Fossil fuel subsidies have surged to
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Fossil fuel subsidies have surged to a record $7 trillion in 2022.

With global temperatures reaching unprecedented levels, there is a growing consensus to reduce/abolish fossil fuel subsidies.

One approach is to shift public spending from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Another is to replace indiscriminate subsidies with targeted support for the poor and vulnerable, such as sustained cash transfers or focused price caps.

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Climate Change

You can still get a flight from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, to Barcelona (1,200 km) for the same price as a domestic train ticket to Groningen (250 km).

As nations in Southeast Asia race to decarbonize their energy sectors, Cambodia is risking a regional biodiversity hot spot for hydropower, raising key questions over what can be considered clean energy.

Pretend isn't a issue. Ignore . Wait months, years or forever for an or . Pull your own out. Embrace a room in a for 70%+ of your . Get used to being . Sign that you'll work over a week if you want the . Ban & . Learn to live on less than a ie the you paid into for decades through . Find a . Continued...

Major mass extinctions in the Phanerozoic can be linked to thresholds in climate change (warming or cooling) that equate to magnitudes >5.2C and rates >10C/Myr.

Exposed yedoma permafrost along an eroded coast. Image courtesy of the .

is an organic-rich (about 2% carbon by mass) -age with ice content of 5090% by volume.
"The deposits formed due to a combination of aeolian, colluvial, nival, and alluvial deposition and simultaneous ground ice accumulation. ...

is a buzz...but not for the right reasons: Excruciating sting leaves Rome dinner party guest on crutches as plague spreads The Guardian (Didn't notice any of the things when I was in Rome in early June, this year, thankfully)

Wild Washington Post story.

Bret Baier, of Fox News, who has repeatedly misled the public about has installed panel in his house.

Same with some conservative politicians Despite pushing back initiatives, privately, they embraced the benefits of solar.

Science Advances show conclusively that given the worsening of , biodiversity loss, and five other global emergencies generated by industrial society, Earth is now well outside of the safe operating space for humanity. this paper put an exclamation point on the massive trove of research showing that our species abuse of the Earth is causing ecological breakdown. And the worlds rich nations pretend nevertheless that everything is just fine.

How is affecting the : DownToEarth

Can Lead The On Clean : UN

What is the & how did it shape Southeast Asias : Medium

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I've never heard of 'White Hydrogen' before, but if it exists at the quantities claimed it would remove my objections to hydrogen power.

> They went hunting for fossil fuels. What they found could help save the world.

Increasing atmospheric carbon amplifies seasonal CO2 cycle in Southern Ocean
Using automated instruments moored in the Southern Ocean over the last decade, scientists have directly measured an increase in the magnitude of the oceans seasonal cycle of carbon dioxide for the first time.

Not what the woods should sound like here at 1am on October 29. I should not be walking the dog in flip-flops, a tee shirt and shorts tonight I should not be able to. It has been an exceptionally warm week for this time of year. As pleasant as it may seem "nice out" it's not a good thing. We're starting November with plenty of ticks and mosquitoes still around. Yesterday's high temperature was 20F above the average daily high.

oh, thats so sad. Such a force for good, and a tireless, forceful communicator of the truth about

how beautiful our ocean world is! We should protect it from us! Go Go whales

"The truth is that we are shocked by the ferocity of the extreme weather events in 2023. We are afraid of the uncharted territory that we have now entered,"

"The truth is that we are shocked by the ferocity of the extreme weather events in 2023. We are afraid of the uncharted territory that we have now entered,"

America needs just a single electric form of long distance travel, or at least one that doesn't directly emit carbon. Please make just one, I'm begging.

