Morgan Freeman GPS commercial via

mz_information New Orleans, LA
Morgan Freeman GPS commercial via @YouTube
audriahfrz 5/5
Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
GPS, Walking, Tours
@yoalmotorres walking to blade ain't shit 😂😂
KiaraKim___ Claremont, CA
Omg the doctor wants me to gain another 5 pounds, but I already look like a walking meatball.. I can't lol
IllegalCurve Winnipeg, MB
Afternoon Links: Ladd focuses on enjoying playing hockey while contract up in air. Traded man walking.
finallllllly watching the walking dead
TheSpoilerGirl London (formally New York)
Fear The Walking Dead - Season 2 - Promos *Updated*
@joejonas @selenagomez Future Now & Revival .. the 2016 tours that everyone wants to see!
@HenryWalton5 I like your thinking! Though I didn't know stilt walking was one of your talents.
Hollaaayyy Low-rain/Kent
I really thought it was common knowledge at the gym to ask someone if they're using both cables before walking up and changing shit
gemmamsankey 31, Portsmouth, UK
Walking like a dressage pony to stop your slippers dragging on the floor. #AnyoneElse #IsItJustMe ?? 😣
Star_Walking Melbourne, Australia
Why Star Wars: Rogue One Didn't Work For Rooney Mara
jeanjohnsmith South Carolina
"my short lived high school career in McLean began with me walking precariously between two different worlds"
Cell Phone USA : Cub 10.1" 16GB MTK8382 Quad core Android 4.4 3G GSM Phablet Tablet PC GPS…
Josh_Halse Bridgend
I can see cuthbert's horse face walking out of the tunnel and I'm already annoyed #worstwinginwales #WALvFRA
mikeyhatesit South Florida
The Walking Dead Chase Scene Done With Benny Hill Music
I love daryl from the walking dead
philrichardsuk North London, UK
@AndyBTravels @seatsixtyone @railwaygazette Suspect the train does load well with pre-booked groups on expensive package tours.
alexisparkinso5 Kincardine
Ugh damn it. My #Sperry boat shoes have no tread now. That's what I get for walking on pavement all the time. 😫
@ShuricaVenice17 & shurica I swear to God they pull that bullshit again this week, I'm walking my black ass right up out the door.
jearle Western Scotland
@rosyna it’s a DSLR with built-in GPS
neosporinhoran Atalantaaaaa
Really the only ones I actively choose to listen to are never enough, temporary fix, and walking in the wind
@garhopkins @Mdelva55 *The Walking Dead
Timeline_Saver In The Undertale Timelines
@xxmoonflamexx *i finally let him go and continue walking*
Just completed a 11.01 km run - Ignore distance. Straight 10k as gps fooked up. Not bad for a come b ... #Runkeeper
howellsowl becki's senpai
@thelandofphan maybe i'll research a bit! I just love walking on the street and I literally get so fascinated by everything i see
CordeliaSantoro New Jersey
He tried taking photos of us while using his phone as a GPS and kept saying extremely prevented things
It's so bothersome that people are still walking around being praised when people know that this person had beaten their partner.
JaTapps Sydney, Australia
.@TamiHoshiyama @DrJ_WasTaken @creationnews Find a whale without functional hind limbs in strata below "walking" whales. Until you do your
Ameliaowltree Cornwall
Sandy legs, walking back from painting session at the beach today. Keeping up practice for the…

Created: 23 Feb 2016