is messing with
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is messing with

homeowner rates have increased 22% on average so far in 2023, twice the national rate. More billion-dollar disasters have occurred in this year than any other year
The industry is the canary in the coal mine for the were facing
the cost of insurance will make the most at-risk homes effectively uninsurable

The climate crisis explained in 10 charts

From the seemingly inexorable increase in atmospheric CO2 to the rapid growth in green energy, we explore the data as Cop28 begins

Plant trees and save the planet.

Fascinating cutting edge
research on the fundamental interconnections between trees & , and the essential role fungi/undisturbed play in combating

The Invisible Force Keeping Carbon in The Ground

November 30th is the last day of the official North Atlantic hurricane season.

2023 had the 4th largest number of named storms making it all the way to Tammy.

Australian sheep, cattle prices slump as El Nino scorches pastures

A timely blog post, this:



Part 2 of this one, so to speak

The new scramble for Africa: how a UAE sheikh quietly made carbon deals for forests bigger than UK
Agreements have been struck with African states home to crucial biodiversity hotspots, for land representing billions of dollars in potential carbon offsetting revenue

This year has seen communities around the world pounded by fires, floods, and searing temperature and the impact is devastating, Guterres said. Record global heating should send shivers down the spines of world leaders. And it should trigger them to act.

Young people can help solve the climate crisis. Lets give them a seat at the table

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Coastal wetlands could be an ally in the fight against

This image shows the salt marshes of Derrymore Island , where scientists from ucddublin are studying the mechanism by which this valuable habitat removes from the atmosphere


2023-11-30 09:22 UTC

Air pollution from fossil fuels kills 5 million people a year

Cop28 live: Guterres calls for talks to agree complete phase-out of fossil fuels as India says coal will remain main energy source

A "Breathtaking lack of self-awareness":
Sunak, Cameron and King Charles each take own private jets to travel to

Extinction Rebellion:
Mr Sunak and Lord Cameron setting an awful example and protecting the interests of their rich mates.

2023 will be the hottest year in recorded history!

COP28 live: UN climate summit opens in Dubai after year of extremes

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

The most important book yet from the author of the international bestseller The Shock Doctrine, a brilliant explanation of why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon the core free market ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, and remake our political systems.

George Monbiot:
"It is obscene that those who seek to protect the living planet by democratic means are arrested en masse and imprisoned by the authorities, while the people and organisations trashing our life-support systems are untouched by the law."

What is COP28 in Dubai and why is it important via BBC

A physiological approach for assessing human survivability and liveability to heat in a changing climate

"Our physiology-based survival limits show a vast underestimation of risks"

Coventry to get 130 electric buses in deal via BBC

Oxford electric bus charging hub work begins via BBC

Oxford Brookes University unveils first fleet of electric buses via BBC

"Does the way we talk about the climate crisis numb people with fear, rather than energising them - Roger Harrabin"

Sometimes I wonder what is going through the heads of marketing execs. BP are currently running ads telling us with full hearted enthusiasm that 30% of their investment is on renewables.

Meaning that in a Climate crisis that 70% of their investment is on fossil fuels

I guess, thanks for letting us know you are actively investing in killing the planet.

You can walk around in a T-shirt: how Norway brought heat pumps in from the cold via Guardian

The team recently hosted another hackathon and asked participants to:

- make public open data more accessible and useful

- visualize climate change and its consequences

- understand the visual culture of disinfo

The outcomes of the event are summarized in this post:

Labour vows to rewire Britain as pylon plans spark row in Tory party via Guardian

Climate collapse in real time: UN head Antnio Guterres urges Cop28 to act via Guardian

Did you know that next week is December Rebellion in

There are a lot of actions planned, fun and serious, legal and less so, early and late etc.

There are a lot of things for everyone, but if you want to do some of the more intense things, there are trainings soon too.

Check it out here , or here

The UN Climate Change Conference, or COP for short, is meeting today in Dubai to discuss climate change. Here are some facts they will likely ignore. Contrary to the usual narrative, the global north is the biggest polluter, responsible for 92% of excess Co2 emissions since 1750.

"Many researchers agree that phasing out meat entirely, let alone immediately, isnt an ideal solution to the climate crisis. It would be plenty, they say, to reduce consumption methodically and to focus on the countries that eat the most, particularly wealthy ones like the United States that have no shortage of alternatives.
It might be easier for the average American, who eats about 220 pounds of red meat and poultry each year, to trade a daily hamburger for a bowl of lentils than for someone in rural sub-Saharan Africa, who eats 10 times less meat, to give up the occasional goat or beef stew for something less nutritious. Such a shift in beef-loving countries also might reduce heart disease and cancer linked to eating a lot of red and processed meat."

A Habitable Earth Can No Longer Afford The Rich And That Could Mean Me And You


"A few days ago I was commissioned by the energy and environment section editor at The Conversation to elaborate on my contribution to the recent Guardian article, Who are the polluter elite.

After a few minor edits and references, my expanded text was approved and I was advised that it would go online within a few hours. An hour later, the section editor called to tell me, rather awkwardly, that The Conversations senior editor had pulled the piece at the last minute, claiming it was too polemical. Unfortunately, the senior editor didnt elaborate on their judgement (or contact me directly), so I can only guess that they were uncomfortable with my direct language and reference to the generally supine media concerns all too easily hidden behind the faade of too polemical.

The energy and environment editor, with whom I had very constructively engaged, encouraged me to publish the piece wherever I could. So here is the piece in question as it was to have been published in The Conversation."

RT by : starts today. Findings from the 2023 Synthesis Report are clear.

is a threat to human well-being &amp planetary health.

There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable &amp sustainable future for all.


2023-11-30 08:00 UTC

receive protection under Endangered Species Act as threatens their habitat

would be interesting to calculate the impact of that. I'd also like to know the emissions saving by having it on zoom.

Actually I wouldn't mind them all flying there this once if they actually agreed radical changes.

I just realized, a lot of the reason why we're so unhappy nower days is because we think we're smarter than we actually are. The truth is, we're not. Nobody can know everything at once. There are some things in the universe that we're never supposed to understand. We're tied to it for a reason. To survive. And the universe itself probably has its own life span. So that's why we should only make the effort to make each other's lives better without harming another.

LOL , taken over by fossil fuel interests, offers the option in their website to browse it in a low carbon version.

That while fossil fuel business will be order of the day, thousands of people will attend in high carbon Dubai and various participants are flying in with their private jets.

This is just one of the many insults this conference has prepared for mankind.

Billions of tonnes of CO2 are still pumped into the atmosphere every year from coal, oil and gas burning. The slight reduction in 2020 as a result of coronavirus lockdowns was no more than a tiny blip, and emissions have since resumed their upward trajectory.

Taking the mickey

Sunak, Cameron and King Charles each take own private jets to travel to Cop28 The Independent

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