". . . menopause expert and
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". . . menopause expert and reproductive justice advocate Omisade Burney-Scott, taught me that the heat menopausal people experience can also be impacted by the long-studied relationship between estrogen and cortisol, the stress hormone and that for oppressed groups of peoplewho, as a study at Yale recently confirmed, experience higher cortisol levels triggered by systemic violence against themselves and their communitiesvolatile body temperatures and other menopause systems can be heightened. The Study of Womens Health Across the Nation has confirmed that women of color are experiencing more volatile hot flashes because of these and other factors. I wonder if the 'climate anxiety' we are collectively experiencing is increasing cortisol levels, too. Scientific studies will have to work that out. If the heat doesnt kill us first."

this trend firmly puts as an endangered leisure activity!

Over 141 million people in the U.S. were under heat alerts overnight as a dangerous heat dome lingered over a major swath of the Midwest, South and Southwest.

Axios reports: "The strength of this heat dome appears to be beating the August 1936 one, which occurred in the midst of the notorious 'Dust Bowl.'"

Our Legacy, Your Future....Explained!

"Europes rivers are running dry, spelling trouble not only for industries that rely on them to move cargo but also for the EU's climate ambitions."

The title says it all.

World Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies had reached a new record since measurements began: + 0.85.

Plant trees and save the planet.

A ballot on grading the "management" (leaders) performance on mitigating

An analogy - We're on a fossil fuel-powered "train" that is travelling too fast in the wrong direction. The cabin is getting dangerously hotter & the train controller, the leaders, are rich fossil fuel lobbying, carbon-capturing, fools.

"You're fired! Oh WTF You're the narcissistic & incompetent boss OK, that complicates firing you somewhat It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Authorities' performance

Germany's climate policy insufficient, expert group says

One of the most powerful steps we can take to help combat is switch energy supplier to one who GENUINELY provides 100% .

Only 3 UK providers actually add sufficient to the grid. is one.

One of the most powerful steps we can take to help combat is switch energy supplier to one who GENUINELY provides 100% electricity.

Only 3 UK providers actually add sufficient renewables to the grid. is one.

One of the most powerful steps you can take to help combat is switch energy supplier to one who GENUINELY provides 100% electricity.

Only 3 UK providers actually add sufficient renewable energy to the grid. is one.
Find out more:

One of the most powerful steps you can take to help combat is switch energy supplier to one who GENUINELY provides 100% electricity.

Only 3 UK providers actually add sufficient renewable energy to the grid. is one.

MISSING - Ice The Size Of Greenland!

It's the midst of winter in the Southern Hemisphere and Antarctica is missing an obscene amount of ice.

"One might think that the huge remote continent of Antarctica with its kilometers-thick ice sheet could withstand extremes brought about by climate change, but this is absolutely not the case," says University of Leeds glaciologist Anna Hogg.

Greeks yearn for an Aegean islands escape, but even before this hellish summer we were being priced out
The nation relies on tourism, yet many local people feel the right to enjoy these timeless places is being denied them
My family f four last year turned down the option of an August break on Koufonisi, which is tiny and beautiful. We would have had to pay 600 just for the three-hour car ferry there and back.

Ive spent 40 years in Antarctic research. Right now its facing a climate emergency so we must not put vital science on ice
Antarctica is experiencing disturbing changes from missing winter sea ice to disintegrating ice shelves and its almost certain things will get worse
Much of this winters sea ice is missing. A crucial ocean current is slowing down, and glaciers and ice shelves are disintegrating.

Kansas City, MO has set new heat index RECORDS for three days and counting!

Mondays peak heat index hit 119 degrees, breaking Sundays record of 118 degrees, which broke Saturdays tied record of 117 degrees.

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La mappa sullo smartphone quella di meteoblue
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Ive spent 40 years studying Antarctica. The frozen continent has never needed our help more

They know their worlds might end, and yet they choose to take action. As George Lakey, who has spent his whole life fighting, and who I have prodded about hope before, reminds me one day on the phone, in one of my own moments of despair: I can let the newspapers tell me how my life will go, or I can decide for myself.

: "Fires have been burning in virtually every province and territory throughout the summer, with different regions getting hit worse at different times. Right now, the devastation is being felt most acutely in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia. The Northern city of Yellowknife, which is home to about 20,000 people, was just evacuated and Kelowna is under a state of emergency with some of its residents being evacuated too.

