Heading towards a in . The
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Heading towards a in . The first ever recorded in September!

A heat wave exists when temperatures reach 25C during five consecutive days, with at least three days above 30C.

A new daily record was recorded in Uccle, on Wednesday with 30.1C degrees. It was the warmest September 6 on record.

... A summer loaded with extreme temperatures and weather everywhere ...

Parents & caregivers in general!

What would you do, and what have you done, to protect children from danger

Would you go out of your way & try to avoid buying single-use plastic products

Would you stop driving air-polluting vehicles if you knew that would reduce air pollution

Would you save your child's future by eating a plant & fungi-based diet

Would you not take that Jetset holiday abroad

What would you do to protect children from the danger of

Green Our Planet

New report from Involve

How can government unlock the full potential of climate engagement

on is a necessary step to tackling climate change.

Lots is already known about how to do it well, but challenges remain for governments at all levels...

School officials are still arguing about teaching climate change

Partisan sniping about whether human fuel-burning is warming the planet about which there is no reasonable debate and whether society should do anything about it feels more like 2003 than 2023. Yet officials in states such as Texas continue to fight a rearguard action against reality.

Doomerism, apathy, and pessimism are the problems with climate change in the US. There is more than enough support for massive action. We just have to cure our severe case of cranial rectal insertion and get to it.

The cure is simple. "You've gotta try"

Trying consists of saving money, "e.g. poultry is cheaper than beef", voting, and lobbying all levels of politicians.

Today, as in the past, pro-car sentiment is a backlash against nascent environmental protest.

"Two billionaire Texas brothers whose fortunes derive from oil and gas fracking have pumped millions of dollars into rightwing media outfits that have promoted climate-crisis denialism and sent more big checks to back an array of evangelical projects and conservative Texas politicians."

Here is a nasty about the Americas apparent split from WHO on Covid data.

Pure speculation:
WHO is preparing to position itself as strongly anti-global warning by recognizing global warming as a health issue and embarking on a major campaign to pressure governments to act.

And the USA is leading a anti-WHO coalition which will fight against WHO's anti-warming campaign.


eco-anxiety, the fear and stress felt about climate change, was being worsened by repeated natural disasters, adding to the problem.

Not to mention repeated failure of govt to address emissions & environmental destruction adding to the problem

I watched TV news yesterday lunchtime. There was story about heatwave in UK, about floods in Brazil and more floods in Greece and Turkey.
At no point in any of these reports was climate change called out. Has "climate change" become the next "Brexit" Words which must not be spoken in case some folk get upset

Seems clear to me that fundamental change is needed to society and to capitalism and the ideas that profit and growth sit above everything else. If today's politics are unwilling to entertain the change that is needed to reverse climate change then we need changes to our democracy too.
Waiting for a technological solution so we don't have to change while planet burns is sheer folly.

If there are still deniers of , just take a look at . Within 20 days the country was ravaged by both the largest wildfires ever recorded in and the largest floods recorded in the country.
This has never happened before in Greece's recorded history.

FROM BBC.com: Why Vancouver is letting go of green lawns

Help the Climate Cleanup Foundation build a web module to parse above ground carbon data from ESA dataset


Could psychedelic trips inspire faster climate action

> A growing body of research suggests that psychedelic experiences could improve our connectedness to nature and inspire faster action on the climate crisis. So, should top decision-makers be experimenting

'New Zealand wins trade dispute with Canada over dairy access'

This is a loss for both countries, and for the environment. If both produce milk in large quantities, why create huge avoidable resource costs, *and* climate pollution, just to swap it back and forth between them

These kinds of leg actions prove that "free trade" is actually forced trade.

The climate crisis is a poly-crisis and you can't solve it with the current carbon trading system, since that only moves the problem and the harm to other planetary boundries

Councils deputy leader calls for new Local Plan to ensure developers consider efforts to tackle climate change

Part II of the status report on and is published:

Extreme weather events
Allergic diseases
Air pollutants
Mental health

>90 experts and > 30 national institutions wrote the report.


Un tempo per il creato - "Che la giustizia e la pace scorrano"

How we chanced upon what could be the world's largest white hydrogen deposit in Northeastern France

Tado App sent me a notification heating season has started for my location and I should review our tado heating schedule for the winter ahead.

sent me a notification via the weather saying hold my beer

This sweaty week has been way out of whack for this far north..

You getting the message yet

You really have to be a special kind of idiot to actually think is a good thing. This is what I call a glorifications of stupidity

On 7 September, Artists at Risk (AR) co-director Marita Muukkonen will moderate the panel When Home is a Forgotten Song: Art under Ecological Collapse as part of State of the ART(ist) at .

The discussion includes an exploration into how thinking offers a space for panellists Taiye Ojo & Mac Andre Arboleda to prototype alternative relations between human, natural & technological worlds.


Unpopular opinion:
Old local varieties have little future. Maybe by moving them all a couple of hundred km north, but our traditional landraces weren't made for this.

Ok, maybe in *some* cases, the innate robustness will help them to cope with heat and drought, but we need to work on the issue quick.

(Modern cultivars aren't adapted either, but there is less of a stake in maintaining them in a certain geographical region)

A question to people active in Seedbanks: how are you adapting

Folks, this is getting to be a common pattern snd it's scary af: " was a tropical storm on Tuesday but underwent a 'remarkable rapid intensification' due in part to warm sea-surface temperatures, according to the weather service."

officials sued over failure to save : Trying to avert disaster

August 2023 Warmest on Record 

August 2023 is estimated to have been around 1.5C warmer than the preindustrial average for 1850-1900.

The Bicycling Horticulturalist

at least astrology teaches us to look at patterns that are accessible to most people. If we paid more attention to the attitude that created astrology, and less attention to the attitude that results in $400 insulin, wed have a far better chance at withstanding than we do now. (fin)

Why DRC is heading towards an environmental and human rights catastrophe.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) data indicates that 2023 will be the hottest year on the Earth for 120,000 years -- essentially, since the end of the Ice Age. "Climate breakdown has started". What is happening -- and the global inaction -- is so upsetting.

Climate breakdown: 2023 likely to be hottest year humanity has experienced

July-23 and August-23 are officially the two hottest months ever for global average surface air temperature. And it's the hottest ever summer months (June-July-Aug average) According to the UN World Meteorological Organisation and EU Copernicus. Currently neck and neck with 2016 for hottest year ever but may well pass it.

Why don't MSM news reports link to the source

"Move to the ," they said. "The is so much better than those cold, snowy places," they said ...

"The summer of 2023 was the hottest ever recorded, as the climate crisis and emerging El Nio pushed up temperatures and drove extreme weather across the world."

It's only just dawned on me why anybody should care about the .

It's because I don't live in US&A where mahoosive pickup trucks pack the top 3 of all vehicles sold.

Here in Yurp us weirdos manage to get by with a vehicle that is only twice as large as it needs to be to shop at the supermarket.

'Scientific American asked six climate scientists who have young or school-age children to answer the same question: What do you tell your children about the future, considering how climate change might impact their generation

The responses surprised us. There were no fatalistic warnings, no instructions about the need for panic or extreme action.'

An escaped murderer broke into a home to steal food. Dad of 3 sleeping children heard him, wife called police. Search failed bc K9 suffered heat-related emergency. Gift link

Stop Climate Change
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