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Roe v WadeHealth careClimate changeDreamersVotingThe right to join a unionThis is not a political gameour basic rights and the future of our democracy are on the line

ewarren Massachusetts Roe v. Wade. Health care. Climate change. Dreamers. Voting. The right to join a union. This is not a political game—our basic rights and the future of our democracy are on the line. U.S. Senator, former teacher. Wife, mom (Amelia, Alex, Bailey, @CFPB), grandmother, and Okie. She/her. Official campaign account.

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RealJamesWoods Luckily for neighboring Canada they don’t suffer from Climate Change... This is the ONLY verified Twitter account for James Woods. ALL others are fake. I am on NO other social media (except a private Instagram). They’re ALL fake.
briantylercohen Los Angeles This isn't just a fight over a SCOTUS seat. The GOP is telling you that it is their full intention to dismantle the ACA so you won't have healthcare, overturn Roe to end access to safe abortions, invalidate climate change legislation-- all of it, gone. THAT is what's at stake. Political commentator. Host of @NoLieWithBTC podcast.
Farshchi California, USA @semil I grew up here too. We had fires and droughts regularly, but nothing like what we’ve been seeing recently. Possible reasons in addition to climate change: 1) more construction/population, 2) more prevention -> more underbrush which makes fires worse when they do happen. Partner @lux_capital, investor in @zoox, @planet, @mythicinc, @nervanasys, @survios, @CovariantAI, Subspace, Aeva, brain-chip designer, founder, Bear & Bruin
chrisi73 @afneil sorry Andrew, save the political stunts for the foaming US far right. Here in the UK you know aswell as 99% of people that climate change has driven those fires. Forests that dry out will catch fire whether there is leaf litter or not. Clear that out & you kill the forest anyway. Dad, PhD, into environmental issues. PV system and EV owner. Far from the maddening crowd, except when in the mosh pit
GinaJansen7 All the arsonists called climate change on the west coast
indiaedudiary New Delhi EnKing International, the First Indian Company to Become a CDP Accredited Global Gold Climate Change Consultancy Solution Provider One Stop Platform on #Education. Follow Us to know the latest in Indian & Global Education , research, books, literature, academics and education sector news
draevans Viking land Many say #ClimateChange is too complicated, too this, too that... to do anything. So in a short slogan for you: CLIMATE CHANGE KILLS #autism #autismo #autismus #jiheisho #awtistiaeth #SEND #dyslexia #sendcrisis #ClimateChange. Yma o hyd. Dysgu Cymraeg
ToGovern The Boardroom, London™ BlackRock, Vanguard aren't pushing companies on climate change – report - Pensions & Investments: #CorpGov via @ToGovern #Leadership #Strategy #Governance #CorpGov #Quality #Value #Sustainability #WoB #ClimateChange also @Expertleaders @HelpsCharlie @IRXcellent @Strengths_Pro 🌍
shouri911 California, USA BernieSanders: “When [Latinos] went out and voted in 2018, we changed a Congress that looked more like America — the most Latinas, the most women, the most LGBTQ+, the most people that believed in science when it comes to climate change.” –@MariaTeresa1
RichaEnvironmen india "Trump’s Motto: Your Money or Your Life" by Thomas L. Friedmanvia NYT Wastewater Recycling , Design of challenging recycling processes STP, ETP , Effluent Treatment Plant MBR, Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) Heavy metals treatment
BeaverTrust American West is ablaze with fires fueled by climate change. A future facing parts of the UK too. "Beaver-dammed areas are green and happy and healthy-looking" @EmilyFairfax "It’s really not complicated: water doesn’t burn” @fluvialwheaton via @NatGeo We are beaver believers, working with these extraordinary native animals to bring back wildlife to Britain and help restore our waterways and land.
JJesudhason United Kingdom Bill Gates is a Con Artist......! He should be held accountable for all these deaths and suffering of the people for the benefit of his ambitious money making theory known as 'EXPERIMENT ON HUMANS' and becoming a voice for 'CLIMATE CHANGE' Graduated from Cornell University,Ithaca, N.Y, MBA degree in Financial Accounting n Hotel Management,A devoted Christian.(Anglican),Conserv-Repub,pro Israel
sustainableuni1 London, England Climate change: China aims for 'carbon neutrality by 2060' By Matt McGrath #climatechange #sustainability #carbon @BBCWorld @MattMcGrathBBC @sciencefocus Writer in London | #Research #Sustainability #Systems | #ESD #SDGs #Storytelling #Interdiciplinary

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