Banks pumped more than $150bn in
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Banks pumped more than $150bn in to companies running carbon bomb projects in 2022

"Banks pumped more than $150bn last year into companies whose giant carbon bomb projects could destroy the last chance of stopping the planet heating to dangerous levels, the Guardian can reveal.

The carbon bombs 425 extraction projects that can each pump more than one gigaton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere cumulatively hold enough coal, oil and gas to burn through the rapidly dwindling carbon budget four times over. Between 2016 and 2022, banks mainly in the US, China and Europe gave $1.8tn in financing to the companies running them, new research shows."

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simulations 1921-2100
via NOAA SPEAR data.

about SPEAR:

Todays Learning resource.

What are And how will our rapidly warming world impact them

Extreme in a warming world.

Current AtmosphericRiver trends U.S

Previous Study: trends over East Asia.

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RT by : Does your aim to reduce impacts &amp improve

offers the right advise to resolve your project's technical or business challenges


2023-11-06 08:15 UTC

4 November marked the 7th anniversary of the entry into force of the . How far have we come and what more needs to be done to combat A

What a one-sided and poor article.

No mention that all large CCS have failed to meet their targets or that theyre actually used to greenwash fossil fuel activities.

No mention of the geotechnical suitability of the sea floor to store large amounts of CO2 for long amounts of time safely.

When revolting water lilies are your only source of " "

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Abandoned oil rigs could scrape carbon from the sky and store it in empty undersea reservoirs

Goodness me! The saga of how some revised estimates magicked away the huge hole that Labour had recently created in their Emissions Reduction Plan.

Speaking about too warm temperatures: we all have the same experience. And we should constantly have in mind, that it does not only happen in our environment but actually all around the globe at the same time!

The planet is heating up. And we don't have to act now but already yesterday!

The Tories rush to extinction - and dont miss my double entendre

Amidst mounting global concerns over climate change, the upcoming COP28 summit in Dubai emerges as a pivotal battleground for the worlds environmental future. With controversies swirling and urgent calls for action echoing across the globe, the conferences agenda promises high-stakes negotiations and critical decisions that could shape the trajectory of international climate policy.

Half of the world's 2,000 biggest listed companies have set a target to get to net-zero emissions by the middle of the century, but just a fraction meet tough United Nations guidelines for what constitutes a quality pledge, a report has shown.

The continued denial by wealthy historic polluters of their responsibility to pay for climate harms, hiding behind paragraphs and footnotes, is out of touch with reality, said Lien Vandamme, Senior Campaigner at the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), who believes the Fund fails to deliver on justice, equity, and human rights.

New special issue of the Journal of Alpine Research Revue de gographie alpine is out of press!

The issue is about "The glaciated Slopes of the High Alpine : Holocene Evolution and Impacts of the Current "

The articles are all available online:


Plant trees and save the planet.

Bonjour tous, voil une video qui montre combien nous sommes loin de limiter le rchauffement climatique. Mais un lment nous concerne directement Noisy le Grand, c'est la BNP.
C'est elle qui porte le projet de raser les 3ha du Bois Louis Lumire sige de 3 sources, pour construire un ensemble de 500 logements.
Cette banque participe au financement d'une partie de l'exploitation des 420 bombes climatiques

As someone who uses clothes til they are truely wornout and break, and who gets anxious if need arises to shop for new clothes, the idea of 28 new items a year seems alien. But all in all, it's again question of advertising, in its myriad forms, creating non-existent needs and feeding rich investors without conscience. Overconsumption in a word.

Fashions efforts to go green cancelled out by shopaholics

> Wrap report says 12% reduction in carbon impact negated by 13% rise in textiles produced and sold

Must be Exxon's fault

Trump 2.0: The climate cannot survive another Trump term

The of Animals Is a Huge Problem for Plants

Without their seed dispersers, some plants cant move fast enough to escape climate change.

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so, what they're saying in this movie without actually saying it is that 1969 there was already speculation of and one of the dangers of overheating the Earth if we didn't control our carbon emissions was that we'd get an invation of heat-loving alien nazis

One way to take a bite out of starts on your dinner plate.>

Your flights of leisure are being paid for by your grand children. Climate scientists are clear that we must stop flying if we are to curb the current trajectory of Climate Change.

Traveling is fun but it's deadly to those on the frontlines of climate change. Please reconsider your travel plans by avoiding flights.

Just a reminder that the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan draft is out for review! Comments must be submitted by Nov 17.

