anybody who sees this and doesn't
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anybody who sees this and doesn't see the business case for radical change is lying to you: we lose $4T a year and spend $7T to do it, no-brainer on how to fix : get off oil! we spend $11T/y to kill ourselves

This is why I subscribe to The Guardian....

Amazon region hit by trio of droughts in grim snapshot of the century to come

Auf der muss endlich ein zgiger Ausstieg aus allen fossilen Brennstoffen und der beschleunigte Ausbau von Erneuerbaren Energien beschlossen werden. Dazu brauchen wir ein starkes, verbindliches Energiepaket. Unsere Forderungen:

Lung Health Inequality: Patient perspectives on the impact of climate change on respiratory wellbeing

Climate Change

While the future of AI is such a hot topic in the news, here are 5 things has shared with us that you need to know about the relationship between AI and climate change.

: International Agreements on Actions for are critical to meet the UN Climate Goals (SDG Goal 13 - Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts). The first Conference of the Parties (COP) was held in Berlin, Germany, in 1995.

Here is a summary of Key Climate Summits () so far.

Paul Beckwith: GHG update from WMO (World Meteorological Organization) shows accelerating rise of CO2, CH4, and N2O

The DRZE at the
of the Academies' Day "What Is Just Ideas of Justice in Global Comparison"

The Academies' Day of the Union of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities took place in Berlin on 7 November, and we were attending with a booth on the project street.

Thank you for having us!

Photo gallery of the Academies' Day:

Right on the nose. I'm going to propose a problem solving course / curriculum to address this.

More broadly, it is systematic on a societal level. Digital systems have made people consumers only, not "users", of technology. You are actively discouraged of taking things apart, as violating DMCA agreements.

Taking back the right to repair is not a sustainability issue, it is a resilience issue (certainly in the face of ).

Pre , economists are updating estimating the impact of global warming on the economy, calculating to a decimal place the hit to output in decades time. The numbers = the product of economic models unfit to capture the full extent of

European Parliament adopts position on certifying carbon removals The European Parliament adopted its position on Tuesday (21 November) on a scheme to certify carbon removals to help Europe meet its climate target and prevent greenwashing.

RT by : Protecting , &amp is crucial in the fight against

is looking for innovative solutions for:

Irrigation practices and technologies in agriculture
New ocean models



2023-11-22 08:45 UTC

2 gradi fa tutto era diverso
2 gradi fa per spostarsi bisognava faticare un po'
2 gradi fa il fumo da combustibile usciva solo dalla canna fumaria dei caminetti
2 gradi fa si moriva per poco e tutto era meno comodo di ora
2 gradi fa il pianeta era ancora intatto e l'essere umano era ancora nel pieno della crescita personale e celebrale
2 gradi fa grazie alla grande capacit mentale abbiamo immaginato e inventato macchine che ci hanno sconvolto l'esistenza

Tell President Biden: Listen to Scientists and Commit to Bold Climate Action at COP28

Jaarlijks sterven er wereldwijd 18 miljard kippen, kalkoenen, varkens, schapen, geiten en koeien zonder dat ze op iemands bord te belanden. Dat berekenden Leidse onderzoekers Juliane Klaura, Laura Scherer en Gerard Breeman.

Each year 18 billion animals either die or are killed without making it onto someone's plate, say environmental scientists Juliane Klaura, Laura Scherer, and Gerard Breeman from Leiden University.

UN report says world is racing to well past warming limit as carbon emissions rise instead of plunge
On Friday, the globe hit 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees) above pre-industrial levels for the first time in recorded history

Fund to compensate developing nations for is unfinished business at

The temperature in Brazil soaring high,
It easily surpassed one-twelve-point-five
Days in the sun, oh, so hot
Soaring high, not a single spot

The RECLAIM Network Plus initiative, which provides a central database for towns and cities looking to mitigate the impacts of climate change, has won new funding for the development of what it describes as a library of greening.

China is installing 14 GW of new solar PV per *month* this year!
2021 was the first time that the whole world achieved that speed of deployment...