The 15-cent rule" for solar.
The growth of rooftop solar in the U.S., which currently stands at 5% of households, lagging behind countries like Germany and Australia due to cheaper electricity costs. However, as utilities increase their rates, the demand for rooftop solar is growing. A rate of 15 cents per kilowatt-hour, equating to a monthly bill of around $130 for an average household, is a tipping point where rooftop solar becomes financially justifiable.

everything is fine

20,000 Toxic Sites in Sagging Arctic Permafrost
"New studies show the Arctic heating up 4-times the overall rate of global warming. This startling rate in one of the most sensitive environments in the world could trigger toxic disasters in up to 20,000 industrial contamination sites."


We need to collectively wake up, grow up and show up to the magnitude of this situation.

Decent human being and actual expert versus Premier of Alberta and actual :

"She was trying to pick on everybody in the room, and all the experience that people had in the room, and I'm like, 'You're not even listening to us. Like, you got your head up your butt.' Excuse my term. So that's what kind of irked me."

Me last weekend: Dang I forgot to remove the window ac units.
Me this weekend: Chill

concrete walls, flame-proof doors and wine racks, bunkers offer the promise of safety - at least for those who can afford them.

And I would not pick fault
with anyone that lives in a vault

But also

"World Economic Forumadjacent thinkers call for a 'farm-free future' with food primarily manufactured via precision fermentation and other scientific processes that result in products like lab grown meat ... How did the environmental and conservation movements become so divided"

The existential question is: in ten years will it even be possible to have conventional farming and will we be forced to make food synthetically

Some years ago, was rising at about 3.3mm per annum. Now it is closer to 5mm per annum and will increase further. It seems that the west Antarctic ice shelf will inevitably melt.

California has made a significant step toward mainstreaming corporate climate disclosures and potentially meaningful corporate climate actions.

Heres how federal and California climate disclosures compare:

Oct 27 EWE: Netherlands After record heat, this October may be the wettest on record. The record for the rainiest October dates from 1932 when total rainfall measured 193 mm. According to the KNMI weather station in De Bilt, where records are set, 168 mm has fallen so far this month and more is expected in the coming days.


"The sudden rise in is also likely contributed to by the onset of an eventa naturally occurring part of the climate system, which could, itself, be affected by ....

In any case, as Earth's climate system transitions away from conditions associated with human thriving, such anomalies may become more frequent and could have increasingly catastrophic impacts" 1

Fig. 2 shows the "time series of climate-related human activities"

"Ultimately, the report calls for the institute to be renamed Dartmouths Center for Climate Futures, the removal of Irving Oil and ExxonMobil members from the institute's advisory board, the exclusion of fossil fuel companies from recruiting on campus, and not allowing research to be funded by fossil fuel companies or their donations to be accepted by the institution and more."

The environmental impact of different foods

Since I don't give 2 fucks about , and I actually find it a bit annoying because back on dead bird site, every second post for the whole of october was about it, let me for once join in the fun of "scary" stuff.
This year's theme is
Are you scared yet

More South Australians want an EV but price is stopping the transition, survey finds
By Joshua Boscaini and Josephine Lim

Two out of five South Australians would consider buying an electric vehicle (EV) and want the government to do more to encourage their uptake, according to a survey by the state's peak motoring body.

"The US is the biggest consumer of beef in the world.. on any given day, just 12% of people in the US account for half of all beef consumed in the US...Consuming beef is up to 10 times more impactful than chicken, and over 50 times that of beans. Numerous health studies have shown risks of elevated heart disease from red meat.
So who is this 12% consuming all that beef"

Hurricane Otis was the strongest storm ever to hit western Mexico. Its development was "explosive", and forecasters severely underestimated its power.
My thoughts are with the people of Acapulco. They are going to need a lot of help.

Today starts the Ocean Tempestry Quilt Along. Cutting the strips and keeping the colors organized are covered. Check it out. At the video, like, subscribe, share, comment.

how about the climate system under increasing

Through my wifes family, Ive vacationed in for a dozen years.

Yall, its a humanitarian crisis in the making.

Weve been seeing photos and video of the devastation.

Its breathtaking.

I found myself alternating between exclamations of wow and !

The bad part: its getting near no mainstream coverage because of all the other crises in the world.

The worst part: this is what looks like.

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