From climate signs to advocacy training sessions to protests to awareness campaigns to you-name-it, the Hub has stood up for Climate in since early 2017. Now we're asking for your help. We need to hit 10K in 7 days & we're just $2100 away


I predict the next generation of robber baron oligarchs will be female women of color, and everyone will be SHOCKED that they are just as bad for society and the planet.

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it's so complex

"Scientists warn Earth warming faster than expected due to reduction in ship pollution

As commercial ships move across the ocean, they emit exhaust that includes sulfur. This can contribute to the formation of marine clouds through aerosols also known as ship tracks  which radiate heat back out into space."

They call them
Kisiki Hai meaning living stump is a low-cost, sustainable land restoration technique used to combat poverty and hunger amongst poor subsistence farmers in developing countries by increasing food and timber production, and resilience to climate extremes. It involves the systematic regeneration and management of trees and shrubs from tree stumps, roots and seeds.

In Praise of the Tiny Truck.
Dont plan your city to fit your vehicles. Plan for vehicles that fit your city.

Community meeting Sunday evening covering living in a bushfire red zone was highly informative if not a little sobering. But what life isnt lived without some risk In a heating world, no one is safe from the consequences of what we are doing to our planet

A new paper, "global warming in the pipeline", is out, and the first 20 min of the video is a summary of the paper by the lead author.

* on a 12 month average, we'll hit 1.5C early next year.
* 2.0C is basically baked-in for 2040, with scenarios to stay under 2.0C looking implausible
* post 2020, sulfur emissions (which have short-term localized cooling effect) dropped by >90%, causing a doubling in solar absorption focused in the global North

A dear friend of mine was trafficked as a child.

Two men kept the children chained up in the basement. The Monster liked to use his fists. The Monster's Keeper liked to use candy.

...Do we need to debate which one is "worse"

No. Hell no.

That's a meaningless, awful, despicable, gutwrenching question with no real answer, and there's no point wasting the time or energy-- much less sanity-- contemplating it. Just typing it made me queasy.

Both are kidnappers and rapists. Both are monsters. There is no "lesser" evil here. What matters is stopping them BOTH, and getting the kids OUT of that damned basement. Period.

...I've been asked if I have permission to relate this story.

Yes. I do.

Not only that, but my friend brought it up himself, while I was ranting about the plutocratic duopoly's game of Good Cop / Bad Cop. I repeat: it was during a political discussion that I learned about this chapter of my friend's past, when HE volunteered the comparison.

It is not a comparison made lightly.

I'm going to keep saying it: voting in fear is not democracy. It's a hostage situation.

Billions of lives are at stake. Climate change is already hammering us like the fist of an angry god. More than half a century has already been squandered while we politely wait for incremental change and the monsters in charge spend our last best chances at a habitable future betting instead on round after round of musical deck chairs. The Nobel prize was awarded to a deranged economist who calls 3C global temperature increase "optimal"-- even though that's halfway to the opposite of an ice age. The world will be unrecognizable. The scale of the destruction and suffering that's coming-- that has already started-- is unimaginable. The people who got us into this mess are not going to save us.

All our rulers care about is jockeying for power, competing with each other for money and control to see who secures the best bunkers and yachts and private armies while the world burns. They will say anything to shut us up, and toss us only just enough scraps to keep us pacified and complacent-- they've already written us off for dead, and they're already looting our corpses. They'll go on promising incremental change, promising they'll send help, while they crank the gilded doors on the bunker shut and lock it behind them. They'll smile and wave and give us a reassuring thumbs-up while we burn.

We think Democrats and Republicans are enemies. They fight over us the same way predators fight over the entrails of their prey. Just because one hyena brushes their teeth more often and has better breath than another, doesn't mean we should crawl obligingly into their jaws looking for salvation. The enemy of our enemy is just another enemy-- but they'll spend a lot of time and effort assuring us our only real hope is to curry their favor.

The "good" cop smiles and promises to protect us from the bad cop-- IF we behave. This does not make the "good" cop good. It does not make him our friend. It does not make giving him what he wants a good idea. They may not get along, they may not like each other much, but they collect their paychecks from the same banks, vote to fund the same war machine, sip the same champagne and nibble the same caviar while riding the same yachts and the same private jets to the same sex islands, and ALL OF THEM MUST BE STOPPED.

The right fist punches, until being strangled by the left fist feels like a blessed relief. The bad cop softens us up so we'll capitulate to the good cop. Both of them are laughing at us.

We are prisoners, trapped and brainwashed and exploited.

