2004: Emmerichs The Day after Tomorrow
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2004: Emmerichs The Day after Tomorrow hits the screens.
Also 2004: Scientists start the first-ever large scale monitoring of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation.

Climate Change


It was great speaking with The Intersectional Environmentalist author Leah Thomas about how climate change affects the global majority in real time.

Listen to the episode:
Watch the interview:

Vegetarians will say that removing meat from their diet means they have a low carbon footprint, all the while ignoring all the cheese they eat.

Cheese comes from cows, sheep, and goats which emit absolutely loads of greenhouse gases. The only way to save the planet is to eat plants.

planet earth
almost hot enough to burn
a polar bear's butt

- burn

I don't watch much TV or other video at all, but I made an exception for this and it really is fascinating from beginning to end.

Full of stories showing the most remarkable relationships between animals. And how, of course, they are struggling with the effects of climate change. The photography is superb, as ever from thr BBC, and close-up to the action.

David Attenborough will be missed.

97% of Scientists Agree - OR DO THEY (Short)

Super conversation with Ronan Connolly PhD, Climate Scientist - he explains EVERYTHING you need to know about the whole field

Comprehensive charts. Dire. Humans are the worst species , fouling everyone's nest on our home planet.

Hypothesis: those conspiracy theories about climate solutions causing death threats against people trying to solve it... Are funded by carbon intensive industry owners

The album is so good, and a great combination of metal styles.

It's also good to see metal getting right in there with important issues like climate change.

Sometimes it feels like people are starting to ask themselves, "You mean we could destroy ourselves" And death metal bands are in there saying, "We weren't fucking exaggerating!"

RT by : AURORA is at ! We shared our know-how to inspire citizens and other stakeholders to partner in the fight against and encourage local communities to create sustainable and livable cities.


The UK competition regulator has given a green light to companies that team up to tackle , assuaging concerns they could fall foul of rules designed to protect their customers from potential collusion

It's 15 October, there's frost on the ground, and *still* the Red Admirals are flying

Imagine you have all the in the world. You never have to work again and you can enjoy life and our beautiful planet. But instead you work hard to destroy it. Stupidly insane.

Antarctica: Ice shelves shrinking 'with no sign of recovery' WE ARE FVCKED

Olive oil theft on the rise in Greece

As in Spain, it is climate breakdown that has intensified fears of severe shortages of olive oil, with growers speaking of groves experiencing a winter of very little rain before being hit by temperatures that this summer surpassed 47C.

We have been cultivating olives in Greece for 4,000 years and what we are seeing now is truly unprecedented.

Global heating accelerating

Rduire l'impact environnemental du numrique

Si les entreprises adoptaient une sobrit numrique gnralise, 11 millions de tonnes dmissions dquivalent CO2 seraient vites en France en 2030, estime, dans une tribune au Monde , Frdrick Marchand, entrepreneur qui dfend la vision dun numrique responsable.

While shifting the Japanese season to a fall-spring schedule has wide-ranging pros and cons, J. League Chairman Yoshikazu Nonomura feels the talks with stakeholders have been productive so far.

I've finally packed my in-case-of-bushfire escape bag. Just the absolute basics, light enough to grab and run.

I live in an area surrounded by beautiful bush-covered ranges that is famous for flooding, but currently dry as tinder.

If you live anywhere near the bush, or just out of the inner city metro area, check out this advice for what to pack in yours:

New Alaska and Arctic Climate Newsletter posted on long and medium term Arctic temperature changes. Hint: same song but different key than the global changes.

Archaeologists dive into Florida's past and find lessons on adapting to future sea rise

So, up from 0.2 degrees per decade to 0.3 degrees per decade. This is truly a catastrophe. And still we do nothing.

oct 14

13 min video

climate change is more than the sum of its extreme weather parts. Sure enough the FT publishes an article reports on the parts (link in video comments. Note that its paywalled)

One benefit of the world seeing how is handling its problem is it gives us insight into how the west might deal with the hordes expected as climate change worsens: we can wall them off and kill them. Theres no reason now to think we cant. A democratic president of earths most powerful nation has put his foot down on Gaza: Israel must be free to exterminate the subhumans threatening it. Well, so must we when our time comes.

Fall is in most of the United States and the record heat wave in Florida is fading
But another extreme,potentially historic heat wave is brewing:
and will rise well above 100s and perhaps 105F for most of next week
AC will be a must for millions of Americans.

Z At the top of the hour it's Radio Ecoshock (repeat) Presented by Alex Smith. A weekly program about the Latest , authors, issues - from , oceans, forests, , solar storms, the , and .

this is the guy who brought the nonsense and the russian propaganda into my community. to the point when people stopped thinking is the #1 threat to humanity & now think AI is. lots of people besides me told him to stop this, but he does not listen to anyone anymore, let alone respond in any meaningful manner.

if you RT or mention him or his nonsense on here you will be blocked in the blink of an eye. ijs. i had enough.

Gobsmackingly bananas

In September, global temperatures charts went off the scale

The gray migrate off the Pacific Coast on their long journey from Baja to the Arctic and back. Ive been privileged to see them swim by Northern .

Im saddened that our human actions causing are reducing ice along with their food sources.

ICYMI: First Inland Rail Stockinbingal to Parkes works completed

"The is the pump that ventilates most of the worlds deep oceans. It nurtures unique wildlife and feeds fisheries and stores carbon and absorbs heat.

"Without its free services, the planet would be unlivable for us."

1/ What can you, a software engineer, do to fight My initial answer continues to be politics () but I now have a secondary answer.

There's a lot of software out there and it's ludicrously inefficient. Not because people don't care, but because no one bothered to look, or the cost is spread across millions of people, or because no one has time (open source! it's fun.)

Let me give you some examples

According to the new study, in the has caused a chain reaction thats hurting .

Warming temperatures have led to melting ice cover. That has meant less algae, which grows on the underside of and which feeds the benthic amphipods that whales eat. Less algae means fewer amphipods that whales need to survive.

Whales are dying of hunger: Boom-bust cycles in gray whales associated with dynamic and changing Arctic conditions the crabs they eat are are dying too so the entire ecosystem is in trouble

I also acknowledged that turtle rehab season has extended well past Labor Day the past couple of years and, due to our changing climate, probably will never go back to the schedule I'd gotten used to. It's a small thing for me, one person, to have to schedule my life differently, but there are many small things affecting many beings.

...Wenn Der Spiegel versucht eine Art intellektueller "Focus" zu sein...

Stop Climate Change
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Global Warming sucks