteria. Please ask your friend to check with the bank (1/2)
love for those people who do their own thang to be successful and mind their own damn business bless y'all and keep doing you y'all
TrippyTrinssSTP LDN - BOLTON.
@PrettyEyzz Lol, because my hair needs to be protected + I've only worn weave for like a year. But anyways man. Each to their own lol.
Buy your HHS PROM shirts! $16! On sale now!
Lil Kesh: YBNL rapper unveils album art for ''Y.A.G.I''
#ibrahimovic by #foto, _fut.time
@Tommex007 besides religious & personal moral belief, I'd like to hear your own reasons for anti- abortion.
@SandMcNeill yes good afternoon Miss Sandra McNiell your best friend Patrick's
Make your Own Art.
You wish everyone would recognize your contributions and appre... More for Scorpio
Tee_Gutta1 Wherever God Takes Me
I WILL become a professional basketball player!! Speak your goals/dreams into existence💯💯🏀🏀🏀
dundeejournal Dundee, UK
Forth Road Bridge closure could have been avoided, insists Fife MSP: The public can "draw their own conclusions"…
your, own, art
Audy5SOS asleep
Shut up dad your drunk.
The Definitive Guide To Promoting Your Blog Content
LinnGOTTI 314 Raised
Your rational mind normally doesn't require external supervisi... More for Virgo
@FUGOSLAVIA like..................... your tweets

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