Lloyds of London has warned insurers
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Lloyds of London has warned insurers that the full impact of has yet to translate into claims data, despite annual natural catastrophe losses borne by the sector topping $100bn

Do displaced persons who lose their state due to actually become

Sebastian Losch (Uni Bochum) argues against establishing the category of "climate statelessness" on the basis of existing legal instruments.

"The UKs largest freshwater lake experienced its worst-ever levels of a harmful bacteria this summer. "

glad to see farmers fight back. Thats why regional people & especially farmers need to vote Greens. For government policies that actually work for them. Incomprehensible that they dont.

He slow-travelled from Germany to Papua New Guinea for a field trip, taking boats, trains, busses, and .
There he talked about with locals and made a promise not to fly on his way back either.
Then his institute sacked him for wanting to slow-travel back and not get on a plane to Germany.

He is our hero and he is on his way back on boats, trains, busses.

You can follow him here:

Poetic Justice...

Momentum in the conversation around the impacts of natural hazards and - and in particular what society can do to adapt and overcome these challenges in relation to catastrophe risk management - is growing, which is why we have opened up a channel of communication here on Mastodon the place where we believe this conversation is strongest.

Our transition will be tortuous to say the least. The recognition that there is even a problem is still an anemic mix of signaling, hypocrisy and actual commitment and action

There is a lot of focus on energy systems and but if we ask what a sustainable end-game might look like, energy is in-principle abundant. It is space (territory) that is constrained

A key parameter that will shape future societies is the fraction of the biosphere that will be off-limits

Observed mechanisms activating the recent subpolar North Atlantic Warming since 2016, Phil Transact Roy Soc.,

Having used data in my work, this is a worrying read.

A recent paper by Matthew Hayek, the assistant professor in environmental sciences at New York University, said that the FAOs use of modelling rather than verifiable monitoring data could underestimate methane emissions from livestock by up to 90% in countries such as the US.

Plant trees and save the planet.

"Britains deep coal mines have become a surprising source of green energy, one thats been heating the town of Gateshead successfully for 6 months.

The scheme is believed to be replicable in areas with extensive abandoned mine works, and offers a kind of renewable redemption for a nation with a long history of dirty energy.

Gateshead Councils mine water project launched in March 2023 and now has a large central heat pump that provides low-carbon heating to 350 high-rise buildings, an art gallery, a college, an industrial park, and several office buildings.

As oil and gas gradually replaced coal, Britains hundreds of miles of coal mining tunnels were gradually abandoned over the decades. Inundated by flood waters that became heated by the Earths core, Britain suddenly had a semi-naturally occurring geothermal energy source to harvest."

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- an tool to count moving things (e.g. your street, to do something about car traffic)
- content, especially the role of
- assorted facts and where technology is part of the solution, not problem

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Climate Emergency Forum: Food Security and Climate Chaos

Solaranlagen und Windparks werden den Klimawandel nicht eindmmen, wir mssen endlich den Neoliberalismus zerschlagen!

Paul Beckwith: Missing Antarctic Sea Ice to Warm Planet an Equivalent of Roughly an Arctic Blue Ocean Event

U.S plan for phasing out off shore oil and gas leases 2024-2029

ALT: photo of three, tall, slender, wind turbines over open water area

Pathway for decarbonizing the building and construction sectors.

Sydney & Melbourne have similar average maximum temps in summer, (but Melbournes summer minimums are lower, so the days take longer to warm up), but Sydneys summer rainfall is much higher, which explains why the maximums arent higher again. The humidity keeps a lid on the heat. . Whilst Sydneys average maximums are higher, their highest temperature so far is 41 While Melbournes is 47 While Melbournes climate (long term averages)is slightly cooler, our lower humidity means were at greater risk of higher temperature spikes such as 50 deg. OTOH, 45deg & much higher humidity could be more deadly in Sydney because of the wet bulb temperature. Sorry for the huge info dump, but I used to teach climate & weather. I wish the people who like to deny or downplay climate change would bother to look at this stuff.

warning signs everywhere nobody cares

everything is fine nothing to see here

holy crap catastrophe

sometimes the market works as it ought to... putting a price on risk... and leading people to draw the economic conclusions in a direct and personal way.... you might not care about climate change in the abstract, or even in the specific, but when markets starting pricing the risk you are taking in GCC sensitive markets... by golly, people sit right up and made decisions about where they will live and how much they will pay to do it.

