Coal power continues to expand in
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Coal power continues to expand in China, despite the governments pledges & goals. In the first half of 2023, construction was started on 37 gigawatts (GW) of new coal power capacity, 52 GW was permitted, while 41 GW of new projects were announced & 8 GW of previously shelved projects were revived. Of the permitted projects, 10 GW of capacity has already moved to construction.

I just finished reading a graphic novel I got from the library for my sons (pre- and mid-teens). Its an excellent way of bringing the reality of to the fore, showing results on a personal level. More than that, its just a beautiful book.

In his Outside JEB article, Michael William Country reports on Chan & cos recent Life Science Alliance journal paper showing the effect symbiotic have on , how they work together and how is destroying this relationship.

Plant trees and save the planet.

Hoe Petrol Pete de Amerikaanse jeugd doet wegkijken van de klimaatverandering. Amerikaanse scholen zijn vaak ondergefinancierd en nemen daardoor graag een grote zak geld aan van de olie- en gasindustrie, in ruil voor... misinformatie en indoctrinatie.

Antarctic Sea Ice extent with a standard deviation currently of 4.44 from the average for the baseline of 1981-2010. Peaked for the year

The amount of carbon in the atmosphere is affected by the amount in the seas and land since it is a cycle and balance. But relative to the effects of fossil fuel pollution the impact of land use on atmospheric carbon is small.

Agriculture's biggest levers when it comes to is reducing methane and N2O emissions, most likely through use of enzymes and microorganisms, and using nitrogen fertilizer from a carbon neutral source (neutral, not offset).

Devastatingly low Antarctic sea ice may be the new abnormal', study warns

Between the Climate Apocalypse and the increase in violent crime, teenage dangerous gangs, it's a good time to learn martial arts and blow heads in self defence.

Very important Nature article about the and . We can do better for our planet, but we have to act now :boostrequested:

Here's the abstract, emphasis mine

"Plant-based animal product alternatives are increasingly promoted to achieve more sustainable diets. Here, we use a global economic land use model to assess the food system-wide impacts of a global dietary shift towards these alternatives.
We find a substantial reduction in the global environmental impacts by 2050 if globally 50% of the main animal products (pork, chicken, beef and milk) are substitutednet reduction of forest and natural land is almost fully halted and agriculture and land use GHG emissions decline by 31% in 2050 compared to 2020.
*If spared agricultural land within forest ecosystems is restored to forest, climate benefits could double, reaching 92% of the previously estimated land sector mitigation potential.* Furthermore, the restored area could contribute to 13-25% of the estimated global land restoration needs under target 2 from the Kunming Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework by 2030, and future declines in ecosystem integrity by 2050 would be more than halved.
The distribution of these impacts varies across regionsthe main impacts on agricultural input use are in China and on environmental outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America.
While beef replacement provides the largest impacts, substituting multiple products is synergistic."

I live in Greece which has had unseen before flooding (which the government barely does anything about).

Somehow is still a controversial topic here, and people still continue to support the government that has left hundreds of people homeless without food and surrounded by dead animals and disease. If you haven't seen about it, look up what's going on in Karditsa.

The EU has promised to cut greenhouse gas pollution by at least 55% from 1990 levels by the end of the decade and hit net zero emissions by 2050. But a report from the European court of auditors in June found little indication that actions to achieve 2030 climate and energy targets will be sufficient.

I understand your sense of resignation, that those of us living in developed countries will witness, over time, ongoing humanitarian disasters and mass casualties around the globe due to extreme weather events.

It will test our resilience in many ways but will not be a mass extinction event for humans.

Ce mardi 12 septembre avait lieu la confrence de presse de EELV au sujet des lections snatoriales. L'occasion d'exprimer les objectifs du groupe cologiste au Snat et de prsenter quelques candidates sur la quarantaine de candidatures cologistes pour le 24 septembre prochain.

The Brainwashing Of America's School Children Climate Town

When people say the cost of switching to sustainable energy is too high or people will lose jobs if we stop using coal or oil I beg to differ. As the storms get bigger & stronger, the summers get hotter, the winters get colder, it is now leading to more damage, more fatalities, and escalating costs to rebuild. Doing nothing COSTS money too!

is the latest tech giant to buy into the idea of filtering CO2 out of the air as a way to combat & backing an oil giant, .

much of the industry has deep ties to oil & gas & companies paying to deal with their pollution by these investments doesnt necessarily stop them from creating pollution by burning fossil fuels.

