I've been doing a lot of
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I've been doing a lot of thinking as a "retired" civil engineer w.r.t. to the emergency. Perhaps it's time to check up on what's been happening in design space again. Not just LEED but what are we doing for groundwater recharge and flood control.

The Future of Food

firms move to dismiss in as faces
In 2020, officials had sued eight fossil fuel giants who allegedly knew for decades about the dangers of burning , and , yet actively hid that information from consumers and as well as the steep costs of abating damages from

The article fully acknowledges the role of : "The climate emergency has only deepened these tensions, worsening droughts and, as the world now knows, creating conditions ripe for wildfires. Over the last five years, fires have ravaged Kauaula valley, intensifying the wars over who has the right to access scarce water, including for critical firefighting uses."

Science vs politics

Science: this is what we need to do to prevent catastrophic
Politics: bollocks to that, we need to keep our donors in the fossil fuel industry happy

Science: , you say Why, here's a vaccine that we developed in absolutely record time.
Politics: You can't have the vaccine, because it costs money and we don't give a shit about your health

Goes to say the US Congress couldn't be convinced enough to veer away from the dogma that "they can't afford to care."

Climate Change

Just exasperating smugness. The last gas-powered should have rolled off the production line twenty years ago. coalburners output up to x10 CO2 when forced to idle along at bike speed, multiply that by every one queued up behind them. Then add that this is everyone's point solution for "but celeb private jets"... smh

Wealthy oil nation lays groundwork for eye-popping climate fund #Majorandchronicdiseases #Greenhousegasemissions #Remediesandcommitments #EnergyandClimateUK #Financeandbanking #Riskandcompliance #FinancialServices #Electricvehicles #EnergyandClimate #Communications #Infrastructure #Sustainability #Climatechange #Interestrates #Emissions

How Hydrogen Could Make The New Toyota Land Cruiser Mean And Green

The Land Cruiser is one of the most iconic names in Toyota's lineup, and the automaker is pondering over giving it a hydrogen transplant.

New NIOO publication: Detecting climate signals cascading through levels of biological organization.

Addressing global challenges such as & requires the open and transparent exchange of knowledge and ideas - and this Journal enables that exchange.

Prof Len Shaffrey, Professor of Climate Science, National Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Reading and member of the JCRR Editorial Board, on why our Journal is so important.

If you have knowledge and research to share, please get in touch:

Heatwave (heat dome) warning for next week in Switzerland, and its back to school in Geneva, one week earlier than in the past (with equivalent number of school days off sprinkled around the year). It might have seemed like a good idea on paper, but heck, might living at a time of climate crisis make us need to rethink how, where and when we all work

Thrashing on policy is like shooting fish in a barrel what with Rishi going everywhere by helicopter or private jet and handing out 200 new oil and gas drilling licences.

However needs to get his shit together over . That 'make Brexit work' shtick is pure rainbow unicorn stuff.

: Sea temperatures lead to unprecedented, dangerous bleaching of 's coral reef

"The world's oceans have been record-setting hot since April, with scientists citing from the burning of coal, oil & gas along with a boost from , a natural warming of parts of the Pacific. The bleaching happened rapidly as the water temperature rose in July."

interesting article. I remember when my first wife died of cancer, my best friend consoled me by pointing out that death was inevitable, right from the day you're born, and that we're all dying from day one. He was of course 100% correct, and it kind of helped me. If you're religious (I'm not), belief in a (hopefully better) afterlife massively helps, and probably explains why religion came about in the first place. However, it doesn't explain the rank hypocrisy of the Christian right, who will surely by their own measures burn in the eternal fires of hell.
In the absence of religion, the knowledge that we're all fighting for the same cause, and that ones legacy is something worth fighting for and will continue, is surely a comfort as one approaches the end. I have felt despair regarding man's inability to do what's right for at least the past 30 years - ever since I became interested in the politics and the environment - and except for the CFC ban there have been few successes. I hold out no hope that anything will be done to prevent or even mitigate . However, if everyone was fighting for the same cause it would help ease the increasing despair

The latest is out now: News From A world in Flux - Net Zero's not enough, and the war on

The fact we 'buy' conscious life is testament to how corrupt humans really are.

Sea temperatures lead to unprecedented, dangerous bleaching of Floridas coral reef, experts say

Which brings to mind the whole question of 'what would we expect to see when this denied fear of death is reduced'

In broad brush strokes (not applying to everyone) the following might be expected

- greater feeling of connection with people
- desire to be of service to humanity
- increased courage to act in the long term interests of people we cannot see

The whole concept is explored further in this article:

Himachal Pradesh floods: More rain, less snow are turning dangerous

The entire capital city of s Northwest Territories has been ordered to evacuate as hundreds of scorch the region, officials say

Its seems to me this a vary clear example of why is not about just warmer weather, but also about more moisture in the atmosphere.... the in the is pants trying to deal with erratic weather & a breakdown in the ordered procession of seasons - out courtyard is very confused about it all


A fast-burning wildfire threatening West Kelowna, B.C., (pop. 132,000) is challenging fire crews as they brace for what the operations director with BC Wildfire Service has predicted will be the most challenging days of the provincial wildfire season.

