Nederlandse zomers zullen droger worden en
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Nederlandse zomers zullen droger worden en de winters natter, als gevolg van de wereldwijde opwarming door de uitstoot van fossiele brandstoffen.

Ticking time bombs: Sikkim floods a reminder of why locals opposed dams in the Himalayas for years

The damage caused by the glacial lake outburst flood was compounded by the presence of a string of dams in the Teesta river basin in the Himalayan state.

What caused the flood in Sikkim Explained

What are Glacier Lake Outburst Floods How do infrastructure projects like the Chungthang dam affect the fragile ecosystem of the Himalayas Can such events be predicted and prevented

in 2018:

Break up before it does any more damage to America

U.N. climate report pisses everyone off

Age of envy: how to be happy when everyone else's life looks perfect

Those little links between , income and digital buzzwords

What we lose when we move from social to market exchange

Tech workers are downing tools and refusing to work on unethical projects

is AWOL in Americas political debates

Weve got a front-row seat for Europes internet censorship plan

$100 billion later, AutonomousVehicles are still a car-wreck


34F right now. Getting there, but still no in the

"This October is quite warm, right What if this is a sign of something problematic"
"No no, don't worry, it will be cold again soon."
A casual small talk with several people during a picnic yesterday, in my shorts, 1000m alt.
People simply won't accept the climate is off, even though proofs are everywhere.
The sample size is too small for generalization, ofc.

Water levels were especially low near Memphis, Tennessee. The images above show the Mississippi River near Memphis on September 16, 2023 (left), compared to September 10, 2021 (right). The river was significantly slimmed down in 2023, exposing some of the whitish river bottom. The low volume is allowing sea water to make its way up further and futher up river, killing wet lands, adding to coastal damage and farm land loss

Climate Change

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is essentially an Europe wide import tax on carbon-intensive products, such as cement, steel, fertilizer, and electricityto emit more carbon (businesses) must pay around 80 ($75) per metric ton for the privilegeone of the highest carbon charges anywhere in the world.

Lends New Color to the Ocean

"The deep-blue sea is turning a touch greener. While that may not seem as consequential as, say, record warm sea surface temperatures, the color of the ocean surface is indicative of the ecosystem that lies beneath."

In my new environmental humanities PG course we've been looking at climate change solutions as set out by Project Drawdown. Each week we look at one of the top 10 already existing responses to reducing carbon and how EH research can help us nuance these solutions. If you would like to see what we are studying, the syllabus is available on HCommons

Concern re: is the most common reason for financial groups to exclude companies from their portfolios, according to research underlining how the phenomenon continues to affect investment decisions despite a pushback against woke capitalism

's claims for their new solid state-battery technology are stunning. 1,200 km range (745 miles) on a full charge. Lighter and less expensive than lithium-ion batteries. And the icing on the cake 10 minutes or less to fully charge.

Vehicles with these should start in 2027. If this holds up, EVs will start being more convenient than traditional engines and could be in serious trouble.

"Now that we know that renewables can't save the planet, are we going to continue letting them destroy it"

This was an eye-opening talk. I encourage you to watch it:

In ieder scenario wordt het warmer in Nederland

A song for the ecological transition.


brings cloudberry to Svalbard

"July 2023 became the warmest ever at the archipelago, with an average temperature above 10 Celsius... Although this is the first time ripe are seen, the flowers have been documented at before... For the to ripen, temperatures should be above 10 C combined with little rain."

Some people spend their time giving a little green patch an obsessive buzzcut, some do this.


so, what's the alternative Fighting, of course. *will* alter our lives, whether these idiots put their head in the sand or not. So I'm trying to help the people around me adopting - not by screaming at some right wing idiots, but by leading by example. (See )

Participate in survey on the effects of climate change Tell us in the comments your experiences and how those have affected your daily life.

We all feel the effects of climate change! Have you perceived its impact in your country

In a discussion with a psychotherapist yesterday she mentioned the increased cases of climate change anxiety - some call it eco-anxiety- both in adults and adolescents.

Do not despair. It is still possible to prevent the worst long-term effects of

Stay positive and DO something, even if it's small. Taking action is the best strategy to ease anxiety.