Analyst Yan Qin, on the birdsite: "China has added 142.56 GW Solar capacity in the first 10 months of 2023"

Robbispere was right.

Wildebeest and wolves: The secret weapons against

When scientists examined the effect just nine groups of animals have on the the results were startling. So what would happen if we did more to protect them

As a new era of environmental rule of law takes shape, UNEPs new report provides recommendations for governments to navigate this evolving landscape.

Find out more:

By allowing existing trees to grow old in healthy ecosystems and restoring degraded areas, scientists say 226 gigatonnes of carbon could be sequestered, equivalent to nearly 50 years of US emissions for 2022. But they caution that mass monoculture tree-planting and offsetting will not help forests realise their potential.

sure. I'm scientifically cool with that.

on the other hand, I have yet to see a comprehensive study of possible induced changes in ice mass -- and their potential effect on local tectonics -- in the Himalayas or other high ranges...

New York City action, Nov. 29: Direct action groups Planet Over Profit and Climate Defiance have announced their intent to shut down the NYT "Dealbook Summit", an ego-stroking event for various billionaires including Jamie Dimon, CEO of fossil-fuel project funder JP Morgan Chase.

The info and signup page is here:

Richards et al determine an estimate of global mean sea level for the Mid-Pliocene (3 million years ago) using a dynamic topography model constrained using sea level indicators in Australia. They estimate that sea level was about 16 m higher than present, which would correspond to Greenland and West Antarctica completely retreating, with a possibility of part of East Antarctica retreating as well.

The latest data from Global Energy Monitor (GEM) shows that two-thirds of coal capacity currently under construction is in China (136GW), followed by India (32GW) & Indonesia (14GW).

24% of coal plants currently under construction outside of China are captive power plants.

Much of this growth is due to one country: Indonesia.

"Who benefits from a now climate-battered world in which there IS NO objective truth about anything, let alone why our cities are burning, where the most basic & easy to manipulate emotions of Fear & Hatred can be whistled up at the drop of a hat"

8 million Alberta tax dollars got spent on a nationwide ad blitz against a . A team of smart Calgarians unpack the campaign.



Toyota SUV adverts banned for condoning driving that disregards its environmental impact in a landmark ruling, that the SUV ads had been created without a sense of responsibility to society.

An important precedent because arguably, none are.

makes life less sweet

"Europes flooded fields are delaying harvesting and threatening to wipe out 15% of crops still to be collected in , one of the regions biggest growers of the sweetener.

Dutch farmers still have about 50% of beets in fields.
Harvest delays will probably prolong s beet campaign until February, increasing the risk of crop losses to frost."

The Earth Transformed

From the international bestselling author of The Silk Roads comes a major history of how a changing climate has dramatically shaped the development and demise of civilisations across time.

This is why it has to be stopped

Burrup Hub's emission will dwarf those of other major Australian polluters

shite lite indeed

these claims by Dutton were deceptive & misleadingbold-faced, dangerous, totally unsubstantiated lies deliberately designed to deceive public. Legally, nothing can be done about it & nothing was done about it. The Australian govt will legislate to protect you from a soggy phone, but not from a powerful politician who repeatedly lies about or .

" has recorded its hottest ever temperature - 44.8C (112.6F) - as parts of the country endure a stifling .

The unprecedented weather has been attributed to the phenomenon and . "

likely passed key 2C point on two days so far
Friday and Saturday were first two days on record to have global average surface above 2C when compared with preindustrial levels indicating just how quickly the planet is warming.
News of the record is in keeping with the record-shattering year so far on track to be the hottest on record globally in all surface weather datasets

'Even in the most optimistic scenario of current climate plans, the likelihood of limiting warming to 1.5C is only 14%.'

'A new UNEP report warns: Nations must urgently reduce emissions or we might face global warming of 2.5-2.9C.'


You know what's so amazing about this

Nov 20 EWE: Last month was the most anomalous on record for temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere.

Stop Climate Change
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