3,000 scientists and academics call for
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3,000 scientists and academics call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Experts say brought by , from , , and threaten food supplies and livelihoods for the millions who depend on , s largest lake.

Dwindling fish stocks hit incomes in Inquirer Business

Green Our Planet

Let's be clear about the science, no mater what is said to the contrary at , the current is happening because we are extracting and using fossil carbon. The only way to stop man made is to STOP extracting and using fossil carbon.

The farce is strong with this one

RT by : Soil health is central to combat .

The cooperation between the and the gatesfoundation shows that public &amp private sectors can work in synergy to face challenges such as the protection &amp restoration of soils.


2023-12-04 10:25 UTC

Online influencers, fossil fuel companies and some of the countries attending COP28 have nourished a feedback loop of falsehoods.

Al Jaber's comments from reminded me to finally sign the academics open letter in support of a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty () - there is no path to limiting warming without an equitable & just fossil fuel phase out.

- All COPs are bullshit, just as much as 1-27.

An international environmental group gave Japan its "fossil" award again for the country's reliance on coal-fired power despite pledges to decarbonize.

In celebration of the , we are introducing our updated . This week, we are featuring the following case studies: Albania, Mauritania, Tanzania, and Thailand.
Check out the featured countries here:

In celebration of the , we are introducing our updated . This week, we are featuring the following case studies: France, Namibia, the United Kingdom & Denmark.
Check out the featured countries here:

Explainer: How climate change is making the world sick

ad watchdog to crack down on and claims

Consumers left angry and dismayed when they found out the truth about these terms, says study

How Mounting Rubber Demand Is Driving Loss of Tropical Forests

>The growing market for rubber is a major, but largely overlooked, cause of tropical deforestation, new analysis shows. Most of the rubber goes to produce tires, more than 2 billion a year, and experts warn the transition to electric vehicles could accelerate rubber use.

>The elephants are gone. The trees are logged out. The Beng Per Wildlife Sanctuary in central Cambodia is largely destroyed, after being handed over by the government to a politically well-connected local plantation company to grow rubber.

>Meanwhile, on the heavily deforested Indonesian island of Sumatra, tire multinational Michelin and a local forestry company raised $95 million worth of green investment bonds on the promise that they would reforest bare land with rubber trees. But the NGO Mighty Earth has found that much of the plantation went ahead on land from which natural forest had been removed as recently as a few months before by a subsidiary of the local company.


Ecars are no solution, ride a bike, take public transport etc. All too hard that's what "climate deniers" say about emissions mitigation.

From the creators of "cigarettes are not causing lung cancer" and "microplastics are good for you":
Top petrol producers argue that phasing out fossils fuel won't slowdown climate change...

Individual choices are not enough.

Not when global greenhouse gas emissions are primarily about generating electricity and heat (around 38%), non-aviation transport (21%), and agriculture (23%).

At worst, the focus on individuals may even be purposeful distraction.

We need an immediate paradigm shift.
A quantum flip.
A mass awakening.
A Herculean response.
A planetary revolution.

But is not going to happen is it
It is not going to happen.

EA on Times Radio: - and Music and (Scott Lucas w Henry Bonsu)

Not so long ago fossil fuel lobbyists were saying 'climate change is a hoax'. Then, they were denying the man-made cause of it. And now, who would have thought, they are confronted over a 'phase-out' or 'phase-down' issue.

If this is not progress ...

An vielen groen standorten in Deutschland spielt Erdgas als eine wichtige Rolle. An anderen Orten fallen die erneuerbaren Energien strker ins Gewicht. Die regionale Verteilung auf Kreisebene zeigt unsere interaktive Karte:

We might not be talking about the arctic methane blowholes enough

Tackling climate change can improve public health in Africa new report highlights how

Were at the head of oil firm runs climate conference stage of climate change denial.

Oil, gas, and coal exports are not counted when countries tally their greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement. This allows wealthy nations to report progress on emissions reduction goals, while shipping their fossil fuels and the pollution they produce overseas...

Australia strengthens regional defence ties with France with both countries keen to move on from AUKUS controversy
By Stephen Dziedzic

Both countries want to reset relationships that soured when Australia ditched a lucrative multi-billion dollar submarine contract with the French company Naval Group so it could join AUKUS.

Kerry is very late to militancy when the current science is considered. but would that make enough change in public mood to change voting habits

"It is possible to restore Earths energy balance.
Perhaps, if the public finds the taste of the new climate frontier to be sufficiently disagreeable, we can begin to consider the actions needed to restore a propitious climate"

The state of the climate in 9 charts

POLITICO crunched the numbers behind an ever-warming planet and the race to save it.

has proposed a new $250 billion mechanism for the worlds tropical .

The fund, sourced from governments and the private sector, would disburse money to countries that achieve set thresholds for limiting .

Phasing out fossil fuels is the only way to prevent dangerous climate change.

This is scientific consensus established upon decades of groundwork. Yet, it takes just one oil company CEO and science denial is making headlines again.

Hufvudstadsbladet: Varnar fr megatorka i framtidens Europa

Alla il Presidente dice che non c nessuna prova scientifica del e che senza petrolio torneremo nelle caverne.

Possiamo indignarci e scriverlo dappertutto ma il loro potere talmente forte e radicato che mi chiedo: ce la faremo a cambiare

It took Irishwoman Mary Robinson - of the Council of Elders (!) - to call out the hypocrisy of

Good on you, Mary. More power to your elbow!

There is only one measure of success for Cop28: will it include a commitment to phase out fossil fuels or not, Gore said. If it does include such a commitment it will be a smashing success if it does not it will be a failure.

It was clear from day one that the conflict of interest would be enormous.

But no, world leaders have happily endorsed this fossil freak show for months. Taking pictures with him, while he played with words and proudly wearing the wristband.

And always remember, hes just the most visible part of a massive infestation of fossil fuel interests in COP and climate negotiations.

The National/ACT/NZFirst Government's u-turn on oil and gas exploration has been called out. This makes me so angry. Luxon is not my Prime Minister. Don't be fooled by the image. The renewal of off-shore oil prospecting that earned us the first FOSSIL award at COP28 is a policy of the National/ACT/NZFirst coalition government. The absolute clowns.

What Everyone Should Know About Permafrost Thaw - International Cryosphere Climate Initiative

Western Australia is run by fossil fuel companies in all but name.

The WA Government has bought into the gas cartels cons, introducing legislation that would open up the state to the large-scale underground dumping of waste carbon, also known as carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Around the world, CCS projects are being built to allow for continued oil and gas production, yet after decades and billions of dollars poured into research, CCS projects end up resulting in significant delays, massive cost blowouts and oftentimes fail to capture their intended targets.

This legislation will make it easier for oil and gas companies like Buru Energy and fracking company Black Mountain to greenwash the massive polluting projects they want to build in the Kimberley.

We need to act now to stop this carbon capture scam!

Key decision-makers need to hear that you wont stand for our government giving frackers a licence to pollute by supporting technology that doesnt work.

Agreement to phase out fossil fuels would be huge for humanity, says Gore
Exclusive: former US vice-president and climate activist says phase-out can be only measure of success for Cop28

We're in an El Nio  so why has Australia been so wet

Stop Climate Change
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