From the BBC I thought climate
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From the BBC I thought climate change was a hoax. Now I've changed my mind'

The 's Propaganda from DeSmog. It mentions 'Wind power is not cheap or secure. Nor is it clean, Conservative peer wrote in one column, despite evidence that renewable energy in the is significantly cheaper than . Ridley wrote last year that global heating was mostly beneficial.'
This is what failed banker Ridley should be doing with wind power, imho...

As the impact of worsens, so will the legacy of those who sought incessantly to deny it and prevent action.

History will not great them kindly.

"The pathfinder craft, co-funded by 3m from the UK Space Agency, will provide data to help detect and monitor natural disasters"

take note: burning kills almost 10x the number of people did every single year.


From global to local: making a difference to tackle climate change David Howlett from UN Climate Change High Level Champions talked recently with locals in Settle about his work and what more we can do Barry White

see world renowned Australian research on forest conservation
Logging increases fire risk mature forest reduces fire heat

Our webinar series leading up to the 2023 UN Conference was a success! Thank you to the 311 attendees from 62 countries who joined us.

You can now watch the recordings on Youtube

17th Nov. Unveiling the Power of Link:

20th Nov. Enhancing agriculture in a Changing Climate. Link:

22nd Nov. Pioneering Science for a Future. Link:

Well said : "The elephant in the room is fossil fuels"
Friedlingstein has one key message for the delegates of in Dubai: Focus on fossil fuels. So long as we keep burning fossil fuels, nothing else really matters

Green Our Planet

The more I ponder this, the more I realise that the only thing preventing us from fixing the climate, is the super rich not being willing to be slightly less super rich. The societal changes we need, would impact them the most in their eyes, and as a general rule, governments seem to think that the super rich must not be hurt in any way. The poor can be hurt as much as you like but you must never hurt the rich.

the anti positions in company of anti positions on the other are one of a kind if you consider that large parts of the lie below sea level

Today, I switched on the for the first time. Years ago, we used to need a fire on some cold Sept nights, but the heating season officially starts on 1 Oct in our part of the world. (I would have kept it going until 1 Dec if my dog hadn't been ill). What's the term again when you have to endure the fact that something is beautiful and terrible at the same time
And we should adapt heating habits: So often shops are overheated at 17C outside only by calendar.

DeBriefed: key developments relating to

Can the world halt and reverse loss by 2030

State of the climate: Global temperatures throughout mid-2023 shatter records

Chinas emissions set to fall in 2024 after record growth in clean energy

Who wants what at the climate change summit

Brazil's previous president, Jair Bolsonaro, gave the green light to deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. The neo-fascist "Trump of the Tropics" in three years during his term oversaw the deforestation of an area larger than Belgium.

Bolsonaro in his own way added to the misery Brazil is currently experiencing. He is a climate traitor to his own country.

i just cant get my head around the positions of the

In a dystopian reality corporations had taken control of government. CEO's & corporate share holders decided what narratives to tell the workers, the consumers

People worked for industries that were controlled by fascist rgimes (workers for the system with no agency)

was bad for the industry. The government misinformed the public that climate change was a conspiracy invented by communists

Any dissent was crushed by the corporately controlled police & military

Rowan Williams, Emma Thompson, Ben Okri, Brian Eno, Es Devlin, Sir David King, Prof. James Hansen sign open letter in support of HSBC 9

#extinction #rebellion #xr #rebelforlife #climate #climatechange

Climate modeling based upon Earth's current greenhouse gas emissions trajectory predicts a worst-case scenario of 4.3C warming of the planet by 2100 if sufficient measures are not implemented...

In an alternative reality scientists had been voted into power by an informed democratic majority. Government policies were evidence based

(In) Government Climatologists informed the electorate ("public") of the of

Science communicators informed the electorate why science is of value & how to 'fact check' the data

Government Psychologists & Medical practitioners (explicitly) promoted evidence based social welfare policies based on informed consent

Everytime this is perfect

THE CLUB OF ROME PODCAST: Anders Wijkman - The need for transformation not incrementalism- Earth4All series

This should be on every politicians' Christmas Reading/Listening List:


is compered by Greta Thunberg (and she reads much of it on the audiobook) but it is mostly made up of think pieces (or rather makes-you-think pieces) by leading academics and climate scientists).


