It's natural (ecological niche) to have
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It's natural (ecological niche) to have a preference for warm sunny weather, compared to -40 degree temps

Generally, populations of people that have been experiencing more of the effects of , e.g., land just above sea level such as small Pacific islands, that are threatened by sea level rise, have been more demanding at conferences.

I expect the same in the as ecological conditions become more frequent & extreme. aka sleepwalking into a

Governments need to catalyse private capital for world to be net zero by 2050: PM Lee at G20 summit

> The net-zero climate target will require trillions of dollars worth of investments each year and "governments alone cannot do all of this", says Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Group of Twenty (G20) summit in New Delhi.

Leute, es kann doch nicht sein, dass diese ePetition auf dem Bundestagsserver gegen die Auflsung der Sektorziele beim Klimaschutz erst vierstellig Unterschriften hat. Es sind noch 16 Tage Zeit. Ihr wit, was ihr zu tun habt!

"Verhinderung der Aufweichung des Klimaschutzgesetzes durch die Loslsung von Klimaschutzzielen an bestimmten Sektoren vom 21.06.2023"

Many memes on fit this day

It'll be interesting to see Extreme H unfolds. Extreme E itself has been better to follow than Formula E. Sorry but true

HICEVs, FCEVs or ICE with synthetic fuel should continue to have the opportunity to develop to be safer, reliable and competitive just like BEVs. Because why not.. whyy

Research and innovation on any form of alternative fuels and energy than what we have now deserve equal chance to be explored too.

Wow look at the temperature!!!

Trees keep us cool !!!

Temperature C

Credit :

I can agree with global carbon tax and "Africa is not here to be helped. Africa is here to offer solutions." are quite sharp.

But disappointed at enabling greater carbon credits. As if the continent hasn't experienced enough land grabbing and mistreatment to their indigenous people.

As the leaders they can conduct other alternative product to interest the investorsforge a path to make a difference. I mean, who doesn't need moneywho, I get it

There's a meme for that

Climate Change

Presume this is leading the news today... The world is way off track to tackle & remains headed for a temp rise of up to 2.6C & must take urgent action, the 1st comprehensive UN stocktake of global efforts to limit warming concludes

Presented our paper on of a at the acmsigcas GoodIT conference in Lisbon - with KarinFikkers Judith Prins spieleforscher

In the end its the that might kill us...

the for humanity has many elements, but the rise of humid heat may in the end be the most invasive problem... with very clear implications for use to try and cool us down - a(nother) vicious cycle in the challenge of

deniers nothing to see here

UN warns world will miss climate targets unless fossil fuels phased out Governments failing to cut emissions fast enough to meet Paris agreement goals and avoid disaster, major report says

A quick shout-out to everyone interested in and /

There's now a climate dashboard for Germany:

Yes, , immediately implemented and ongoing Everything, Everywhere, All at Once mitigation solutions are the only way for and our to survive, and hopefully thrive.

Coalition of world leaders calls for tripling renewable energy #Majorandchronicdiseases #Aidanddevelopment #Energyefficiency #EnergyandClimate #Renewableenergy #Sustainability #Climatechange #Asiaeconomy #Fossilfuels #Africa #Energy #Growth #COP28 #Asia #Oil

FI: Ensimminen Pariisin ilmastosopimuksen seurantaraportti on ulkona. Eik ole positiivinen nykytilanteen suhteen. Olemme jumittamassa samassa kohtaa, ja tavoitteiden saavuttaminen vaatii isoa korjausliikett pstjen vhentmisess mahdollisimman nopeasti.

First report about the implementation of Paris climate agreement is out now. It is our collective record on climate action. And not a really nice one.

PragerU videos that compare climate activists to Nazis, portray solar and wind energy as environmentally ruinous and claim that current global heating is part of natural long-term cycles will be made available to young schoolchildren in Florida, after the state approved their use in its public school curriculum.

FFS we put the news out every day. And the weather. And sports results. WE NEED TO PUT OUT CLIMATE DATA. EVERY. FRIGGIN. DAY.
Climate emissions for countries.
Tonnage of CO2 created or reduced.
Like the weather map.
Where the pollution is worst.
Which nations are worst.


