in the 2020 update, "summer" was
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in the 2020 update, "summer" was deprecated. We included the "Global Warming" feature and now "summer" is superseded by "depths of hell aren't even that hot". by 2024 all users should stop using "summer", all access will be disabled.

Are you noticing trees shedding brown leaves in your area way before the autumn It could be worse than you think. Professor Guy McPherson explains what could be happening:

Love disruptburruphub

No civilisation without agriculture. No agriculture in a broken climate & environment. No environmental repair without unshackling agriculture from agrochemicals and moving to regenerative farming.

We need a strong cross bench to force systemic change.

Green Our Planet

New Yorker: Talking to Conservatives About Climate Change: The Congressional Climate Caucus /ThePoliticalScenePodcast

The late August 2023 French was 1-4 C hotter in present climate than in the past. This event bears the fingerprints of human-induced .
Natural factors They played a minor part.

In solidarity with - we are crying out in the wilderness.

that there is a real chance that the island state of Tuvalu will cease to exist due to , and that its ccTLD, .tv, might be dissolved as a result, too.

In case you missed the AI for Good workshops from July 5 , watch them on:

Curators: Markus Reichstein, Gustau Camps-Valls, Philip Stier, Duncan Watson-Parris

"Delaware Crossing"
11 x 17" fin

Rapport stter tyk streg under det enorme klimaaftryk fra vores bffer og bolognese
- Mske vi danskere lige skal komme ned fra vores klimahest og indse at vi er en stor del af problemet. Vi er ikke en klimaduks p nogen mde.

Climate activists tried to block a highway. Nevada Rangers bulldozed through the blockade and arrested them.

This is how its done

Klimaaktivisten versuchten, eine Autobahn zu blockieren. Die Nevada Rangers durchbrachen die Blockade und verhafteten sie.

So wird es gemacht...

yes I know. But still, its just gross.

Tiny data centre used to heat public swimming pool

The heat generated by a washing-machine-sized data centre is being used to heat a Devon public swimming pool.

Apex predator and flying royalty of the jungle, Philippine are critically endangered from: and and illegal . Help them and via

Never listen to economists

CONDITIONAL LOVE By SaRX 404 on Climate Change

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark Has a Plan B If the World Doesn't Go Electric

Bentley has staked its future on electrification, but if the wind changes, the brand has another play to call.

fire 'cannot be contained' regional official

Hundreds of firefighters are battling the blaze at the edge of Greece's Dadia national park. The European Commission described it as the largest single fire in the history of the EU

(10th day)

Polar bears and sea turtles get most of the attention as victims of climate change, but when the bugs invade or disappear we're all going to feel it personally.

Har du ngonsin tittat upp p en bl himmel och tyckt att det r ganska vackert med de tunna vita molnen som skapas av flygplanen hgt druppe

Det hnder nr de flyger genom kall luft som har precis "rtt" luftfuktighet och drmed skapar kondensation.

De dr molnen orsakar ungefr en tredjedel av flygplanens effekt p den globala uppvrmningen. Helt skiljt frn vilka brnslen som anvnds.

needs no explanation for those who are now suffering from wildfires, floods, extreme weather ore extreme desiccation

But (maybe) for the rich scrapers in this world it does.

Current policies make it likely that will exceed 1.5C during the 21st century & make it harder to limit warming below 2C.

's Synthesis Report underscores the urgency of taking more ambitious action.

You can join the Alliance of World Scientists by becoming a signatory on the paper that declared a climate emergency (), with 26k other scientists:

The , rinse, & repeat of business as usual causing .

Fixing the root causes of the problems in many contexts would lose industry money because their products are the problem.

Industry makes a polluting product, advertisers sell it using hype, & consumers buy the product

, etc., details the problem, e.g.,  air pollution,  the industry & their political lobbyists, often in government, try to cover up the evidence & misinform consumers

Wash & repeat consumerism

: Thousands of die in ice breakup : BBC

: How in Benefits Your : Yale

We Need to Transform Our Systems for Human, Animal, and : Medium

Check our latest

Here's anotherrather differentfigure from the excellent IPCC AR6 Synthesis report on climate change (). This one relates to the UN Sustainability Goals, opportunity costs and development pathways, illustrating (qualitatively) what we lose as we fail to act with sufficient seriousness in response to the climate emergency and what we can gain if we take coordinated, rapid, sustained action now.


Watching this video about the US political approach to where Beau points out the idiocy of those who think "You're going to adapt and survive."
Meanwhile in National Party wants to reintroduce oil drilling, invest in more roads and delay any agricultural carbon mitigation while ACT want to scrap the entire Zero Carbon legislation & Paris Agreement.

Compensation projects are intended to decrease carbon emissions from forests to offset other carbon emissions and are often claimed as credits to be used in calculating carbon emission budgets. West et al. compared the actual effects of these projects with measurable baseline values and found that most of them have not reduced deforestation significantly, and those that did had benefits substantially lower than claimed

& as usual

Proverb. Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall (Bible)

The irony of how leaders such as Trump completely contradict the teachings in the Bible.

Leadership with a doomed-to-fail primary agenda

Two AIs with general intelligence

The Primary Agenda (PA) of one AI is to mitigate (a general AI). The PA of the other AI is to make (a general business AI)

The doomed-to-fail AI

"Dirty downside of - Push to end could make worse" by

Dryness in Panama, low levels in the Mississippi. Low levels in the Rhine. Thats of concern to anyone that has interests in global trade.

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August 28, 2023

New Orleans, LA (KMSY) hit (at least) 105F/40.5C, breaking the old all-time record by a wide margin of 3F

**this screenshot is from a gif, see the website for more.

People finding out that when they learned about the sensitivity of enzymes to temperature and pH changes those teachers were talking about the capacity for life under

Beau of the Fifth column: lets talk about dinosaurs and climate.

Hes talking about the US, but applies to the UK as much as anywhere else.

- , .

, "" " ", . .

As Antarctica warms and sea ice disappears, the breeding of emperor penguin chicks is in peril.

Since the rate at which their environment is changing is faster than the rate at which they can adapt, we are likely to witness the demise of an extraordinary species that has graced Earth for millions of years.

But it's in China, so we don't have to worry, do we

Chinas summer of destruction

China's summer this year has seen both and devastating

And the this time around has struck areas where such weather has been unheard of, with scientists - blaming - warning that the worst is yet to come.

Slippery definition of .

"In theory, the circular economy captures all three Rs of the simple waste-management hierarchy: reduce, reuse, recycle. But corporate visions of the concept tend to focus on the third R, and mostly for "

"The phrase is now being used to serve the interests of the huge corporations that are damaging our climate and spewing toxics into our communities"

Less than 0.04% of total hydrogen production is green.

Guardian editorial 280823.

How long before people realise that is, actually, making their lives more dangerous

P&O Britannia cruise ship crashes during Mallorca

A cruise ship broke free from moorings and collided with a freight vessel during a in Mallorca, Spain.

This is the second time an emergency has happened on a Southampton ship due to bad weather in recent weeks, with the Queen Mary 2 breaking free from its bow mooring line and drifting off the quay on 4 August.

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