&quotThe entire world is grappling with
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&quotThe entire world is grappling with climate change. India has shown the way to combat it,&quot Modi said

It is 10:09PM and 26.8C here at Alberniweather with a Humidex of 32.
At 10:10AM this morning it was 27.8C with a Humidex of 33.
Good grief.

July 2023 was the hottest month on Earth since at least 1880 'by a longshot,' NASA says

Climate Change

L'augment sobtat del met com a senyal que hem entrat en la fase abrupta del canvi climtic :bd01:

Des del 2006, la quantitat de met a l'atmosfera terrestre ha augmentat rpidament. El met s un gas d'efecte hivernacle molt ms potent que el CO.

Cada cop que la terra s'ha escalfat diversos graus deixant enrere un perode glacial, s'han produt augments sobtats i forts del met.

Aquests perodes coneguts com a terminacions triguen milers d'anys a completar-se, inclouen un inici progressiu d'escalfament i una fase abrupta de canvi climtic rpid que pot trigar un segle o menys. Aquesta fase es caracteritza per una pujada abrupta del met on la temperatura de Groenlndia pot augmentar 10 C en poques dcades.

L'augment accelerat del met fa sospitar que ens podem trobar en aquesta fase. Desprs vindria un perode lent durant el qual els grans casquets polars finalment es fonen.

Sabeu que ens estan enganyant amb la "transici" verda

Cada any s'omplen la boca que han installat un munt de molinets i plaques solars, i aix est molt b, per a quanta energia fssil han substitut amb aquestes installacions

La grfica s'explica per si sola, l'energia renovable afegeix ms consum a la suma de la despesa energtica, mai la substitueix

Cap "transici" no es transita d'una energia a l'altra, s un suma i sigue

We should have been planning to avoid widespread, frequent catastrophes for at least the last 40 years. If only someone had warned fossil fuel executives and their client politicians.......oh wait...

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Australian perspectives on at

Australia has 100 known extinctions since 1788, dozens of species critically


A/Prof Katherine Moseby notes that leaving nature alone isnt enough to rewild Australia due to the extent of the damage. Also this continent has a long history of First Nations management, as opposed to being "left alone".


Rewilding is also more than reintroducing species to areas. E.g. where introduced predators are part of the problem, reintroducing a prey species is just shoving them into the meat grinder.

On the other hand, species raised in predator-free reserves can lose their evasive skills.

How can introduced predators be controlled 1080 poison is controversial, but used because native animals have a tolerance to it. There are so many that shooting (cats and foxes) cannot be effective. No mention of species-specific sterilisation technology.

(Gene drive technology is probably not suitable for controlling introduced predators. This involves releasing populations of the target animal that can only father male offspring.)


Great audience questions about balancing farming with restoring ecosystems.

Prof Richard Kingsford notes a lack of ready solutions, but it seems the answer must include producing more food in cities.

Enter !


Reintroduction into fenced reserves is not a substitute for rewilding. Australia has met the criteria for delisting some endangered species due to healthy populations in fenced areas but wild populations are still in decline.


More frequent, more intense heatwaves will affect rewilding efforts as you might expect (animals will die).

Many of our threatened species live underground, which protects them but are also nocturnal, and more badly affected by rising overnight temperatures.

Big thanks to the hosts and speakers.

Ending the meat industry would greatly improve England's environment & as a bonus, mitigate &, if the government helped, improve people's general health.

OK, hoping that a meat industry lobbying government will help maybe "unrealistic"

But, there are many equally priced plant & fungi-based foods alternatives to meat products in the UK's shops.

OK, hoping that meat eaters ("consumers") will help may be "unrealistic".

But, reality is very realistic

What a truly important day today in legal news!

Besides getting indicted on multiple felony racketeering charges that he cannot get pardoned for by becoming president, the kids who sued the government for destroying their rights to a clean environment WON their case in Montana!!

"'Watershed moment': Judge rules in favor of youth in landmark v. case"

Happy to see how this case turned out. A well-deserved victory!

"The Montana case, brought by plaintiffs ranging in age from 5 to 22, was the first of its kind to go to trial in the United States."


One hypothesis behind the leap year is so that we can keep the months aligned with the seasons and the reason why February was chosen is so that we can get through winter much quicker (illusion of time). But with climate change there has been a shift of subjective winter stop and start dates, at least in Europe, for the past couple of years. Where the typical first snow fall happens right after Christmas and snow persists until late April.

