Counting the costs of climate change
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Counting the costs of climate change

Progress on climate adaptation is slowing on all fronts when it should be accelerating to catch up with rising climate change impacts and risks, according to a new United Nations Environment Programme report.

Debunking Jordan Peterson & Alex Epstein on climate change

CNN has some sobering pictures about the receding glaciers in Greenland. A Danish climate scientist, Laura Larocca, found and digitized the old images. They can now easily be compared to current images of the same glaciers:

The research paper can be found here:

The *only* good reason to prevent is to prevent preventable harm from happening

Mitigating climate change isn't as complicated as some people's underlying agendas would want you to believe

For example, whilst private EVs are not the general solution some would want us to believe, they're more healthier for us, than a diesel vehicle, for example

It's about a persons morality! Do they mind the pollution Or would they prefer the healthier cleaner air alternative

Politicians think that the ice is far away. The ice does not care. It will continue melting until carbon dioxide levels stop rising and come down. But they are still rising just as fast as they were 20 years ago. Scientists are screaming that this is insanity.

This is an interesting idea, but (1) what will floating artificial leaves do to the ecosystems wherever you put them, presumably in vast numbers

RT by : We can't grow aviation emissions by 16% when we have to reduce total emissions by 7% per year under Irish and European law.

Green Party MEP earlier this week on Today with Claire Byrne.


2023-11-12 09:00 UTC

A nonprofit, independent media organization dedicated to telling stories of climate solutions and a just future.

Greenland glaciers melt five times faster than 20 years ago

If all the ice that is on Greenland were to melt or calve into the ocean, global sea level would rise 7.2 meters (source: Centre for science education )

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Our medium term future looks like it's going to be Mad Max, except more violent, a lot more scary and generally unpleasant. And Mel Gibson won't be starring in it.

A strong El Nio could cause more floods across cities along the western coasts of the Americas this year, swamping roads and inundating buildings, a NASA analysis warns...

Climate Change

Keeping an eye on the regions when it comes to climate change ScienceDaily

Almost 38 years ago, Carl Sagan warned the U.S government and the world about the effect of climate change.

The only one at the hearing that day who seemed to pay any attention was Al Gore.

A similar argument has been made that extreme denial is a predominantly Anglophone phenomenon, especially in the US and Australia for similar reasons.

What the Melting of Antarctic Ice Shelves Means for the Planet
A Q&A with Richard Alley, professor of geosciences at Pennsylvania State University, on how melting at the South Pole could impact sea level rise."

He talked of eliminating EV mandates, dismantling environmental regulations and crushing liberal climate policies such as the Green New Deal.

In private, he has mocked climate change, according to people who have met with him...

He sometimes will get into technical minutiae in a way he doesnt always on other subjects, talking about the myriad benefits he sees of fracking.
In other words, he promises the oil executives what they want.

Trump will be a disaster for

At every previous point in my life when I've felt this low, the possibility of my becoming something closer to that aspirational self was what kept me going. I could, even in those dark times, visualize a future where I was happy and desired and loved and beautiful and confident and better than I was currently. I can't imagine that future now. The future just looks desperate and dark. Even if humanity pulls itself out of all this, even if we do manage to beat back , mitigate , reduce transmission, and transform our socioeconomic system into something that isn't so exploitative and oppressive, that's not going to happen in my lifetime, I don't think it'll happen in my lifetime. I think humanity has faced some difficult challenges, and we can face the ones before us now if we try, but I don't think I'll get to see the results. I don't think I'll get to live in that world.

Of course, the person I wanted to be, the version of myself I envisioned becoming, that's a person who could only exist in a world that's gone. That's a world without , without 2023 being the hottest year on record, and without a true believer Christofascist as the US House Speaker. And despite the denialism, that world isn't coming back. It will never be 2019 again. We aren't going back to "normal."

I suppose I should be grateful that the person I am instead has managed to survive this long and is doing so while trying to protect others from the on-going . I suppose I should be grateful that whatever I am, I'm able to see the catastrophes coming and clearly call them out for what they are. At least that's something. But what am I surviving for What am I surviving for when everyone and everything around me seems determined to sacrifice that survival to prolong their own denial a little bit longer

"The impacts of increasing energy are further compounded by ongoing sea level rise fueled by climate change and by subsidence. And they emphasize the importance of mitigating and building resilience into coastal infrastructure and environmental protection strategies."

More people not having children due to climate breakdown fears, finds research 12 of 13 studies, stronger concerns about climate breakdown were associated with a desire for fewer children, or none at all

Because even if the truly ends in the most optimistic way possibleif we get effective that prevent infection and transmission and are variant-proofI will have still lost my youth. Yes, there's certain things I could still maybe get to do, assuming that we don't end up with more pandemics, which and make more likely, and assuming that fascists don't take total control of the US and re-instate laws that discriminate against people (and anyone else who isn't white, wealthy, and able-bodied).

I don't know. I feel like whenever I look toward the future,I just see , , , and . I don't really see anything hopeful. That's not to say that I think humanity is doomed, necessarily. I think we as a species collectively still have time to change things. But the person I wanted to be, the person I hoped to be, that is doomed. I'm never going to get to be that.

Our Planet Is Literally Shaking Under The Effects of Global Warming

Some of the climate adaptive features of the 1960s"New Khmer" modernist architecture of Vann Molyvann at the Royal University in Phnom Penn.

Inverted pyramid massing allows upper floors to shade the lower ones /1

Global production of is going UP instead of down. The US plans to increase our oil and gas extraction. Tell me again about how will combat , because I can't see any sign he gives a shit about human survival.

Its not viable any more: global heating sparks first climate class action by Indigenous Australians

Random thought for today: the power used by the entirety of the attention economy today, including that little black slab we carry in our pockets probably eclipses the power usage of Bitcoin at its peak

Z At the top of the hour it's Radio Ecoshock (repeat) Presented by Alex Smith. A weekly program about the Latest , authors, issues - from , oceans, forests, , solar storms, the , and .

Global warming: Humanity just lived through the hottest 12 months in at least 125,000 years CNN

I just saw an ad on TV that promotes oil and gas. It shows a 'hospital' space without oil and gas products, and then one with: an empty space to one full of tech.

Then it tells us how essential oil and gas are to our modern world.

Never a hint that the the full room is our present, and the empty one is our unavoidable future, unless innovators get to innovating real fast.

The next will be a election because they all are now

Vzhadom na to, e poda expertov z vysokej koly ivota klimatick zmena/krza neexistuje, tak je na tchto mapch prli vea ervenej farby.

Mapy zobrazuj odchlku priemernej mesanej teploty za oktber 2023.

Yay, I finally got to start October chores today! I usually save windows and carpets for April & October as those are the best months to have the house wide open. Unfortunately, October this year was too damn hot, so they had to wait. Currently clear blue skies, 78F, with a light NW breeze. Windows today, carpet shampoo tomorrow!

Probably a glitch but it shows that extreme weather events will test our monitoring infra, and ability to not to freak out.

Hope you're having a chill caturday.

CBC News: The next election will be a climate change election- because they all are now.


*3 months* of rain fell on the Pas-de-Calais during the night of the 9th-10th Nov23

Climatologist Alain Mazaud described it as truly exceptional, even at this time of year, when North Atlantic depressions are the seasonal norm.

The consequences for so many people, businesses, farmers etc. is just heartbreaking.

**The rainy weather is set to continue through the coming days**

on and or what is

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