"Either we transform society in a way that avoids the worst of climate change, or climate change will transform society for us, in ways that are difficult to foresee but likely not to be very pleasant."

Climate change: UN calls for radical changes to stem warming

Tackling needs a rapid transformation of the way our world works, travels, eats and uses energy, according to an important UN review.

The report calls for "radical decarbonisation" with a fast phase out of without carbon capture.

"This means that every aspect of our societies needs to change to rein in rising temperatures." Change will come anyway. Either we change to minimise the damage, or the damage will force us to change. The latter will be much worse.

And is just one of the evils for which countries bear a disproportionate responsibility.

Still, if there's a better way of surviving this crisis, it's thru a renewed world order based on international law and justice. This is why the global South should not support in any way 's regime and war, and hopefully gain a leadership rather than make use of rifts in the international community.

Did you hear about this thing called
Authors of this article have not...

UK weather: southern England headed for 33C heat UK weather The Guardian

Climate change: UN calls for radical changes to stem warming

"Either we transform society in a way that avoids the worst of climate change, or climate change will transform society for us, in ways that are difficult to foresee but likely not to be very pleasant."

Solar and batteries are going to win, and our thinking needs to adjust accordingly.

Solar and battery storage together will account for 71% of new U.S. generating capacity additions in 2023

We need more solar and battery storage but we also need to invest in high-voltage direct current (HVDC) lines and virtual power plant (VPP) technology. Those four technologies plus wind are going to make a bigger impact than anything else.

change: UN calls for changes to stem

COP28: A chance to course-correct on the global clean energy transition #Decarbonization #Renewableenergy #Climatechange #Lossanddamage #Electricity #Environment #Investment #Emissions #Opinion #Energy #COP28

Climate Scientist and Activist Rose Abramoff is on Mastodon.

Make sure and follow her.

Inland Rail receives design award

As climate change advances, the rest of the country will see old assumptions crumble as other communities get hit by calamitous natural disasters, unaffordable insurance, stranded real estate and other problems Florida is facing now.

Almost eight years after the Paris agreement was signed, the world isn't on track to meet its target of limiting global warned a comprehensive report issued by the U.N.'s body.

Life-threatening periods of high and will spread rapidly across the world with only a small increase in a study has found, which could cause a sharp acceleration in the number of deaths resulting from the crisis.

The extremes, which can be fatal to healthy people within six hours, could affect hundreds of millions

How to help others from disaster
1. Leave home and go to street.
2. Ask help to the urgency services, on how to help them, to help others.
What to do for Climate Change

The Act became law in 2021, acts as the UKs new framework of environmental protection. Once the UK left the EU, rules on nature protection, water quality, clean air and other environmental protections were at risk. This Act is intended to fill the gap. Our legal teams followed the development of the Act closely for several years, advocating for the UK to have strong environmental laws post-Brexit.


The coming collapse: "I had no idea what miseries this flood would bring for us, said Yaqoob, whose village is in Sindh, the hardest hit province in a disaster that left a third of the country underwater."

There are SO many Everything, Everywhere, All at Once mitigation ideas and opportunities that take relatively little effort and can pay for themselves in very little time, almost immediately in cases and places like this.

We just need the collective will to make these happen now.

I have a list of curated articles on my thoughts about nature and human relations. To flip those articles visit below link,

Think About Nature

We all love nature but ignore it as well.

Humans was and will always think about their own comfort over anything else. This is the fundamental foundation for most of evolution of technology, evolution of subjective or objective mindset. All this simultaneously impacted the surrounding nature.

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"In West , a region considered particularly vulnerable to warming with an ice sheet that could push up global sea levels by several metres if it collapsed, the study found warming at twice the rate suggested by climate models.

Climate scientists have long expected that polar regions would warm faster than the rest of the planet a phenomenon known as polar amplification & this has been seen in the Arctic."

Stop Climate Change
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Global Warming sucks