If we would have disregarded leap years for the past 100 years, we could have kept the original promise of having the months align with the seasons, though in the end, we changed ourselves out of the concept.

"Young environmental activists scored what experts described as a ground-breaking legal victory Monday..."

Virus-carrying *tropical* mosquitos found in ... Finland (!) The West Nile virus.

I'm sure this will inspire similar lawsuits in the US and globally.

Game-changer: judge rules in favour of young activists in US climate trial: 16 young plaintiffs had alleged the Montana state government had violated their right to a healthy environment

Every stereotype you knew about weather is wrong, thanks to .

- Me, near Portland Oregon, where we just broke the all-time August heat record.

ICYMI 111 years ago today

Judge sides with youth in Montana climate change trial, finds two laws unconstitutional Daily Montanan

>Seeley wrote in her 103-page order that the MEPA limitation, which prohibits the state from considering greenhouse gas emissions and climate impacts when deciding whether to approve permits for energy and mining projects, violated Montanans rights under the 1972 state constitution.

What happens in , doesnt stay in Montana

Seems like a rather important win.

"An alarming pattern: Climate disasters hit, and Spanish-language misinformation spreads:

Spanish-language disinformation on social media as well as coded language to spread false narratives often flies under the radar of the platform's content moderation policies."

I have often wondered what these poor Cassandras do to keep from mentally exploding as they watch the world slowly begin to burn, as they predicted it would years or decades ago.

I know Im not strong enough for it

Historic Victory in Montana climate legal case: Judge Kathy Seeley in the First Judicial District Court of Montana ruled wholly in favor of the 16 youth plaintiffs in Held v. State of Montana, declaring that the state of Montana violated the youths constitutional rights, including their rights to equal protection, dignity, liberty, health and safety, and public trust, which are all predicated on their right to a clean and healthful environment.

Montana attorney generals office said the state would appeal, which would send the case to the Montana Supreme Court

At least some people get to drive big pickup trucks with modified emissions to look cool

Addendae 1 cont'd 2/2

Montana Youth Activists Win Historic Climate Change Lawsuit
Game-changer ruling has implications for future climate change lawsuits in U.S., around the world

Montana Judge Backs Climate Youth in Sweeping Constitutional Win

Maui wildfires death toll expected to rise amid search efforts Death toll stands at 99 (ABC News VIDEO)

My phone camera corrected out how lividly orange the sun disc is right now due to wildfire smoke. Currently 89F at 7:30pm.

I think we all know Canada is especially hot and on fire at the moment.

But in case you were wondering just HOW hot and on fire it is...

The CBC Climate Dashboard gives you a ton of at-a-glance data:


Yes in Tasmania some years ago we had forest fires in temperate rainforest. Never seen that before.

Survival of Wild Rice Threatened by , Increased Rainfall in Northern Minnesota.
Wild rice is an aquatic grass that thrives in shallow waters, and serves as a sacred mashkiki, or medicine, to the Ojibwe.

The last time in the air rose so fast, Greenland warmed by 10C within decades. Methane levels in the atmosphere are now rising fast, similar to past . This could lead to a termination-level transition and make it harder to limit .

US to invest $1.2 bn in plants to pull carbon from air

I recently watched Ningaloo Nyinggulu, a beautiful documentary about the unique ecosystems of Ningaloo Reef, Cape Range & Exmouth Gulf. Grazing dugongs, graceful manta rays, sparring whales, golden rafts of Sargassum, & the enduring connection of Traditional Owners.

July was world's hottest month on record, says NASA (Reuters News VIDEO)

They won.

La poltica institucional es una parodia.

Acta contra la Crisis Climtica en www.futurovegetal.org/participa

Intervencin de nuestra compaera Victoria en El Tablero.

I'm trying out an "hour of action" which is a guided zoom doing some climate change political outreach.

Honestly probably one of the better meetings I've been in today and it's my job to be on zooms.


July global temperature compared to the 20th Century average according to NASA Gistemp data released today.

I think for me, there are only so many emergencies that I can cope with. The standout is and while and the are important and critical they come behind climate change as if we dont deal with that then the others will pale. I suspect that people are just burnt out with emergencies and like to pretend that they are not happening.

Stop Climate Change
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