But as people are trying to get essential information from government and public safety officials, Metas news ban is getting in the way. I never thought it was good that public institutions became so dependent on social media for public communication, but the reality was that people were on them, so governments followed to ensure important messaging could reach their citizens. Now those decisions are coming back to bite them.

Earlier this summer, British Columbias Transportation Ministry couldnt tweet essential wildfire road updates because Elon Musk had rate limited accounts across the platform. Now, people in Yellowknife, Kelowna, and anywhere else that may be in the path of the fires cant access news about it on Facebook or Instagram. Some people have started taking screenshots of articles and sharing them so their friends will be able to see updates being published by news media."

"Even people who are really knowledgeable and who have a lot of experience out in the field were surprised to see how fast these forests were going down the drain


80,000,000+ sweaty individuals across more than a dozen central US states will experience the hottest temperatures of the Summer to date as feel like temps of 120+F (49C) will be the norm.

A deadly combination of heat and humidity will perservere through the week as record highs topple in the August swelter.

Perhaps we should start thinking to swift the measure of economic growth to other metrics... instead of just Gross Domestic Product

Good lord.

Heat indexes topped 130 in Kansas on Sunday. Several days of similar heat are on the way.

Heat indexes surpassed 120 degrees in more than a dozen locations across , and on Sunday. In Lawrence, Kan., the heat index reached 134 degrees, from a temperature of 102 degrees and a dew point of 84 degrees.

ook zonder dit programma was ik erbij geweest:

As summer heat waves grow more frequent and extreme because of , so do the risks to human health. But while the immediate effects of heat are well understood, there is an insidious secondary effect, according to a new study: People go hungry

Interesting piece why earlier attempts to fight failed. Fighting , and as such fighting , only works if its aimed at the stability of the privileged ones. If their comfort increases, with more social and economic stability, -being and , then theyll support redistribution policies. If the focus is on the poor only and nothing changes for the rich, policies wont fly.

Episode 22 of the podcast features in conversation with discussing the first chapter of s Silent Spring, A Fable for Tomorrow.

In the first half of the podcast, Erin digs into Carsons strategies, and then, in the second, connects Carsons work to much of whats going on in contemporary storytelling about the , especially in narratives about .

Like Nero, we're fiddling while our home burns.

Anger is most powerful emotion by far for spurring climate action, study finds

isn't just happening, it is being done to you against your will.

The future you dream of won't exist, because it has been destroyed by powerful people who lied, deceived and conspired to steal it.

There, did that help
- Dr Charlie Gardner

"A tiny Greek island has undergone a green revolution, becoming energy self-sufficient and permanently closing its landfill site

I already believe that nowhere else will match the quality of life I experience here in Tilos, says Emmanouil Antonios Fotaras, one of 745 residents living on the small Greek island, located between Rhodes and Kos.

Aged 24, Antonios Fotaras has seen Tilos achieve national park designation and accomplish energy self-sufficiency with renewables. Now it has become the worlds first zero-waste island.

I knew that the Just Go Zero project could bring many advantages, Antonios Fotaras says about Tilos efforts to go waste-free, but I underestimated the extent of its impact.

"Want to read more books about Here's a list to get started"

5 July 2011, Rarotonga Cook Islands The Cook Islands has an electricity target of 50% renewable energy by 2015 and 100% by 2020. While this may seem like an extreme target, according to the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands Hon. Henry Puna "it is ambitious but it is not impossible."

Electricity mix in 2021: 60% oil, 40% solar.

BTW, this is a country with the highest percent of solar in the mix.

Methane researcher warns about consequences, and continued increased methane emissions look concerning...


DesignBoom : researchers develop nets that convert and purify fog into drinkable clean water

Wondering if this graph is going to be updated this year since it seems that 2023 is going to be the hottest year on record.

I've finally arrived in the wonderful world of household !

It feels good to be running 90% of my home off battery during the day, and having the battery fully charged.

Not only does it feel amazing to switch a light on and know it's not costing me anything, but I kinda feel like in some tiny way, I'm doing my bit to help offset .

And, naturally, coming out of a (daytime) slot with a full battery* is just the most amazing feeling! :D

* I've had an inverter for years, to help offset load shedding during the day, because I work from home for an international company who neither knows nor cares about load shedding. But until now, I've never experienced being in the middle of load shedding, glancing up at the inverter bolted to my office wall, and seeing the indicator light on, indicating the battery is full.

Fellow South Africans, you gotta experience this!!

An informative and nicely designed article, elucidating how record global ocean temperatures in 2023 intensify extreme weather events:

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