ICYMI: I recently featured on the Losing Our Cool talking about the various ventures Im involved with in my personal fight towards a world of greater social and environmental justice
Available via the link as well as anywhere youd usually access your podcasts.

litigation represents a frontier solution to change the dynamics of the fight against . This Global Climate Litigation Report: 2023 Status Review shows that people are increasingly turning to the courts to combat the .

Solutions such as , protection and represent 30% of the opportunity to address climate change yet receive just 3% of the available funding.

Support Our Work The

Support Our Work The

. New Nazis on the rise It's the normal reaction to the fears induced by , I guess. Horrible. Here's a movie/play you should watch and read I've been doing so for twenty years, it's exactly how it feels to watch people fall to the populists and meaninglessness.

Sappiamo che la lotta al cambiamento climatico il tema centrale del nostro secolo.
Ma forse spesso facciamo finta di non saperlo e che ci siano cose pi importanti di cui occuparsi.
Gli strumenti per guidare il cambiamento e rallentare il sono gi in larga parte a disposizione, la parte difficile attivare la volont collettiva e politica per metterli in atto.

Here is what Google Bard thinks about the of
and . Bard considers the entire EV + battery is an e-waste. About 5-10% of an EV+battery as ewaste (in weight or volume) will never be recycled.

Don't get it wrong. We haven't even talked about the non-electronic components of the toxic and carcinogenic lithium-cobalt-oxide and other nitrate and phosphate compounds of a . Don't be a notorious EV polluter. Talk to .

GT38H Testing Under Way in Brazil

The climate crisis is really a fossil-fuel crisis. There are other components of it, for sure, but eighty per cent of it is the burning of fossil fuels Al Gore


Green growth loses favour with climate policy scientists

Despite strong promotion of green growth perspective by a variety of policymakers and international institutions, a new article reveals widespread scepticism among climate policy researchers in high-income countries.

via Autonomous University of Barcelona

Morning. It's currently 16C at 07:55 on 9th October. It shouldn't be.

"In recent years, Moreno has been helping mayors put this idea to use, particularly the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. Paris is converting old military buildings and old parking structures into mixed-use buildings with apartments, retail and office space. Parisian neighborhoods are opening new parks and community gardens and expanding hours for child care nurseries. And the city has built more than 600 miles of protected bike lanes. "What is important is creating a roadmap for the transformation of the city," Moreno says."

this is a pretty good article that describes the situation if anyone is interested in reading more about it...

The EU Just Kicked Off Its Biggest Climate Experiment Yet

Promoting to

Incredible heatwave in Per: coming from 39.8C before this year, its October all-time high temperature went up almost every day this month, and now it's 41.6C, a record for any month too!
Via on the birdsite.

Sometimes I get to join some interesting collaborations.

Earlier in my career, my climate research was largely on reconstructing records of past North Atlantic climate from cave stalagmites. And then I moved continents and my career changed to focus on groundwater

However, over the last year, I have got back into some of the questions related to European climate of the recent past. That is thanks to an old collaborator, Binggui Cai, who asked me to contribute to another cave stalagmite study.

In eastern Europe, replicated stalagmite records from multiple caves suggest that the strength of the North Atlantic Jet (aka 'the jet stream') in winter has strengthened over the last 140 years and is outside the range of the previous millennia.

Why eastern Europe It is a climate 'hotspot' for understanding the strength of moisture that comes from the Atlantic. When the winter jet stream is strong, that moisture reaches the region. When it is weak, the moisture comes from the Mediterranean. Each moisture source has a different water isotope composition, and that is what the stalagmites are recording.

Having worked through all the stalagmite proxy data, the climate signal seems robust. Interestingly, it differs from recently published proxy data for the North Atlantic Jet from Greenland ice. And what climate change process has led to this change in the North Atlantic Jet

It is a paper that raises new questions, and if it sounds interesting, the reference and link are here:

Miaofa Li et al. 2023. The strength of the winter North Atlantic jet stream has deviated from its natural trend under anthropogenic warming. Geology 2023 doi:

Extinction Rebellion Founder Speaks Out Aaron Bastani meets Roger Hallam Downstream

Stop Climate Change
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