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The economyClimate changeHealth careCivil rightsRacial justiceThe US Supreme CourtOur democracyTheyre all on the line Vote

JoeBiden Wilmington, DE The economy. Climate change. Health care. Civil rights. Racial justice. The U.S. Supreme Court. Our democracy. They’re all on the line. Vote. Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Loves ice cream, aviators & @Amtrak

JohnStossel New York, NY Some forests in California avoided the big blazes. The difference? They were well-maintained. Politicians blame the fires on climate change, but the bigger cause was their own mismanagement. @ShellenbergerMD explains Don't miss a single video from Stossel TV. Sign up for video alerts today:
jimmykimmel Los Angeles "the scientists told you so" won't be much consolation when they realize they were dangerously wrong about climate change too... 1997 Bowling Digest Co-Bowler of the Year
Extremophile3 @aradicalskeptic @natfriedman he's taking the piss, you climate change denying moron Playing devil's advocate since 1992

AnjliRaval London (via NYC and New Delhi) “BlackRock backed fewer environmental votes at annual meetings this year than last, despite chief executive Larry Fink’s warning in January that climate change represented a risk to markets unlike any previous crisis.” Financial Times Senior Energy Correspondent covering Big Oil, Opec, NOCs, the energy transition and a bunch of things in between. Tips? Open DMs

MCRsAnti Gotham City My parents: So when are we getting a grandchild from you? Me: After I find someone to marry and climate change is taken seriously? And when the US stops becoming a facist state? 👑 Always T-ara | 🧟‍♀️ My Chemical Romance Forever | 💚 GOT7 | Snowball: '06 - '20 | Bruce , FatGum, Grimmjow & Sasori hit it FOR FREE 😝 | DP by @mikenlos

EnergyVoiceNews Aberdeen Net zero by 2050 and climate change: @AGinsight Leading the global energy conversation: what matters in oil, gas, power and the energy transition.

Eden29854545 New South Wales, Australia @MuerStephanie @CHIZMAGA We love President Trump Because he love's America & American people For his Leadership & Negotiation skills Because he's building the WALL to protect American's & has Strong Border Security For Religious Freedom For Pro Life For getting America out of Climate Change HOAX Honesty

Rahul_Mohan_GOA Goa @ncaor_goa @moesgoi @SummitVaibhav Polar Science under @moes Earth Science vertical, an important theme on teleconnections and sea-ice modelling is on 7th Oct. Sea-ice is an important modulator for climate change and telconnection signals are needed to be amplified. Stay connected @ncaor_goa #AntarcticScience #OceanicMicropaleontolgy @NCAOR@Tweeting in my personal capacity

AuthorClive London Daily Prayers for a world in transition and crisis, as we face a deadly pandemic, heightened inequality, and the march of climate change. For people of any faith or none. #podcast #prayers on #Podbean Author, Interfaith Minister, Nomad

Yuthikaaa1 #SaveAareySaveMumbai We are waiting for your decisions @OfficeofUT . We have our eyes on your actions. We are Waiting patiently but #climate change is not! @zoru75 @GreenStalin @amrita_02 @AareyForest @AareySpeaks Would you Treat the person who gave you birth The same y you have been treating Mother Earth who legit gave Life to every single creature you ever came across?

DragonCobolt The Northern Mountains @Malvoes the premise is that a standard D&D fantasy world destroyed their home through demonically induced climate change, fled to space, but found a solar system identical to ours. So, no jungles on Venus, no Barsoom with it's martian kings. Just a lot of dirt and acid. I am the Dragon Cobolt - as you can tell. Traveler of the multiverse, scribe of what I've seen and what I've done. In other words, I write SF/F erotica.(He/him)

Why you need a Last Will and Testament in New Zealand

kronstadt2kool the frozen arctic tundra @REWearmouth Except we're never going to get to Mars, because despicable liberals like you spent all your time working against the one actual policy that might mitigate climate change and thereby permit that. Liberalism will literally destroy the Earth through its smugness. luv black metal luv BTS ate liberals simple as

aurelian_costel Pope Francis recruits Naomi Klein in climate change battle blond #

CorinneJarboe Climate Change is also a hoax, right?

AnnettGordonW London #Historical Fiction @JoxVox How anyone can have sympathy for Trump is utterly beyond me? Narcissistic, arrogant, stupid blimp. I want him gone as soon as possible then the human race has a chance to fix climate change, racism, misogyny all the things he dragged up from the swamp London bus on a foggy night, that's me TV Prod/Director Novelist Short-L 2014 & Long-L 2020 @LucyCavColl Fiction Prize LL Mslexia 2019 SL @CWIPprize 2020

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