Raging wildfiresStronger hurricanesExtreme storms Historic
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Raging wildfiresStronger hurricanesExtreme storms Historic heatwavesClimate change is hereand we must act Our future depends on it

SenKamalaHarris Raging wildfires. Stronger hurricanes. Extreme storms. Historic heatwaves. Climate change is here—and we must act. Our future depends on it. United States Senator for California
MrKRudd Australia Looks like the British are working out what Australians have known about Abbott for years. Tony is utterly stuck in the past, especially on climate change (or as he calls it “absolute crap”). If the UK go through with this, he will be an albatross around their neck. Former PM of Australia. Pres. of @AsiaPolicy Father of 3 great kids w/ my wife Thérèse. QLD born & raised.
RevDrBarber Goldsboro, NC “If Donald Trump is reelected president, the likely result will be irreversible changes to the climate that will degrade the quality of life of every subsequent generation of human beings, with millions of lives harmed or foreshortened.” President & senior lecturer @BRepairers, architect of #MoralMondays #MoralMovement & co-chair @UniteThePoor #PoorPeoplesCampaign - Join us!
emilyraboteau New York, NY I'm proud to appear on this summer reading list on Climate Justice (at the intersection of climate change and racial justice) compiled by the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law @ColumbiaClimate along w/ @justcalma @MaryHeglar @ayanaeliza and others. Author of *Searching for Zion* and *The Professor’s Daughter*, Stuart Z. Katz Professor of Humanities and Arts at CUNY. How do you live with displacement?

living will

ninjabatman2020 Gotham City fnb: F**k gas, they knew about climate change in the 50's, f**k the gas yo >:) 🦇🦑🐑 🐴🐶🐈📡Ⓐ
bmc875 North Ayrshire @drewman_drew @WeAreYellows49 @Douglas4Moray And you have the gall to mention climate change! The original Brian McCulloch. Determined to see a free and prosperous Scotland. Not a member of ANY Party!
Jotus2020 United States of America @AmericanSurreal um. wow. didn't expect that. yep. a winner. be sure to check out planet of the humans by him too. blows up climate change. Father, husband, proud American, business owner, musician & artist, F1. A California conservative! .....help!!!
zonnierabler Twin Lakes and Monico WI. @CaitlinRublee @docsforclimate @WiHealthClimate I have been doing a lot of phone banking lately & I can verify that sharing personal stories can be such a valuable resource not only for Climate Change issues but for positive mental health issues as well! We all need to go back to taking the time to talk & listen to each other! I’m a fun loving, hardworking, honest, creative, caring and compassionate man. I love cats, nature, clean water & feeling connected to our planet. I love life!
Sci_Rio Bengaluru, India Somdatta Karak and Argha Manna partnered to produce this #visualstory on #climatechange! @ccmb_csir's Climate Change #challenge 2.0 encourages the youth to #explore their surroundings #youth in the context of climate change. Making science communication mainstream. Communicates science| Connects SciCommers| Inspires one to do SciComm. Tweets by: @ChampakSuchitha, @HansikaChhabra1
jharm22 Salt Lake City, UT Maybe Ben will finally accept climate change now :/ Without passion, life is meaningless ~ SLC ~ he/him No Justice, No Peace
EJ_Aus Australia New research has found that 9 different native species of freshwater fish in VIC are at high risk of extinction. The biggest threats to our aquatic creatures include climate change & bushfires. Climate action is critical to save our threatened wildlife. Lawyers for nature and community
Citi_ZenSane Europe. Planet Earth 🌎 @ali__samson It’s the selfish thing, as ever. Something that tangibly effects their own kids will always get people angry. Maybe when they twig that the less tangible climate change is an even bigger problem for the little darlings we might see real change. Brexit is bullshit. Rejoin is a project for the future. Corbyn's gone - get over it. Sick of cap-doffers, jingoists, racists and plastic patriots. #GTTO
jckndrw Manchester, England So you could just say "Its actually a good thing - it offers a step forward for a non-climate-friendly investment group". However, when a group like that diversifies into sustainable orgs, without a full commitment to fighting climate change and ceasing to fund... Bad writer. very bad environmentalist. editorial for @itsfreezinginla. he/him.
Gabby_Spnatural Los Angeles, CA Watch the #Trailer for #iansomerhalder's hopeful #Netflix #DocumentaryOnClimate change 📷: Candid shots are often filled with memories...!!!✌😀

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