Bitcoin mining uses a lot of
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Bitcoin mining uses a lot of electricity, but countries are shifting to renewables. China crackdown led miners to Kazakhstan and the US

science is consistently too conservative on impact and predictions. Thats not a coincidense.
This is how I see it. They should use data from geology and not predict only on the processes they can model acurately. Science cant see beyond tipping points without geology

Plant trees and save the planet.

One more survey from work to fill in, but this time they got me by saying that for each survey answered they will plant a tree. I think this should be common practice!

Sometimes science needs to be translated into plain English. NIsh Kumar unpicks the jargon and converts it into single syllables. Great video collaboration with Dr Fredi Otto of Imperial College.
Importantly they lay out simple actions everyone can take starting from talking about it, especially with our political representatives and voting for it.

UNEP Adaptation Gap Report 2023: Finanzierungslcken bei Anpassung an Klimawandel und Folgen. Meinen Kollegen Michael Khn, Klimaexperte , berraschen die Erkenntnisse des Berichts nicht. Artikel via :

Planted 45 last month!

Tackling with direct action is very rewarding but Im slightly concerned how I now see spaces for trees everywhere and how this may turn into guerilla gardening.

In sum, would recommend!

When Idiot Savants Do Climate Economics

How an elite clique of math-addled economists hijacked policy.

If you stop burning fossil fuels, one of the most immediate benefits will be the contribution to reduce the 7 million deaths that are occurring due to exposure to air pollution.

Wow what the fuck is wrong with people This activity should be globally criminal already.

The seeds and leaves of Incadendron esseri, a tree genus found along the transect that is new to scienceMILES SILMAN

Why Norway the poster child for electric cars is having second thoughts

Electric cars are crucial, but not enough to solve climate change. We cant let them crowd out car-free transit options.

Flooding: Work begins to clear Downpatrick floodwater
"There's not much that anyone can do at the moment, I went up to the site this morning and I wasn't able to get anywhere near it at all."

Flooding has 'ripped the heart' out of Downpatrick
Residents almost knee-deep in water after flooding
Newry businesses damaged by 'unprecedented' flood

A monster eddy current is spinning into existence off the coast of Sydney. Will it bring a new marine heatwave

"The massive funding cut proposed by the GOP has virtually no chance of becoming law in this years budget but marks a starting point in negotiations for Republicans as they look to negotiate with Democrats in the Senate on funding the government...In addition to the top-line EPA cuts, the GOP bill would also rescind provisions from the climate, tax and health care bill that Democrats passed last year."

Former head of s climate group issues dire warning on warming

During the past year, the needles on the dashboard for global ice melt, heatwaves, ocean temperatures, coral die-offs, floods, and droughts all tilted far into the red warning zone. In summer and fall, monthly global temperature anomalies spiked beyond most projections, helping to drive those extremes, and they may not level off any time soon

The breaking news in the Honolulu vs Big Oil case makes our latest podcast once again REQUIRED LISTENING. Give it a listen and like/share/subscribe/tell a friend!


Species protections lag behind climate-driven declines

"The Endangered Species Act has saved almost 300 species from extinction... It will, however, have to contend with very active climate change impacts that have intensified since it was signed into law.

All wildlife is threatened by climate change... I dont think listed species are any more threatened than non-listed species".

Someone in the dept just announced that people driving cars to work can use pre-tax dollars to pay for the cost of parking. It applies to public transit fares as well, but they only mentioned it for drivers (and not even limiting it to carpooling).

With continued driving subsidies like this, UC Davis is really doing its utmost to fight .

Dunbar-Hester makes no promises about the future, and she is not in the business of bromides. But when your economic system is suicidalwhen the ordinary business of procuring goods and services is boiling the planet to deaththere is no better basis for that than hopeful solidarity, and no option but action"

I deposited a $5200 grant cheque from the Canada Greener Homes program. It helps us pay for 4.2 kW of solar panels we installed this summer. I encourage to take advantage of this grant.

