Cool to see 1st hand that
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Cool to see 1st hand that the is actually working:

This spring we got a 10kWp PV system on our roof and replaced our gas heating with a highly efficient air-source heat pump. Since a few days the heating season has started and even if it hasn't gone below 0C yet, I can still say: it works very well!

But see for yourself: currently at about 11am there is sunshine, and both heating, washing machine and the dishwasher are running.

"Die fossilen Industrien wissen seit 40 Jahren, da sie das Klima zerstren durch Verfeuerung von l, Gas & Kohle
Die Konsequenzen, die wir heute alle zu ertragen haben & auf uns zukommen: die Entscheidungen hierzu sind vollkommen bei klarem Bewutsein gefallen. Es gibt keinen Zweifel daran. Unsere Wahl ist klar: Wollen wir diese Konzerne rechtzeitig abwickeln, bevor der Schaden irreparabel wird, oder lassen wir uns von denen abwickeln"

26) As the price of continues to drop, the installation of more turbines rises. The future is electric the days of the are drawin to a close

Texas, to the surprise of many who associate the state with the , is the largest producer of and there is much to be learned from their history

has the story

Weiter aus Douglas Rushkoff, "Survival Of The Richest" :

"As Gabe Newell, billionaire founder of the game platform Valve, explained it to Wired: We're way closer to the Matrix than people realize. For Newell, the human body is a mere meat peripheral that is resistant to upgrades or repair and not at all reflective of consumer preference. Virtual reality will give users more choice (we'll hear that word a lot) over their perception and experience of the world. His goal is to create a virtual reality with such compelling texture and granularity that we stop measuring simulations by their fidelity to the real world. The real world will seem flat, colorless, blurry compared to the experiences you'll be able to create in peoples brains.

This will be especially valuable as the real world continues to degrade. VR developers even make an economic justice case for throwing us all into a simulation.
"It is not possible, on Earth, to give everyone all that they would want, Oculus Rift Chief Technology Officer John Carmack explained on the Joe Rogan podcast: Not everyone can have Richard Branson's private island. VR is the new solution to climate changeor maybe the ultimate surrender to its inevitability. As resources vanish and economic conditions worsen, technological simulations can fill in where real wealth has disappeared. The promise of VR is to make the world you wanted.

Last year, the oil and gas industry across the world banked about $4tn, according to the head of the International Energy Agency. This represents one of the biggest redistributions of wealth from the worlds poor to the richest petrostates.

A simple levy could funnel money to the countries that need it.

Thursday is forecast to be 33 degrees - fuck off summer!

kan iemand die ff bij de wegpoetsen met zijn en anti waanzin

Storm Agnes then I didn't realise we'd worked our way around to the start of the alphabet. Won't take that long next time will it

Last-ditch attempt to get you all to grab copies of my books before I take them offline, hopefully not for long but potentially a couple years (admin reasons). eBooks are $2.99, see
I love my story and hope you will too. This isnt (mainly) about sales.

Today, Learn about the state of the art imaging spectrometer that will measure earths output from space.
Launch is planned for early 2024.

Climate Refugees.
Facts, Findings, and Strategies for Loss and Damage.

What is coral bleaching Here's how an unprecedented ocean heat wave causes changes below

How are offsets supposed to work

See this infographic to understand some common pitfalls in this process. Reducing emissions would help to avoid these problems

Its Time to Engineer the Sky

Global warming is so rampant that some scientists say we should begin altering the stratosphere to block incoming sunlight, even if it jeopardizes rain and crops

Donald Trump calls Rishi Sunak smart for easing climate targets

> Former US president says British leader wouldnt destroy and bankrupt his nation for fake climate alarmists.

Just stop

Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer are both in the pockets of big business and it could be the death of us!

International SHiFT Conference Reflections on Transformation: Shaping the future, transcending disciplinary silos and exploring lived knowledge systems - outcomes

The most intense heat wave ever recorded on Earth happened in Antarctica last year, scientists say

Eastern Antarctica spiked by almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit over their recorded average.

#Antarctica #climateChange #environment #extremeWeather

Greenland Surface Melt Extent Interactive Chart
Dr. Daniel Swain

Antarctica Sea Ice Area and Extent

August Antarctic Sea Ice:
Arctic Sea Ice:
Antarctica Mass Variation Since 2002
Greenland Mass Variation Since 2002

Climate Indicators assorted charts and pics.
Greenhouse Gases:
Global Temp for August:
El Nino years comparison:

Love this Venn diagram by Edith Pritchett in today.

Nonlinear El Nio impacts on the global economy under climate change

"we find a damaging impact from an El Nio which increases for a further three years after initial shock, amounting to multi-trillion US dollars in economic loss we attribute a loss of US$2.1 T and US $3.9 T globally to the 1997-98 and 2015-16 extreme El Nio events, far greater than that based on tangible losses. We find impacts from La Nia are asym-metric and weaker, and estimate a gain of only US$0.06 T from the 1998-99 extreme La Nia event. "

The ominous signs pointing to extreme heat and fire in Australia this summer

Donald Trump calls Rishi Sunak smart for easing climate targets

Former US president says British leader wouldnt destroy and bankrupt his nation for fake climate alarmists.

The earth's ongoing sixth mass extinction, primarily driven by human activities, is more dire than previously anticipated.

Not only are we seeing a rapid extinction of species, but entire branches on the tree of life are now disappearing at an ever increasing rate!

Earth's Mass Extinction

The impact of rising sea levels and increasing sand temperatures on northern Australias turtle populations will be studied by Charles Darwin University, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, and indigenous ranger groups, the university has said.

Unfortunately, the turtles have LOTS of company in this sinking climate boat!

Canada smoke forecasts:

Canada Fire area and CO2 emissions

Climate Change and Energy Transition

The UNGA Summit on Climate Change has highlighted the need for urgent action to save humanity from disaster.

The UN Secretary-General warned that if else changes, we are heading towards a dangerous and unstable world with 2.8 degrees temperature rise.

The US, Europe, and China have suffered extreme heat in recent months.

Californian are bad for the world:
- their farming destroys the soil that it uses
- water shortage leeds to use of deeper, salinated water, which sometimes contains arsenic, a poison...
- used pesticides are killing bees.

And yet, 80% of the world's almonds come from California. Think about it next time you're at the supermarket buying almonds.

When it's not directly but it's definitely change.

The wind pattern change that caused the change in when it happened was caused by climate change. The inversion phenomenon itself is normal, as is the temperature range, to a degree (no pun).

Helen Czerski also has a recent The Royal Institution talk: How does the ocean help shape our world

Young climate activists challenging 32 governments will get their day in court

Dr. Peter Carter, Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez discuss the recent climate catastrophes that occurred as a result of Storm Daniel in both Libya and Greece.

This is a must watch for all. The Fully Charged Podcast on The Blue Machine With Helen Czerski.

- Net zero: Rishi 'destroying' UK green credibility, says Yanis

Chinas World Bank plans to triple Climate Change lending by 2030

> The plan .. envisages a tripling by 2030 in annual lending for projects to fight . This would make climate finance the banks top lending priority, accounting for more than half of the funds it disbursed, Alexander said.
Last year, our climate financing was $2.6bn and by 2030, it will be around $7bn to $8bn annually, said Alexander

Stop Climate Change
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