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Are you interested in interested in sea ice dynamics and the connections between flow features and climatic change Then this position at the University in Tromso may be for you:

Green Our Planet

: SE has 40% of the worlds . have returned resulting in toxic , and a emergency. In the meantime , companies and governments deny the issue Story via

Massive flash flooding from torrential rainfall in Cork, Ireland.

Cleaner air: Mission (im)possible for cities #Certificationandstandards #Majorandchronicdiseases #Sustainability #Climatechange #Airpollution #LivingCities #Publichealth #Healthcare #HealthCare #Emissions #Pollution #Transport #Farright #mobility #Research #Mobility #Budget #Cities #Crisis

What is the global stocktake

Check it out!

Climate change demands that we achieve both growth and degrowth, depending on the activity and economic sector in question.

Health professionals risk arrest with road occupation, die-in and climate inquest outside JP Morgan

#extinction #rebellion #xr #rebelforlife #climate #climatechange

Extinction Rebellion spoofs greenwashing PR Week Awards ceremony

#extinction #rebellion #xr #rebelforlife #climate #climatechange

UK peeps how does your local council score on environmental considerations and actions Mine is pretty mediocre! I blame the usual bureaucratic bungling, ever decreasing govt funds and a dab of corruption.

Extreme weather could burn many investment portfolios by mid-century

US fish & wildlife service reports that 21 new species have been declared Extinct.

There are now 650 species that have gone extinct in the U.S.

A short story about a very plausible future YOU may have in the UK. Why aren't you taking the overwhelming warning signs more seriously

CO2 handel brengt niet veel emissie reductie mee in werkelijkheid volgens mij.
But I also think we can't reduce co2 fast enough overal.
Therefore I wrote a blog on how we can safely start research on stratospheric aerosol injection.
Please read the blog before you disagree

Good news for , or : Car industry in asks external employees already to register as unemployed for next year. They still don't know what to do with their inhouse workers.

"A new study published in Nature suggests there may be more wiggle room left for the ice sheet before it sets on an irreversible decline. Even if human-driven climate change pushes global temperatures above that 2C threshold, an increasingly likely possibility, the Greenland ice sheet could avoid full collapse if temperatures come back down relatively quickly, the study says.

"The Greenland ice sheet is more resilient than we thought," says Nils Bochow, a researcher at the Arctic University of Norway and the lead author of the paper.

But, he stresses, that resiliency has clear bounds. The possibility of irreversible ice sheet collapse within a few thousand years is nearly impossible to avoid if temperatures dramatically overshoot the 2C threshold after 2100, or if they stay even slightly past that threshold for more than a few hundred years.

I agree we must cut back CO2 emissions and also methane.
But I also think we can't reduce co2 fast enough.
Therefore I wrote a blog on how we can safely start research on stratospheric aerosol injection.
Please read the blog before you disagree

Sehr eindrckliche Darstellung, die meine Entscheidungen bestrkt.

I love the ambivalent language like leaving questions about the role of LNG. The current view is not wishy-washy but clear, LNG doesnt have a place in the energy market if we are to contain . It would be nice if journalists actually told it as is rather than beat about the bush.

The other point what madman builds a $10bn plant in a low lying hurricane zone

By early next year the world may have reached 1.5C warming above the long-term temperature average.

Those pesky Grandparents for Climate Action are right. NO NEW GAS approvals by me!

Suncor CEO insists oil and gas isn't going anywhere. They just need to make fossil fuels more "socially acceptable."

This has been the major problem with the , the control 70% of the news and they always favour the RW parties and big business like coal , oil, gas which are all bad for

Paul Beckwith: "Little Primer on System Tipping Points"

I do agree about the need to vote for Greens
Is it okay that mainstream media relentlessly under-reports, distorts or ignores climate science in the interest of corporations & obscene profit
Is it possible for people to vote against their own interests when wilfully misinformed
Has democracy been incrementally eroded by corporate interests so that no matter who people vote for, they act in the interests of corporations not citizens


The Browning of Planet Earth Climate Denial Crock of the Week

When governments fail, it's people who must get active and make change

the damageis nonlinear it rises more and more quickly for each increment of climate change. This should cause us concern. it is in our interest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions rapidly

How many more warnings do we need

getting it done. The best President on ever.

N.S. hay shortage puts veteran support program with horses in jeopardy

Just 1 of the endless negative consequences of fossil fueled climate change disasters

Reef-devouring predator survives coral bleaching and feasts on the survivors
"Research conducted by marine biologists from the University of Sydney has found juvenile crown-of-thorns starfish can withstand tremendous heat waves well above levels that kill coral. These starfish then develop into carnivorous predators that devour reefs just as they begin to regrow."

In northern Bangladesh, where annual monsoon floods on the Brahmaputra River often ravage crops and homes, farmers are limiting losses thanks to a system for early warning and aid.

Malawi swelters in record heat with temperatures nearly 20C above average: Climate crisis blamed for extreme heat in African country, which has recorded temperatures of 43C

Greta Thunberg charged by UK police after climate protest arrest

> UK police on Wednesday, October 18, charged Swedish climate campaigner Greta Thunberg with a public order offense, following her detention at a protest outside an annual gathering of energy industry figures in London

Caribbean looks to Trudeau to put quest for climate change funding on the world's agenda CBC News

A withering has turned the Amazonian capital of Manaus into a dystopia with the second worst air quality in the world and rivers at the lowest levels in 121 years.

The English speaking world is increasingly using "terrorism laws" to harass and silence people whose political views are uncomfortable for Govt. This young woman in Australia is one of many such targets for her protests over climate change.

What is playing outnow isconsistent with what scientists expect. No one wants to be right about this. I am stunned by the ferocity of the impacts we areexperiencing. I am really dreading the devastation The pressure and anxiety of working through an escalating crisis is taking its toll on many of us.

The melting of Greenland's ice sheet could add more than a meter to rising sea levels, research has shown, but the sheet's collapse may be preventable.

Near-global daily average ocean surface temperatures have been at record high levels since mid-March and are still remarkably high at the time of year when the global average typically approaches the lowest levels of the year. Because water is so much more dense than air, this is so, so impactful for the entire Earth system and will reverberate for many months. Graphic courtesy Climate Reanalyzer/U. Maine.

Stop Climate Change
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