Canada Wildfire Video: Several Homes Reportedly Destroyed As Wildfires Get Out of Control Near Kelowna in British Columbia

The wildfires in Canada have spread to various cities, with many homes being destroyed near Kelowna in British Columbia. A video of the Canadian wildfire being out of control has also gone viral on social media


Canadian city with a population of 132,000!

Kelowna is on fire!

Shortly after midnight, Central Okanagan Emergency Operations (CORD) issued official an evacuation order and alert for the Clifton and McKinley wildfires in KELOWNA Canada

Consumption-based CO emissions per capita vs. GDP per capita show a very strong correlation.

Notice how the bottom right of the chart is empty. There is not a single country that has high GDP with low emissions.

Perhaps it is impossible to optimize for high and lower emissions at the same time, at least in the timescale necessary to prevent catastrophic . Nations would do better focusing on other metrics of wellbeing.

Well I am also a bit jealous of others.

I am a bit jealous of those working on solutions and/or policies to steer the boat away from the worst consequences of

In the end, I am "only" a messenger, but I don't work on solutions.

What do you work with (and why the Marten as profile pic)

Je ne sais pas si on se rend vraiment compte du drame que vit le avec les mgafeux. Tout comme on mesurait mal ce qui se passait en .

Je remets ce documentaire diffus sur , il faut le voir pour comprendre ce qui se passe.

Even people who are really knowledgeable and who have a lot of experience out in the field were surprised to see how fast these forests were going down the drain

No. Scientists never warned politicians.

I thought that the collision of these two related stories in my news feed was interesting:

Story 1:

Story 2:

Both are great news. Story 1 examines the potential for growth in and around .
This is something that I'm passionate about - you could take the stance, or the local stance, or the supporting people to re-engage with the stance. It also aligns nicely with 's 'Small Is Beautiful' philosophy.

Story 2 is about a new farm being approved on the outskirts of Bristol.

Again - big YES. Give me that free energy that's been falling on our heads since the dawn of recorded time!

What interested me is the collision in between land uses.

In story 1, we hear that has the potential to oversupply the and needs of its population if "all of its green space was used for urban growing". This includes currently unused tracts of land beside the motorway, not just urban snippets and disused corners.

Story 2 naturally needs space. Solar farms need to go on the land.

So is there a tension between the needs for human power (food) and the need for technological power (solar = energy = phone chargers, heart monitors, oxygen pumps etc)

Is there a balance between the two, and what choices need to be made

This might not be "A Thing", but it sparked my interest & I'd love to hear from folks in the know!

"The power of human being to affect, control and change the environment is growing as the technology grows, and at present times we have reached the stage where we are capable both intentional and invertedly to make significant changes on the global climate."

A lesson on the greenhouse effect with Carl Sagan during a 1985 congressional testimony on climate change.

Hi ,

Well I love what I do most of the time :-).

I get to work with new and older technology, I get to help understand , and I get to meet scientists across Europe and beyond. So it is pretty awesome and I would encourage students to join.

But of course no job is 100% perfect. What strains me at times is to seek funding for me and my colleagues. This is a lot of paperwork and pressure to deliver in time.

So 9.5/10

EA on Monocle 24: The Wildfires, , and (Scott Lucas/ Paul Charles w Georgina Godwin)

How investors are underpricing climate risks

The costs of inaction on global warming are potentially vast and often not sufficiently factored in to asset values

ECCA2023 Policy Brief Workshop - The side-event Policy Brief on Social Sciences and Humanities chaired by Elisabeth Worliczek, took place on 20 June and gathered 16 experts with cross-cutting expertise in finance, sociology, theology, policy, psychology and earth sciences to reflect on various questions.

Read further here:

ECCA2023 Policy Brief Workshop - The side-event Policy Brief on Social Sciences and Humanities chaired by Elisabeth Worliczek, took place on 20 June and gathered 16 experts with cross-cutting expertise in finance, sociology, theology, policy, psychology and earth sciences to reflect on various questions.

Read further here:

Met andere woorden behalve zijn specials interest van een goed functionerende democratie is hij anti-natuur en gezondheid want veevoeder verkoop.
Maar wat stemt hij bij dingen

Mountains Are Collapsing - A Swiss Mountain Peak Fell Apart, Sending 3.5 Million Cubic Feet Of Rock Into The Valley Below - Scientists Warn Climate Change Could Make More Mountains Crumble.
<-- shared media article

The wildfire in has now claimed over 3300 hectares.

Over 4000 people have been evacuated.

The way the fire is moving it seems to have hit Arafo, Malpas, and possibly Gmar on the east side.

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