A property has two sides, which are separated by a thick, armoured wall. On one side lives a very rich millionaire with armoured clothes, an armoured house and a car. Everything is protected against explosions, shrapnel and firearms.

On the other side, a great many poor people, at least 100 thousand, live in a very small space. Children, babies, pensioners and the like. Without any protection, of course.

Now a small bomb is threatening to explode, another millionaire has to decide on which side of the wall the bomb will explode. Unfortunately, we live in a world in which the poorer side is always chosen, even though the millionaire on the other side wouldn't even get a scratch.

This is the metaphor about the financial injustices in this world.

Geopolitics of Climate Change

Jeremy Hunt has been criticised by UK green groups after he removed from a list of four key priorities in a remit letter issued to the Bank of England committee responsible for financial stability

A moving story about personal change on : 'I thought climate change was a hoax. Now I've changed my mind'

Today, the atmospheric carbon dioxide readings from Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the acid test of how the world is succeeding in combatting climate change, is 422.36 parts per million.

That is 5.06ppm more than the same day last year. That rise in 12 months is probably the largest ever recorded more than double the last decades annual average.

After 27 annual meetings of the convention, all the efforts of nearly 200 member states to tackle the menace of the climate crisis have been a failure, so far.

Here's a fascinating way to communicate science and in particular, climate communication. Take a look, and then tell me what you think...

Could this inspire better

Indonesia's development policy, focused on spreading economic growth and leveraging mineral wealth, particularly in metal processing and electric vehicles, faces a critical decision point. Should energy be faster or cleaner

extremetemps Philippines is with abnormal warmth for November, specially in the stifling hot nights:
Today 24 November the MIN. temperature at Roxas was 28.0C, while Sangley Point, Cebu ,Dumaguete etc..were >27C.
These Min. temperatures are exceptional or unprecedented for late November.


As the article implies, the headline should not be the loss of glacier surface area

Whether the Andes, the Himalayas, the Alps or whatever great mountain ranges, what is disappearing are the river systems that sustain vast population centres and agricultural heartlands

We are creating billions of climate refugees we must either embrace & absorb, or watch die

What a legacy for our children & grandchildren

Burning methane ("natural") gas to make hydrogen to run a bus really isn't much of a step forward, if your aim is to reduce emissions.

Some solar panels and a battery would be a much better option.

From TFA:

"But Guardian Australia understands the buses will run on grey hydrogen, produced using natural gas.

"Currently about 96% of the worlds hydrogen is produced using coal (brown hydrogen) and gas (grey). The production of grey and brown hydrogen releases carbon dioxide and unburnt fugitive methane into the atmosphere."

SA's largest battery park worth 'several hundred million dollars' slated for Limestone Coast
By Sam Bradbrook and Becc Chave

A multi-national energy company has announced plans for a renewable energy battery park near Mount Gambier which it says will reduce electricity price volatility.

A dash of in these dark times.

So I just bought myself a new eBike.

"To maintain a habitable planet for ourselves and our children and grandchildren, well need to make some compromises."

The sounds of science: Sir David King on the realities of the climate crisis BusinessGreen Interview

greener energy will be widespread and substantially cheaper than energy has ever been in 20 years, with reasonable likelihood... Were going to have cheaper energy than weve ever had. Were going to have lower volatility for energy prices. Were going to have better energy security. Were going to have low pollution. Were going to have lower environmental impact and better sustainability. And most of all, no or minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

How many of you have heard of Epidemic Thunderstorm Asthma That is when Spring pollen breaks down into finer particles with moisture and winds from thunderstorms to produce asthma symptoms, even in people who dont suffer respiratory issues. It can overwhelm medical services.

Epidemic Thunderstorm asthma forecast for Victoria today.
A global health issue that will most likely become more frequent and severe over the coming years due to

"A study by the International Council on Clean Transportation found that if the country invested in high-speed rail, 54 percent of domestic flights could be replaced by train travel. But the countrys fastest train at the moment Amtraks Acela from Boston to D.C. operates at only half the speed of high-speed rail in other countries."

Stop Climate Change
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