Its November 10 now. No sign
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Its November 10 now. No sign of winter in

Climate refugees

Millions of monarch migrate every autumn, but is making this trip harder. Adam Parlin & co show that the butterflies can travel 130 hours fewer than they used to before needing to refuel.

Read the full research here:

Did you know can fight food waste AND

Find out how on the with my guest Federico Trotta from Metalchemy1

It's time to think small for big changes!


COP28: a year on from climate change funding breakthrough, poor countries eye disappointment at Dubai summit

hi, thanks you for reacting.
causes 1% less Light. This has no effect on .
It Will bring back the predictable weather patterns we were used to before disrupted meridianal winds. It will stabilize the weather that is now destabilized causing droughts.
Please read my blog if you want to know what science actually says about

Climate Change

Dezeen : Worsening natural hazards an "opportunity" to rethink cities says Rebuild By Design head Amy Chester

Ladies and gentleman, my weekend

"The McKinsey energy scenario for the COP28 presidency "reads as if it was written by the oil industry for the oil industry", said Kingsmill Bond, a top equity expert who analysed it."

Few things are more embarrasing in a CV than having been with McKinsey.

The hottest 12-month span in recorded history

An analysis by Climate Central shows that the past 12 months (Nov 2022 to Oct 2023) were the hottest ever recorded, with a global mean temperature of 1.3oC above preindustrial levels.

Over the entire year-long period, 1 in 4 people (1.9 billion) experienced a five-day heat wave (at minimum) that was strongly influenced by pollution.


Alles, maar dan ook werkelijk alles moet kapot, als het aan de dikke iks van de VVD ligt.
Eigen portemonnee eerst.

'Maar we moeten niet doorslaan met klimaat, we moeten lekker kunnen blijven barbecuen aldus de visionair Rutte.

We have to stop the development of the Rosebank field is right, the time to stop oil and gas production is NOW!

of course - and the longer we leave it the more severe and more abrupt those changes will be. It is not for nothing that first commercial sector to start taking seriously (in the late 80s early 90s I think) was

"Is climate change increasing disasters"

(so we avoid the phrases )

At the moment we have classic November weather, as is typical for our latitudes and Germany. This makes it possible to see where we currently stand in terms of in Germany. Despite typical weather conditions, we are 1.5 to 2 K above the 1991-2020 average. The new average is therefore already 1.5 to 2K above 1991 to 2020.

Earlier this year, we entered in a new conditions. El Nio is affecting the of the (they warm up), which then have consequences all over the .

While El Nio means for astronomers better conditions for astronomical observations in ( & al 2023), it shall also results in even higher . Not really a good news in a context.

Learn more about El Nio on this :

After 1.5C warming
- pathways to achieve "adaptability" start to evaporate exponentially
- irreversible extinctions & natural changes will become hard to avoid

Corporations building any new infrastructure will:
- demand they see out their life-time's use (or have valueless stranded assets on their books)
- tie government's hands, vetoing any action to immediately cut fossil-fuel .

Australia offers refuge to Tuvalu citizens

Tuvalu - a series of low-lying atolls in the Pacific - is among the nations most at risk from .

It is home to 11,200 people and has repeatedly called for greater action to combat .

Up to 280 people per year will be granted the new visas, which will allow them to live, work and study in Australia.

Just learned that eleven yrs before Canada became a country & Marx published Das Kapital (1867), Eunice Newton Foote, a supper smart female scientist in the USA, demonstrated the greenhouse effect - that carbon dioxide traps heat from the sun & THAT THIS WOULD CHANGE ATMOSPHERIC TEMPERATURE.

For the next 167 yrs, "leaders" (yes, mostly men) largely went about ignoring this finding while extracting, burning, and dumping CO2 into the air.  


Vulnerabilit delle aziende e della sicurezza dei lavoratori di fronte ai cambiamenti climatici: limportanza delle strategie di gestione dei rischi

Australia will offer a special visa category to people affected by climate change in Tuvalu, as part of a new treaty recognising the vulnerability of the Pacific island nation to rising sea levels.

A new partnership will also cement Australias status as Tuvalus security partner of choice.

outstanding well done Australia

"so much methane escapes from the ships carrying LNG abroad that when all is said and done, its at least 24% worse for the climate than coal."

'For most people, tackling will bring multiple benefits, from affordable housing to secure employment. But for those few of us who have disproportionately benefited from the status quo, it means a profound reduction in how much energy we use & stuff we accumulate'!

The Q, is will we change voluntarily or will we wait it out & be forced to radically shift our behaviour by the accelerating

The look unable to grasp this nettle!

Firstly the global North fucks up the planetthen it uses the fuckedupedness to politically manipulate the global south.

The agreement will see 280 people per year given a "special mobility pathway" to "live, work and study" in Australia. 
In return, Australia will have effective veto power over Tuvalu's security arrangements with any other country.

has accused of using aggressive legal tactics in an attempt to silence growing dissent over chief executive Wael Sawans moves to double down on fossil fuel investment

In the past 12 months, the analysis found that a quarter of the world's population experienced a five-day heat streak made at least two times more likely because of human-caused

The deal is the first time Australia has offered residence or citizenship rights due to the threat posed by

Lots of has this trope of "Earth became a hellhole so now all the rich people live in space," but I think that's stupid. A much more disturbing vision is "Earth got really fucked up by so we moved all of our industry off-world so the planet can heal, and now Earth is a literal paradise but only the ultra wealthy can live there while everyone else has to exist in cramped, deadly space habitats where you have to buy water and air from the company store or choke to death."

The past 12 months have been the hottest on record, as 99% of the worlds population experienced above-average warmth, according to new analysis released Thursday.

struggle to climate change, says study.

"Research on nature reserves and at an allotment has revealed how susceptible caterpillars are to climate change.
The University of Cambridge study found the larvae are "really bad at temperature regulation" making them less likely to survive extreme weather."

Deep Is the Irony of Petrostate UAE Hosting COP28
Written by one of the founders of Zapmap

Tuvalu residents able to resettle in Australia as climate change 'threatens its existence'
By Stephen Dziedzic

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced a new pact with the low-lying island country of Tuvalu, allowing residents facing displacement from climate change the ability resettle in Australia.

Despite climate pledges, Canada and other fossil fuel producers set to scale up production: report.

"Extracting more oil and gas puts emissions goals in jeopardy, new UN analysis says."

How climate change risks disproportionately impact people with disabilities (PBS News Hour VIDEO)

No Country for Eight-Spot Butterflies

A collection of essays on resistance, resilience, and collective power in the age of climate disaster from Chamorro human rights lawyer and organizer Julian Aguon.
Part memoir, part manifesto, Chamorro climate activist Julian Aguons No Country for Eight-Spot Butterflies is a coming-of-age story and a call for justicefor everyone, but in particular, for Indigenous peoples.

Help them by making stellar efforts to stop and then reduce

Or the "Oh you poor thing, our has submerged your village, here's a nice flat in Claymore for you to live in, so sad, too bad, about your way of life", type of help :AngeryCat:

"Biochar improves soil fertility and benefits plant growth, while also offering a way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. When added to soils, biochar sequesters carbon in the soil for centuries.

"The study finds that if the total amount of crop residues generated by agriculture globally were converted into biochar, it would sequester a maximum of one billion metric tons of carbon stored annually. Three-quarters of that carbon would remain sequestered after 100 years, which represents enough to offset about 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture."

Stop Climate Change
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Global Warming sucks