EVs are not as clean as
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EVs are not as clean as we think and may be causing other types of problems with particulates that cant be filtered out. The tendency for high performance in EVs causes more aggressive driving which compounds the problem.

David v Goliath or Youth v Europe, call it whichever way you like it, the fact is that a landmark trial is kicking off. Six brave youths from Portugal ravaged by wildfires and heatwaves took 32 European governments to court on the claim that their failure to act fast enough on is a violation of their rights.

The case is the largest climate case ever to be heard by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg.

NOw they are using the right color, red


Il semble que la plante Terre pulvrisera lAccord de Paris sur le climat ni en 2050, ni en 2040, ni mme en 2030... mais CETTE ANNE.

"On aime la bagnole et moi je l'adore" (non)

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Transform all the hatred and incitement into love and compassion.
What a force for positive action would be available to us as human beings worldwide.
Goodness is part of our DNA.
Our thoughts color the mind.
We can be the change,
that the earth needs so urgently.

-my thoughts

More then 130 bn USD have been invested in tackling in the last 10 years according to

To put this into perspective: All producing industries in Germany (produzierendes Gewerbe) invested 29 bn EUR (31 bn USD) into during 2010-2020.

'The database, Tree Globally Observed Environmental Ranges or TreeGOER, for short, documents the observed environmental ranges for the majority of known tree species.... The open-access database ... documents the global environmental ranges for 51 variables for observed occurrences of 48,129 tree species.'

Dezeen : "I'm filled with dread" over climate change says Liam Young (NGV)

I'm shocked after rolled back all the targets

so exciting! latimes is launching California, a new section focused on , the , health &

truly wish i could be part of this!

Rosebank oil field given go-ahead by regulator

The controversial Rosebank offshore development off Shetland has been granted consent by regulators

Fan The Flames Of Climate Change - Vote Tory

Biggest untapped UK , , approved by regulators

Portuguese youths sue 32 European governments at EU court in largest climate case ever

Sobrevivir al siglo XXI
Chomsky y Mujica.
Ed. Debate.
Se publica el 28 de septiembre.

Pepe Mgica:
Se puede vivir porque se naci, como un vegetal, o bien puede uno darle un sentido a la vida. Es ese el lujo que la consciencia nos da.

Noam Chomsky:
Cuando Greta Thunberg en Davos dice 'nos han traicionado', tiene razn.

Resea en El Pas, aqu:

Er was geen medewerking op geen enkel vlak van Gemeente Den Haag voor de supportdemonstratie op zaterdag 9 sept. Ik was er toen ook:

UK govt has approved the Rosebank development in the North Sea.

Burning all its production some 300m+ barrels of oil and gas would be equivalent to the annual emissions of around 90 countries and 400m people. - Simon Evans drsimevans

Climate Change

Apparently, the green lawn is making a comeback in Australia. Just in time for the next inevitable drought

Experts call for global moratorium on efforts to geoengineer climate Techniques such as solar radiation management may have unintended consequences, scientists say

is already affecting crop yields around the world, increasing them in some places and reducing in others.

Because of climate change yields of sorghum have increased by 0.7% in sub-Saharan Africa and 0.9% yearly in western, southern and southeastern Asia. In the US soybeans yields increased 3.7%.

Overall, global food production is negatively affected though. Climate change reduced global rice yields by 0.3% and wheat yields by 0.9% on average each year.

But the EU alone needs to install some 5000 GW by 2035 for us to have any chance...

Oil company ad from the 60's. Seen during a presentation at

"In just the past ten years, the cost of electricity from solar has fallen by 87 percent, and the cost of battery storage by 85 percent. Wind power, heat pumps and other fossil-free technologies are also experiencing a sharp drop in prices."

Write to your elected representative!
According to new research, numerous cities in Europe could reach in 10 years by simply incorporating nature into their urban infrastructure.

Full story:

To understand and do things in its right balance. Not solely depend on and build things around in one thing is one of the key. Or the circle will never be brakekeep repeating the same mistake but in different kind of reason and way.

Funding system and direction also need better regulation and supervision.

"Heat your home, not the planet!"

This mission is more important then ever, which is why I'm thrilled to announce that I've invested into Vamo! A German offering "Heatpumps as a Service", so people can make the switch without a hefty upfront investment!

Now let's get everyone onto the only low-carbon, affordable and scalable heating system available today. Go !

These are saddening news. As developers we do have moral compasses. We should know better than to give money to a relic of the fossil fuel burning era. As long as this location persists I will no longer attend and will discourage others to do so.

Commercial property owners neednt worry empty offices with air conditioning will soon be pressed into service as refuges from extreme heat.

" would not revoke the licence if the party wins the next general election, the BBC has learned."

Head, meet desk.

Hold the Auto Industry Accountable For Cleaner Cars Help Wildlife, Protect the Environment, Support Nature Conservation, Save the Planet

Climate change: Six young people take 32 countries to court - BBC News

This is really interesting work.

European banks helped fossil polluters raise more than 1 trillion euros (!)

Home Appliance Shopping 101

"The typical receives about 41 pounds of each year, according to the Center for Development of ..., and much of it ends up in landfills.

While recent numbers are hard to come by, the estimates that 80 million to 100 million are cut down each year to print junk mail, while cities & counties spend $1 billion a year to collect and dispose of it."

The gas lobby simply lies. We dont need NEW gas development. Truth is fossil fuels are killing our planet.

So stop their subsidies. Stop financing.

you're asking the right question.

If we had to reach 50% of current emissions, offsets could make sense. Seeing as everyone, worldwide, needs to reach zero emissions, it doesn't make any sense for one company to trade emissions via offsets with another.

It's using creative accounting to solve a physics problem.

This podcast explains it well.

Stop Climate Change
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Global Warming sucks