I realized last year as Datacenters and Supermarktes Fridges in the UK overheated during their heatwave, that our physical infrastructure was built for a different world, and we need to account for higher operating temperatures when it comes to designing devices.

But this piece about rain floods and aging dams is something else

(sorry German only)

EU states must bridge planning gap in order to hit climate targets, report warns Greenhouse gas emissions The Guardian

We just blew past 1.5 degrees. Game over on climate Not yet

One great way to promote cooperation between Europe and Africa, despite growing resentment in many African countries against former colonial powers, is to speed up the formation of big structures at a European Union level, so that these structures operate in Africa instead of separate EU members' ones.

This can be useful for: relief in case of catastrophes, cooperation for ecological projects, defense against terror groups, etc.

We would need at least a EU relief intervention fund and task force, a EU ecological planning bureau and international cooperation fund, and a EU armed cooperation force.

I'm fascinated by space and rocketry, but as I am watching such weekly launches recap videos, I am becoming terrified. Rocket launches are now happening daily, and most of them spew pollution and debris on Earth. Another human endeavor that is absolutely not sustainable and destroying our planet.

***LAST EDITED*** 2/9/23

We are not on track.

New analysis of all national contributions (in red) to the fight against climate change.
Let's hope that after the climate conference in December, the red area will at least overlap with the blue area. but better would be an overlap with the greenish

Dont forget: this friday is climate strike.

Does protecting data protect the planet Are freedoms in transition Should we share data to protect the environment This 9th 's IP Report explores the overlaps between data protection, freedoms and the environment.

Regarding your most recent post, I appreciate your concern.

More realistically, we are entering a new era of human adaptability. Change can be scary but we now are in the mitigation phase, whether we want to be here or not.

Mediterraneans devastating Storm Daniel may be harbinger of storms to come

We just blew past 1.5 degrees. Game over on climate Not yet

For 10th straight year, remains Asias deadliest place to defend the

So that FOI I have going... today they asked if I was wanting just Ministerial level communications or Deputy and below, "out of scope."

Trying to narrow the search I am sure. So I gave them an out and asked for Minister and Deputy level only.

We'll see if they agree or if they try to claim it'll cost too much.

It's nonsense. I want the records. Give it up.

But, This Is The Way.

Danielle "There will be no transition" Smith is stanning Rich Kruger, CEO of Suncor today.

She proclaims that Kruger focusing on fossil fuels makes Suncor a LEADER IN THE ENERGY TRANSITION.

Just another day in Alberta.

Interesting article going into detail on how things that used to be ok (like peaceful protest) are now being criminalized to protect corporations & the fossil fuel industry.

Might be time to retire phrases like "once in a lifetime storm", "100/200/500 year event".... it's happening all the time, the rarity is gone. Buckle up

If politicians werent engaged in a battle to take away the rights of people in general to make choices with their own bodies, gender and relationships, just imagine what progress we might have made in slowing climate change and improving humanity.
You just wonder if those of big oil, coal and automakers are funding these conservative causes as a massive distraction away from the real problems we absolutely must solve soon.

On one hand - yay, rain and cool weather. At last!

On the other hand - shit! Its

Meet the shadowy global network vilifying Climate Protesters

For decades, the Atlas Network has used its reach and influence to spread conservative philosophyand criminalise climate protest.

tooting so hard the climate changes

Here is the proof. This graph is taken from Weather Spark, , which shows the average humidity in Morioka over the year. By now there the dew point should be 22C less than 10% of the time, but we have been going full-tilt since July. Ugh!

It is difficult and expensive to recycle batteries. They often go to landfill or dump to third world countries. The outside of the battery is metal which is easily recoverable. The inside is a mixture of different Li-metal-compounds, particularly Lithium Cobalt Oxide and other Ni, Mg, Fe, Al compounds all mixed together. Recycling often requires high heat, use of acids, ... and is energy intensive. Electronic components are almost never recycled.

Shockingly enough, there are 3 in Alberta (Canada) too. Edmonton has one on Sep 15, 2023, U of A quad, noon to 2pm

Global Fight to End Fossil Fuels  September 2023

Stop Climate Change
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