Four reasons the EU needs to rethink its approach to biofuels #Certificationandstandards #carbonneutrality #Electricvehicles #Renewableenergy #Infrastructure #Sustainability #Climatechange #Foodsecurity #Fossilfuels #Technology #Technology #Beverages #Emissions #Transport #Auditing #Biofuels #Fitfor55 #Industry #mobility #Ethanol

Grant saw a 'surreal' blue light in the water. Experts say it's a sign of climate change
By Sean Tarek Goodwin

Passers-by describe it as stepping into a "dream world" but experts say the bright blue and green lights from bioluminescent algae are a marker for the warming planet.

Just more .

Humans are rotten. It wouldn't be so bad if kills us after all.

I mourn our alleged humanity.
We don't have any. Bipedal pests.

I suppose it is called climate adaptation. More significant changes are coming.

We need a Dia de los Muertos for species.

Last Monday the USFWS delisted another 21 species from the Endangered Species Act.

Due to Extinction.

Species that took millions of years to develop, and may have held biological, behavioral, aesthetic secrets that we will never know, because we will never see one of them again, on a chilly morning stroll on the beach, or a sunny forest glade, or a misty shallow bay.

Remember our relations.

The Kaua'i O'o.

given the uncertainties surrounding the impact of planting a trillion trees, the safest bet looks like replanting them where they existed before using similar species. That should upset the apple cart as they were cut down for someones purpose.

A fish so cheap and abundant that even the cats would ignore it, the Pacific saury is becoming a sought-after dish as stocks dwindle.

: In essence, degrowth aims at a society in which well-being is mediated less by capitalist market transactions, exchange values, or material consumption and more by collective forms of provisioning, use values, and fulfilling, meaningful, and convivial relationships.

- Matthias Scmelzer

Recently finished re-reading this book about climate change called "We Are The Weather" by Jonathan Safran Foer. Can recommend. It's excellent. Let me know if you wanna borrow this copy. Otherwise pick one up at your local independent bookstore.

Into the Blue: The Beauty of Iceland's Melting Glaciers.

I shot this waterfall inside a glacier cave within the Breiamerkurjkull glacier.

Shot with

Read more about the story behind this shot here: .

MIT researchers find five-layer graphene has exotic properties

I joined the efforts to address the because I oppose war. Once I realize that you can't move Iowa soil a few hundred miles north, I realized that will lead to food shortages (and water shortages), which would lead to mass migrations and wars.

It turns out that what we in the US are experiencing first are increases in destructive weather events. (It took me a while to realize that this would happen before the wars.) Dr. Katharine Hayhoe points out that in the 1980s, the US experienced billion+ dollar extreme weather events about one every 17 weeks. Nowadays there's one every 3 weeks and
Yale Climate Communications latest poll shows this is American's #1 concern when it comes to climate impacts. See

So, before we get to the wars, would you please join me in our efforts to address the Join ThirdAct.Org or 350.org or The Sunrise Movement or

Walking back our fossil fuel consumption is absolutely necessary and is absolutely awful.

But workers made redundant in coal-fired power plants did much worse than the overall average. They earned 69% less in the year after they lost their jobs, earning a mere third of what they had.

So we now understand that isn't killing whales directly so much as it's starving them to death. Fossil fuel use is the reason your grandkids or great-grandkids might never see an actual living whale.

The Colorado River breathes a sigh of relief. Huge win for AZ.

Worst-case scenario isnt jail but climate breakdown, Queensland activists say as day in court arrives

> Fourteen protesters charged with disrupting state parliament to appear before Brisbane magistrate

>Among their number are retired professors, medical specialists, working teachers and small business owners. Though hardly hardened criminals, jail for them is not an abstract concept.

>David Rasborsek, 59, and his 88-year-old mother, Judith, are among those charged with disturbing the legislature a charge not laid since the reign of the notoriously repressive premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen.



its frustrating that we are in a crisis and yet we have the tech bros demanding more and more energy. If they were constrained to used only renewable power, that would at least drive further investment into renewables.

Surging renewable energy sees record supply to Australias electricity grid
At one point in September nearly 100% of eastern Australias demand could have been met by renewables, says energy operator Aemo

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