It covers much more than solar. It can help you make your home more energy efficient or to replace fossil fuel heating with a heat pump. Do your bit to reduce the future effects of .

The process is straightforward. I encountered no problems.

Researcher: Amazon a time bomb for emergence of diseases with pandemic potential due to deforestation and climate change

4 November 1am local time
Place:Falasarna,Crete,Greece. Univ. of Athens station (
Current temp:29.2C
Another page of European climatology is being written with the hottest European November night on records albeit those temps won't probably last 24 hours

We're not going to be able to hold it to 1.5C before the end of the 2020's: Global warming in the pipeline

Everything is fine Spain evacuates hundreds over wildfire, strong winds: Spanish authorities have ordered the evacuation of hundreds and told thousands more to stay home as strong winds spread a wildfire that broke out in the southeastern Valencia region. DW

Douglas and his family built a 'special' life in Pioneer Valley. He says it's gut-wrenching it could all be destroyed
By Ashleigh Bagshaw

Eighty picturesque properties in north Queensland could be resumed for the world's largest pumped hydro scheme. More than a year after they learnt of the project, residents' futures remain in limbo.

How criminalisation is being used to silence across the world

Guardian investigation finds growing number of countries passing laws as part of playbook of tactics to intimidate people peacefully raising the alarm

Criminalisation is the most common tactic used against defenders, because its so easy and has such a big impact.

Nina Lakhani, Damien Gayle and Matthew Taylor
Thu 12 Oct 2023 07.00 EDT

"As and rage across the planet, sea temperature records tumble and polar glaciers disappear, the scale and speed of the climate crisis is impossible to ignore. Scientific experts are unanimous that there needs to be an urgent clampdown on fossil fuel production, a major boost in renewable energy and support for communities to rapidly move towards a fairer, healthier and sustainable low-carbon future.

"Many governments, however, seem to have different priorities. According to climate experts, senior figures at the UN and grassroots advocates contacted by the Guardian, some political leaders and law enforcement agencies around the world are instead launching a fierce crackdown on people trying to peacefully raise the alarm.

"'These defenders are basically trying to , and in doing so save ,' said Mary Lawlor, the UN special rapporteur on defenders. 'These are people we should be protecting, but are seen by and as a threat to be neutralised. In the end its about power and .'

" and groups report a significant increase in draconian, and often arbitrary, charges for peaceful protesters as part of what they claim is a playbook of tactics to vilify, discredit, intimidate and silence activists.

"The Guardian has also found striking similarities in the way governments from and the to and , from and to the , and , are cracking down on activists trying to protect the planet.

"The legal contexts vary, but the charges such as , illicit association, terrorism and tax evasion are often vague and time-consuming to disprove, while a growing number of countries, including the US and UK, have passed controversial anti-protest laws ostensibly intended to protect national security or so-called critical infrastructure such as .

"The systematic criminalisation of environmental defenders is not new. Natural resources on land have long been exploited, driving big profits for some but also fuelling violence and inequality.

"Experts say the Marlin mine in Guatemala was one of the earliest documented cases of a transnational and its state allies weaponising the legal system against environmental defenders. Since then, the Inter American Commission on Human Rights has repeatedly condemned what it describes as the alarming rise in the misuse of criminal justice systems against environmental, land and other human rights defenders across .

"'Criminalising defenders encourages collective stigma and sends off an intimidating message,' the IACHR said last year.

"According to Lawlor, this criminalisation of environmental has since become a phenomenon, and is now the most common tactic used to silence and discredit defenders.

"'At its core its about maintaining the in place. This is true regardless of whether its a , or a corrupt , and regardless of the states professed commitment to human rights, protecting the environment and combating .' she said.

"'Smearing defenders as lawbreakers or anti-development distracts from the cause and changes the narrative Whats clear is that states learn from each other.'