Some of us have come to identify with our oppressors, fawning on them for survival.

Like trusting, desperate children, we are too frightened to face the fact that BOTH of our parents are abusive. It's far easier to blame our siblings for misbehaving.

Don't you DARE say anything bad about Momma. She's the one who wipes our tears and tells us she loves us (before locking us back in the basement). Vote blue no matter who, kids, or else we get the orange hose again. This basement is the only world we can ever hope to know, so we have to be good and make the best of it. Don't talk back.

I hate to break it to you, but Momma is part of the problem. Momma is not going to do anything real to put a stop to the violence in this house.

This house which, by the way, is flooding AND on fire.

We don't have time for this shit. We have to stop this nightmare and get out of this trap.

Our captors will not help us.

....Not even the "nice" one who smiles and promises candy.

Up Close, 13 Years Later

by Robert Hunziker
October 13, 2023

"The world is turning to as a solution to , but it is postulated herein that it is a huge mistake that endangers society. One causes as much damage over the long-term as a major . Moreover, according to Dr. , chair of the Nuclear Consulting Group, former secretary to the UK Scientific Advisory Committee on Internal Radiation: 'Its important to understand that nuclear is very likely to be a significant climate casualty.'

" recently published an article about the status of Fukushima as well as an expos of how the nuclear industry gets away with responsibility for -caused (1) deaths (2) chronic conditions like (3) deformities: A Strategy of Concealment, September 24, 2023, by , who is a Tokyo-born France-based anti-nuclear journalist also serving as president of Echo-Exchange. Kobayashis work was posted by CounterPunch under the title: How Agencies That Promote Nuclear Power Are Quietly Managing Its Disaster Narrative.

"The following synopsis, including editorial license that adds important death details which defy the nuclear industrys bogus claims about nuclear safety, opens closed pathways to whats really going on.

"After thirteen years, the declaration of a State of Emergency for Nuclear Power Plant still cannot be lifted because of many unknowns, as well as ubiquitous deadly radiation levels. The destroyed reactors are tinderboxes of highly radioactive spent fuel rods that contain more cesium-137 than eighty-five (85) . Cesium-137 in or near a human body erupts into a series of maladies, one after another in short order, depending upon level of exposure: (1) nausea (2) vomiting (3) diarrhea (4) bleeding (5) coma leading to death.

"The spent fuel rods at the Fukushima nuclear reactor site are stored in pools of water on the top floor of compromised reactor buildings 100 feet above ground level, except for Unit 3 which completed removal of its spent fuel rods in 2019, an extremely slow, laborious process thats highly dangerous.

"Stored spent fuel rods in open pools of water are the epitome of high-risk. 'If the 440 tonne vessel collapses, it could hit the storage pool next to it. If this pool is damaged, even partially, another major disaster could occur.' (Kobayashi) In that regard, theres significant risk of collapse in the event of a strong . And is one of the most earthquake prone countries in the world. 'The city (Tokyo) governments experts reckon there is a 70% chance of a magnitude 7, or higher, quake hitting the capital within the next 30 years.' (Source: Japan is Preparing for a Massive Earthquake, The Economist, August 31, 2023)

"If exposed to open air, rods erupt into a sizzling zirconium fire followed by massive radiation bursts of the most toxic material on the planet. It can upend an entire countryside and force evacuation of major cities. According to the widely recognized nuclear expert Paul Blanch: 'Continual storage in spent fuel pools is the most unsafe thing you could do.' Paul Blanch, registered professional engineer, US Navy Reactor Operator & Instructor with 55 years of experience with nuclear engineering and regulatory agencies, is widely recognized as one of Americas leading experts on nuclear power.

" Nuclear Power Plant will remain a high-risk explosive scenario for decades ahead. After all, a program for future decommissioning is unclear and overall radiation guesstimates are formidable. All the structures where decommissioning will take place are highly radioactive and as such nearly impossible for the dangers to worker exposure."

Read more:

(5/2) People don't realize "natural gas" is another fossil fuel. Climate activists are divided over renaming it "fossil gas" or "methane gas". I bring this up from my TracingCOVID account, the one that traces misinformation about vaccines and viruses, for a reason.


Ketan Joshi has written about Equinors track record

3. operator of this offshore gig = EQUINOR
Who are Equinor
Norway's largest fossil fuel company who have racked up millions in violations.

4. The worlds largest floating offshore wind project at 88MW is Hywind Tampen, which Equinor built to run their oil and gas cheaper:

Stop Climate Change
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