I doubt Peter Dutton could be
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I doubt Peter Dutton could be bothered explaining his climate change "policy".
Does the LNP have a climate change policy (not just one deserving of inverted commas)
I'm certain no one is capable of explaining anything Tony Abbott says. Except that it will be fodder for the RWNJs he cultivates.

is attempting to remove the concept of voting in America.

is attempting to remove the concept of voting in Europe.

Meanwhile our 'conservative' friends are terrified of Klaus Schwab and the which is nothing but an inconsequential fig-leaf for western corporations to get together and pretend they might do something about and .

The future of medicine: 50-year forecast offers hope for HIV and cancer patients and predicts climate change to increasingly set agenda

Storm Ciarn hasn't even hit here yet. All trains cancelled. I tried to drive my daughter to college but hit a flood within 10 minutes.Three diversions later and a near miss with a fox my daughter said, "I didn't expect getting to college was going to be so Bear Grylls"

The bloated, self serving, bellend billionaires have literally fucked everything up.

Acqua per le Isole minori: la nuova frontiera dei dissalatori mobili marini

Storm is happening in western Europe and I'm a little tired of all the "unprecedented", "once in a lifetime", "very rare" messaging in all the newsfeeds, knowing full well that this (if not worse) is quickly becoming regular life due to .

My parents live in a coastal province, so I tried to warn them to be careful, only to be met with storm minimizing. Denial sure is the most popular coping strategy, isn't it

Fortunately it isn't that bad where I live (yet). Best wishes to everyone in the thick of it.

A new study led by James Hansen, the scientist who warned about in the 1980s, predicts that the world will reach 1.5C and 2C of warming by the 2020s and 2050s, respectively, due to Earths higher climate sensitivity and energy imbalance.

It advocates for a global to reduce emissions and , and despite the controversy and risks solar to reflect heat away from the planet.

A Mexico weather station recorded a 205 mph wind gust during Category 5 Hurricane Otis, which is among the strongest wind gusts ever recorded on Earth

To mitigate , sustainable are popular. diets are also promising for gains. Such a diet in requires esp. higher intakes of & nuts, while red & dairy intakes would need to decrease a lot: (1/2)

Climate Change

Tony who

The ex-PM who thinks hes an expert on climate change

Because that's what your government wants people to think so they don't need to change their own ideas about and actually do something their donors abhour.

From the Guardian: Flash droughts are likely to become increasingly common, say researchers

Do you feel the planetary scale of the permacrises we face jars violently with your own cognition Like there's a yawning chasm between reality and our feelings

I do. The dissonance between the personal and the planetary is something that I find despairing, but also its fundamental to understand if we are to progress.

Anyway, I wrote something about it if you want to read.

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What are the hypotheses specifically developed in and for global change biology

Is global change biology a sink or a source of hypotheses in ecology

I collated some of my initial thoughts in this newsletter.
Let me know what you think!

What can be done when people can watch a horrifically abnormal fire season unfolding and declare it normal

Here's Nuffield Council on Bioethics member Michael Reiss on three ethical dimensions of

Grosser Erfolg fr Crowdfunding in / : nach nur einer Stunde sind 98% der Anteilscheine fr die Solarpanels auf einem Schulgebude gezeichnet:

Dutch article on the Hanssen paper

Looks like today's thermodynamics lecture, which features phase diagrams, falls with appropriate weather. It's going to be a very wet ride in to work.

While going through an old photo album looking for photos from my recently deceased mother's youth, I came across a number from 1929. The harsh winter in February 1929., it says. My grandmother, among others, is standing there on an iceberg at the Scheveningen beach the Netherlands. The old pier is frozen over with ice on the water surface.
Not even 100 years ago...

Bij het doorspitten van een oud foto-album op zoek naar fotos uit de jeugd van mijn pas overleden moeder, stuitte ik op een aantal uit 1929. De strenge winter in Februari 1929., staat er. Daar staat onder anderen mijn grootmoeder op een ijsberg op het stand van Scheveningen. De oude pier is op de waterspiegel aangevroren met ijs.
Nog maar koud 100 jaar geleden.

TOP on & Prof Steven Koonin reveals all!

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Antnio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, antonioguterres

Today from the base of Mt. Everest, I saw for myself the terrible impact of the climate crisis on the Himalayas.

As temperatures rise, glacier melt increases - threatening the lives and livelihoods of entire communities.

cant wait.

The Earths climate is more sensitive to human-caused changes than scientists have realized until now, meaning that a dangerous burst of heating will be unleashed that will push the world to be 1.5C hotter than it was, on average, in pre-industrial times within the 2020s and 2C hotter by 2050.

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Antnio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, antonioguterres

I just left Nepal where I saw how glaciers are dramatically retreating.

We cannot retreat.

We need now to end the fossil fuel age.

Alaska is the new California, apparently. (This is not a good thing)

The Earth's climate is much more sensitive to both greenhouse gases and air pollution than the IPCC realises.

A monster eddy current is spinning into existence off the coast of Sydney and it could be trouble

Giant eddy currents in the sea spread heat. But if trapped in place, they can cause marine heatwaves deadly to sea life. And there's a big one shaping up off Sydney right now.

Despite feeling the heat, Indians optimistic about avoiding climate disaster

Although India saw record high temperatures this year, more than three-fourths of its people still remain hopeful about not having to face the dire consequences of climate change during their lifetime. Nearly 77% Indians feel optimistic about averting a climate disaster during their lifetime, well above the global average..

Climates Catch-22: Cutting air pollution heats up the planet

looks to me the typical field where humongous amount of heated discussion about where exactly the dangers lie, either on the short or long term, and tons of research all serves to slow things down endlessly until the dangers materialize. Where any person with vested interests deliberately sows confusion and others make their living on these discussions and research.

Not dissimilar to . Where the power elites already know it will happen and they don't care as much as you and I.

Symbiocene: Beyond the Anthropocene

You just lived through history's hottest-ever October

Bike-related dates in our Autumn Bike Buzz include Nov 10 deadline to apply for for Agency for County. Bilingual (-English) preferred but not required.

When burn scars become roaring earthen rivers
"Wildfires can lessen the soils ability to absorb water, so when thunderstorms, rapid snowmelt, atmospheric rivers or rain falling on snow occur in a burned area, that can create a roaring earthen river. Debris flows can move quickly 30 mph or more sliding from the uplands to the valley floor in a matter of minutes."

"It just goes to show the power that preserving and protecting something has, even if it is by chance."

In 1996 a eruption in combined with the largest in to create the conditions that allowed the native (mass release) in 1997 to reforest 35 square kilometers.

When protected from , does Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, on its timescale, to mitigate

Zeke Hausfather:
"It is simultaneously true that:
1) This year's summer saw exceptional temperatures, smashing prior records.
2) There is growing evidence of an acceleration in warming.
3) This year's temperatures are within the range of climate model projections, and models project some acceleration"

3 min video

bad news delivered with a smile (gallows humor)

Stop Climate Change
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