" is well and truly back. Paolo Gerbaudo, an academic at Kings College London who studies social movements, said that before the 2008 financial crash, the climate emergency felt like 'the challenge of our time'. But it 'largely slipped off the social and political agenda as activists such as turned their attention to opposing policies and pushing for global economic reforms.

"As scientific warnings grew ever more dire during the 2010s, there was a deepening feeling that traditional environmental campaigning was failing, and that politicians were not delivering with potentially catastrophic consequences.

"It was into this context that more , and more environmental protest groups emerged. Over the past five years, the UK has been not only at the forefront of these new forms of non-violent activism, but also novel means of silencing it."

Full article:

UN Climate Adaptation Report Highlights Growing Divide Between Need and Action

Dang. The warnings about a really bad season for seems to be coming true - at least in northern Australia.

"This animation visualises just the last two months of fire captured by - for context, the map covers an area larger than France, Spain and Germany combined..." Dr Robbi Bishop-Taylor, Earth Observation Scientist at
Geoscience Australia


EDIT: For clarity, DEAHotspots is a satellite based infrared hotspot detector similar to VIIRS here in the states. As such it's not guaranteed that any particular dot was a fire, and the size of the dot doesn't necessarily equate to the size of burned area.

"James Hansen...has calculated that a massive temperature differential between the poles and the equator would occur with an AMOC shutdown, producing superstorms of immense fury across the Atlantic Ocean... the last time Earth experienced those kinds of temperature differentials...raging tempests deposited house-sized boulders on coastlines in Europe and the Caribbean. Waves from the storms were estimated to have surged inland to 40 meters above sea level.

He got a Nobel for this brilliance

"Nordhaus has opined that agriculture is the part of the economy that is sensitive to climate change, but because it accounts for just 3 percent of national output, climate disruption of food production cannot produce a very large effect on the U.S. economy. Without food strange that one needs to reiterate this there is no economy, no society, no civilization.

The Nobel for economics needs to end. This is just so stupid.

"Nordhauss list of the indoor activities free of any effects from climate disruption include manufacturing, mining, transportation, communication, finance, insurance, real estate, trade, private sector services, and government services. Nordhaus appears to be conflating weather with climate. The one can make trouble for outdoor dining plans on your yacht. The other sinks the yacht.

El Bosque: La comunidad de Tabasco que el mar se est comiendo

Oil Spill


And the ecosysytems collapse is happening right now as well. . My blog describes how SAI can cool the earth in 2 years and keep temperature steady even if CO2 keeps rising.
Risks are many times smaller than impact and manageable

Please read the blog before you disagree
And sorry, its very long and thorough

World Will Pass 1.5C Warming Target This Decade, Some Climate Scientists Announce

And the ecosysytems collapse is happening right now as well. . My blog describes how SAI can cool the earth in 2 years and keep temperature steady even if CO2 keeps rising.
Risks are many times smaller than impact and manageable

Please read the blog before you disagree
And sorry, its very long and thorough

"expressed in the Clausius-Clapeyron equation relating saturation vapor pressure to temperature that the saturation vapor pressure increases 7% per C of warming. will also increase by 7% per degree, and so if we warm up by 3C by the end of the century, average precipitation will be up by 21%"

And the ecosysytems collapse is happening right now as well. . My blog describes how SAI can cool the earth in 2 years and keep temperature steady even if CO2 keeps rising.
Risks are many times smaller than impact and manageable

Please read the blog before you disagree
And sorry, its very long and thorough

explained by scientists and simplified for politicians by talented people.

erklrt von Wissenrschaftler*innen und vereinfacht fr Politiker*innen von talentierten Menschen.

Aber leider wird das , und dennoch nicht interessieren. bmdv bundersregierung

Just updated my blog on
SAI can cool the earth in 2 years and keep temperature steady even if CO2 keeps rising. We need a treaty

Please read the blog before you disagree
And sorry, its very long and thorough

Stop Climate Change
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